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One Heck of a Lip Cream! Eau Thermale Avène Cold Cream

If you’re a regular reader of my beauty rants you know how no product has separated me from my pot of Carmex. Until now that is. I began using Eau Thermale Avène Cold Cream Lip cream a month ago when my Carmex ran out and I haven’t looked back.

This is an ultra-rich cream developed to treat dehydrated and severely dry lips.  I apply it right before bed and in the morning before I start my make-up.

The best parts

  • It repairs damaged lips. Mine were in a bad way when I started using it and I felt relief after the first night.
  • It protects amazingly well. I can feel a barrier on my lips without feeling slippery or greasy.
  • Works well under lipstick. It has no colour.
  • The price. €10.17 – it’s worth every cent
  • The tube is 15ml – it will last ages

I highly recommend!

Any lip care recommendations? Thoughts on Avène?

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Some Goodies from The Body Shop…

The Body Shop has launched a few products for Easter and Spring. Now, you know I can’t resist a body butter but I have never tried the strawberry version. Perfect for this time of year. There is a lovely strawberry lipbalm too along with a new fragrance for Summer.


Chocomania Body Lotion 250ml – If you like the smell of Palmer Cocoa Butter then this one is right up your street. The lotion left my skin soft and smooth and it absorbed like a dream. As a happy side effect, wearing chocolate scented lotion put me off sugary snacks for the day. Maybe I’ll smear myself in this on Easter Sunday!


Strawberry Body Butter (€18.95) – Oh how I love a good body butter. I have yet to try one I like as much as The Body Shops.

Born Lippy Pomegranate Lip Balm – These are new to The Body Shop. They also sell Born Lippy Jars. I was expecting this to be sheer in colour and texture. Turns out it’s sheer in colour but not in texture. It’s rich and kinda buttery for a stick lip balm. It left my lips looking moisturised and juicy. I want to try more! Colour wise, does it remind you of Nars Orgasm?..

Lovely, sheer and pretty. I have been wearing it all week. The colour in the tube is deceptive so don’t be put off my the loudness.


White Musk Sun Glow (60ml €23.95) – Notes of lemon, peony and musk. This smells nothing like the original White Musk. It was created by Domitille Bertier, the woman behind Chloe’s Lavender Flower Water and Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb. This is perfect for Summer evenings. It’s quite sensual and seductive without being heavy or opulent. I like!

Bought anything nice from The Body Shop lately?

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In love with Carmex Peach…

I’m a big fan or Carmex as you know. Whenever they release a new product I run out and buy it right away. Although I quite enjoyed the Strawberry version that came in a tube, I found it lacked the lip healing properties of the pot.

Last month Carmex launched Moisture Plus which are stick lipbalms that come in a few shades. I got my hands on Peach and I’m in love.

The colour of the stick is a little misleading – it appears like a bright mix of raspberry and peach. But when applied it gives a natural, sheer peach lip.

Is it just me or does the swatch remind you of Nars Orgasm blush?

I’ll still continue to use my traditional pot at night but I am delighted to have this more sheer, colourful option for day time.

It’s quite a glossy, juicy finish. Love it. I packed some on over Sephora Native Nude Lip Liner this morning.

The balm contains Vitamin E, Aloe, Shea Butter and all important SPF 15. It has an ultra-hydrating formulation will give you moisture, shine and colour all in one stylish slim line package, its slanted tip ensuring perfect application-no mirror required.

These balms cost €5.99 (from all the usual pharmacies and supermarkets). Now all I need is the pink version.


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New Carmex Mint – A Review

I know that like me many of you are addicted to Carmex. It’s a good-ol-reliable sort of product. I was happy to hear that Carmex have launched a mint version.

I got my hands on some last week and I’ve been using it every day. In fact, I’ve been smearing it on multiple times a day :) My lips are very chapped at the moment.

I really liked the strawberry one initially but after continued use I grew to hate the sweetness of the scent. Mint is a nice change. I would say that I do prefer the consistency of the pot version of Carmex rather than the tubes. Each to their own.

The balm contains 100% natural peppermint oil and also has SPF15. The menthol helps keep germs at bