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Some Goodies from The Body Shop…

The Body Shop has launched a few products for Easter and Spring. Now, you know I can’t resist a body butter but I have never tried the strawberry version. Perfect for this time of year. There is a lovely strawberry lipbalm too along with a new fragrance for Summer.


Chocomania Body Lotion 250ml – If you like the smell of Palmer Cocoa Butter then this one is right up your street. The lotion left my skin soft and smooth and it absorbed like a dream. As a happy side effect, wearing chocolate scented lotion put me off sugary snacks for the day. Maybe I’ll smear myself in this on Easter Sunday!


Strawberry Body Butter (€18.95) – Oh how I love a good body butter. I have yet to try one I like as much as The Body Shops.

Born Lippy Pomegranate Lip Balm – These are new to The Body Shop. They also sell Born Lippy Jars. I was expecting this to be sheer in colour and texture. Turns out it’s sheer in colour but not in texture. It’s rich and kinda buttery for a stick lip balm. It left my lips looking moisturised and juicy. I want to try more! Colour wise, does it remind you of Nars Orgasm?..

Lovely, sheer and pretty. I have been wearing it all week. The colour in the tube is deceptive so don’t be put off my the loudness.


White Musk Sun Glow (60ml €23.95) – Notes of lemon, peony and musk. This smells nothing like the original White Musk. It was created by Domitille Bertier, the woman behind Chloe’s Lavender Flower Water and Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb. This is perfect for Summer evenings. It’s quite sensual and seductive without being heavy or opulent. I like!

Bought anything nice from The Body Shop lately?

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Luxury Heaven – Neom Restore Luxe Bath Essentials

I’m mad about candles. An evening isn’t an evening without one. Occasionally I light one to help me work and I always light one in the bath. They make me feel serene. I’m also a huge fan of organic bath products so I was delighted to try some Neom products. Neom is a luxury organic brand. I hadn’t heard of them until recently – I have really been missing out.

I have been testing the Restore Bath Essentials which comes with a 100ml bath oil and a candle…


Restore is a blend of Jasmine, Ginger & Sandalwood.  It’s pretty and fresh but also has depth from the sandalwood. The bath oil is a huge 100ml. It’s so potent that a few tiny drops makes your bath smell and feel like heaven.  I have one bath a week and shower the rest of the time. With few drops once a week I should have this bottle for ages.

The candle is 75g and is made from vegetable wax with pure essential oils. There are no synthetic fragrances and there is 20 hours of burn time. I tend to light mine for an hour or two at a time. They also sell large candles with 3 wicks which burn for 55 hours. I would love to try one of these with a different fragrance.

The combination of the candle and the oil provide a truly holistic experience. I feel completely rejuvenated after the bath.  I also find it great for nausea (more on this at a later date).

This set is £39 reduced from £45 Link. It is expensive but believe me, for a treat it is worth every penny. I can’t wait to try more!

Are you a candle fan? Any recommendations?

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Loving Lush’s Christmas Gifts!

Dear Santa,

I would like a Christmas gift from Lush :) ….


Best Wishes…

Three limited edition Christmas products all wrapped up in one beautiful gift. With best-selling Christmas classics Satsumo Santa and So White bath ballistics and the brand new Superstars bubble bar.

Best Wishes gift contains :

  • Satsuma Santa Bath Bomb
  • So White Bath Bomb
  • Superstars Bubble Bar
  • £10.50


Secret Santa…

This gift comes in a choice of green or red paper. Inside this festive wrap you’ll find a special star-shaped piece of our wonderfully creamy Snowcake soap plus a warming wintry Li’l Lush Pud bath ballistic.

Secret  Santa Gift contains :

  • Snowcake Soap (in a star shape 60g)
  • Li’l Lush Pud Bath Bomb
  • £5.50


Merry and Bright…

Merry and Bright Gift Contains :

  • Northern Lights Soap (100g)
  • Glogg Shower Gel (100g)
  • £8.50


Here are a few of my favourite single Christmas items – they would be a great addition to a gift or stocking. (I have already gone to town with them!)


Lush L’il Pud Bath Ballistic

Clove powder warms you up when you’re chilled to the bone, while aloe vera extract and rose absolute soothe dry, winter skin. Inspired by traditional British Christmas pudding made of figs. It has the scrumptious almond-icing scent of o Snowcake soap.

Cinders Bath Ballistic…

Cinders is inspired by crackling fairytale hearths, this sweet and spicy treat is meant to warm and relax you. Cinnamon leaf oil heats things up while almond oil soften up your skin.

These are such a great idea for Kriskindle pressies and stocking fillers. I love Lush, particularly at Christmas. The gift sets are affordable, good quality and presented well.

Is there anyone who doesn’t enjoy Lush??

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Lush’s New Inventions…

So I’ll get right to it. I love Lush. It is a love that will last forever. I would have thought that I couldn’t love them more but to today a package full of new products arrived. New? I’m so excited (can you tell?)


Rose Jam Bubbleroon Bath Ballistic (€4.50)

Lush say – If the Women’s institute knew how to make bath products this is what they’d make. I think it smells like a more modern rose. It’s absolutely beautiful and it’s wafting around my house as we speak. If this fragrance was sold in candle form I would buy twenty! If you like rose you should check this out.


Sun and Moon Steamer Tab (€3.15 each) Mine broke a little….

These are similar to toner tabs – you drop them into a bowl of hot water, cover your head with a towel and inhale the oils. Sun and Moon is designed for the phases of your skin and mood. It lifts mood and balances the skin.


Peace Massage Bar (€8.90 for 65g)

This bar is designed to calm and inspire peace. This probably the nicest scent I’ve ever smelled from Lush. It is clean and calming with a nod to the seventies. If you are fed up of cheery, bubbly, girly scents have a whiff of this one.


Friends with Benefits Massage Bar (€8.70 for 65g)

This has a yummy chocolate orange scent. It contains organic cocoa butter and tagetes oil, which is know for its skin healing and soothing properties. It also deeply moisturises.


Lustre Dusting Powder (€12.50)

This powder is fragranced with jasmine (the scent of Lush’s Lust). It also has a very fine shimmer to it for some glow.


Latte Lip Tint (€6.50 for 10g)

And a swatch…

This balm is moisturising and has a hint of coffee flavouring. The colour is very subtle  – Lush describe it as ‘ambient, an Autumnal nude brown’.

Lush have added sixteen new products, these are but a few, to celebrate the re-launch and re-design of their website.


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‘Dirty’ Goodies from Lush

I’m always keen to try Lush fragrances. I was delighted to hear that there was a new fragrance called ‘Dirty’. I had to try it.

It’s clean, fresh and a little herby – is that even a word? :) This is most definitely a masculine scent but I find myself drawn to it none the less.

Dirty Spring Wash Shower Gel – €5.35 for 100g


Dirty Solid Perfume €5.75


Dirty Toothy Tabs €2.50

And for a change, one for the boys…

Dirty Shaving Cream €7.50 for 100g

If you are a fan of more masculine scented bath products than this is worth a look, or a sniff rather. If you’re more of a sweet scent lover than this one is unlikely to appeal to you. It’s leading notes are of spearmint, thyme, tarragon, oak moss, lavender, sandalwood and neroli.

What’s cool about the range is that Gorilla Perfumers decided to divide the scents from the fragrance itself and assign each one to a different Dirty product. That means when you wear a few of the products together you combine the scents. Interesting idea, I wonder if many men would be on board with the layering scents idea though.

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How fun! Lush Tiny Hands Solid Hand Serum

I just had to do a post on Lush Tiny Hands Solid Hand Serum. How fun is this!

Like all of Lush’s products, this one is eco friendly – there are no preservatives or packaging used. I’m all on for that.

Like most solid similar products the bar begins to melt upon contact with skin. Holding the bar between my hands does the trick for me. I then pop it back in the tin and massage my hands together.

The bar contains cocoa and shea butter, aloe vera, argan oil and marigold petals. It also contains talc which is added to prevent hands feeling too oily, nothing worse than greasy hands. One of the best things about this gem is that there are no synthetic ingredients.

I obviously adore the shape but it also smells quite pretty too – soft vanilla and gentle florals maybe?

The bar costs €4.94 which I think is a steal considering all of the high quality ingredients you are getting. It will also last ages if you store it in one of the Lush tins (€3.90) or some Tupperware.

Loves it :)

What products do you rely on for your hands?

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Some Easter Goodies from Lush…

I got my hands on some of Lush’s Easter bath ballistics…Mmm!

Bunny Knot Wrap (€3.00) This bunny is wrapped around a Candy Fluff ballistic egg. The bunny wrap is not only cute but a great ecological alternative to gift wrap – available to wrap around any Easter goodies from Lush.

Hippy Chick Bath Ballistic (€2.40) A different colour to last years chick. I can only describe this as a burst of citrus – grapefruit and bergamot. Very refreshing.

Donkeyotee Bath Ballistic (€2.45) This is my favourite of the three. It smells sunny and bright. It’s scented with the Charity Pot fragrance – ylang ylang, tagetes and geranium oil.

Do you have a favourite bath ballistic?

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Lush Sugar Scrub – A Review

I’m a big fan of Lush products – accessible, pretty, animal friendly, green… it’s all good. I have been using Sugar Scrub from Lush for the past few weeks, thought I’d share my thoughts.



Sugar Scrub is a vegan friendly product and has a herbal lavenderish scent.

Lush says it’s good for scrubbing away dead skin cells, tackling cellulite, and and invigorating sluggish skin – I would be inclined to agree. It is rough so maybe those with sensitive skin should go for a gentler option.

I think this would be a great product for getting the skin ready for Summer. It would actually be ideal for sloughing off self tan after it has started to go patchy. I used it on my hands the other day after applying some St Tropez to my face. Job well done.

I got four showers out of this chunk but those with sensitive skin might stretch it further – I scrub the bejaysus out of my skin. I also preferred this to sticking my fingers in a pot of exfoliant, much less messy and far more effective. It’s not something I would use for every shower but rather for sloughing off dead skin cells by the mass load once every few weeks.

I originally chopped mine in half using a sharp knife – I tend to do this with Lush soaps so I pretty much did this wihtout thinking. I made a wee bit of a mess but all in all it was a success. I made the mistake of leaving it on the side of my bath near the hot tap after use. I returned an hour later to a bit a melted blob. Luckily said melted blob was still usable.

Tis’ lovely – but as I said best for those who like a rough scrub. I look forward to trying their Sugar Babe scrub next.

Have you tried this one? How about Sugar Babe – would you recommend it?

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Mother’s Day on a Budget – Mums Bath Ballistic from Lush

I know that many of my readers are young uns’ and are probably trying to make their few bob stretch for Mother’s Day (3rd of April). Well I got my hands on this adorable bath ballistic from Lush that costs less that €5. So if you’re on a tight budget and thinking of picking up a thoughtful token for your dear aul’ mammy (correction – young, glamorous mammy) something like this might be a good option.


This bath ballistic is presented on a stick, which I think makes it a little more special. The tags are also seeded so your mam can plant them afterwards and grow her own real flowers – two little pressies in one :)

‘Mums’ is apparently short for chrysantheMums – hee hee.

I’ll keep the Mother’s Day ideas coming. In the meantime please share your ideas with the rest of us.

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Honey I Washed the Kids scented shower gel – It’s Raining Men

For those of you who are new to Lush, Honey I Washed the Kids is one of their most popular fragrances. The soap is  often featured on beauty blogs and YouTube beauty videos. I was delighted to hear that Lush have launched a shower gel using the fragrance, named It’s Raining Men. It is part of their Valentine’s Day collection.

It smells of honey. It’s almost good enough to eat – maybe that’s because it reminds me of creme brulee :)

I like Lush shower gels in general, Grass and Glogg are particular favourites of mine. They don’t irritate my skin, which is dry and sensitive at the moment. It doesn’t flare up my kp (bumps at the backs of your arms). Most of all I like the luxury of the scents they offer, makes a shower feel like a treat.

If you’re wondering about prices, It’s Raining Men costs €5.45 for 110g / €10.25 for 260g / €18.25 for 510g.

What’s your favourite Lush shower gel? Any recommendations for me?

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Creamery Creek Goat Milk Soap

It’s no secret that I enjoy natural soaps. My shower gel days are gone, until I come across an organic shower wash that smells divine. Natural soaps usually contain skin nourishing ingredients and are a far cry from out Palmolive days – no more dry skin!

I was sent a few soaps from Shelley at the Creamery Creek Farm in Utah, USA and I thought I would give you a look. All of their soaps are made with goat milk. I took some snaps of the soaps.

Usually when soaps arrive I open the box to a bang of fragrance, this was more of a softer, gentle waft of delicate scents. I’m was suckered in right away. I unwrapped the soaps from their paper and wanted to have five separate showers to try them all out. I resisted since that would be plain ridiculous :)

Red Clover Tea –  This is a bright blend of green tea, fruits and delicate flowers. It’s quite contemporary, not a traditional scent,with fresh marine notes and a gentle musk. This smells very delicate to my untrained nose. This smells divine!


Green Tea -This one is quite delicate. The top notes are of green tea but there is a spicier base note and a teeny hint of spearmint (that could just be my nose though). This is very modern and definitely unisex.


Aloe and French Green Clay – This has a clean and elegant  fragrance. It  can detect green notes and a fresh top note. It conjured up an image of delicate clothing drying in the Summer breeze (don’t ask why!). French green clay is known to draw out impurities and toxins from skin. I love the scent of this one.


Black Raspberry Vanilla – This is the punchiest and fruitiest of the lot. It is described as raspberry, Peach, Lemon & Strawberry on a bed of flowers and musks. There is also a beautiful berry scent with darker base. They have added finely ground vanilla bean to the middle layer of this soap, as a gentle exfoliant.


Cleoptra’s Bath – This is a new soap that will be available in the next week or so.  The lead notes are Frankincense and Myrrh, They have also added a huge dollop of organic local raw honey, colloidal oat powder and Kaolin clay.  Shelley’s daughter says that this soap feels like a warm hug, I think that’s an accurate comparison. It’s soft and milky with a few intoxicating notes. This one is just gorgeous.


Besides the gorgeous scents what really appeals to me about these soaps is that they each contain about a third of a cup of goats milk. If you have dry, sensitive skin like mine than goats milk could really help. It can also be used on eczema, psoriasis, sun/wind burn, skin of patients undergoing chemotherapy Goats milk and coconut oil gentle exfoliate pores and has a low ph balance.

I used one in the shower this morning in preparation for this blog post. It lathered up very well, it’s hard to find a moisturising soap that also lathers well. They are quite a big size for a soap 6oz – 6.5oz. Soaps made with goat milk also last much longer than others as they’re harder.

When I get through my five I will definitely order some more. The Bulgarian White Rose, Moroccan Nights and Bonsai are next on my list.

The soaps are available from Each soap costs $5, they also ship internationally. All of the information is on the FAQ section of their website.

Have you ever tried skincare products using goatsmilk? How do you feel about using soap instead of shower gel?

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Getting the most out of my bath bomb…

I was pondering about bath bombs and the waste involved. I often buy products like this and enjoy lashing them into the bath but it’s always a bit of a letdown that I only get one use out of them. My latest love, Calavera bath ballistic from Lush (which I have already been yapping on about) was huge and I couldn’t bare to use it all in one go.

Enter my dilemma, how in the name of God does one cut up a bath bomb? Well I tried, then failed. This bad boy did not want to be cut. I popped onto Twitter for advice (like always) and one of you recommending simply beating the tar out of it. So that is exactly what I did!

To avoid mess I popped the bath bomb into a plastic sealable bag and proceeded to bash the bejaysus out of it. I decided to store it in an airtight container for future use, I’m getting sensible in my old age – next thing you know I’ll  be attending tupperware parties… ok, maybe not.

Here is what it looked like before…

So pretty and perfectly formed…not anymore. The contents of the box are pretty miserable looking but I am happy that I now get to enjoy my bath ballistic for longer.  I must buy more tupperwear and start smashing up the rest of my bath bomb collection.

I decided to add the bath bomb of the moment into a little basket with my exfoliating gloves and some natural soaps I have been using. Nothing exciting but here is a picture all the same :)

I’m a little bit chuffed with myself to be honest!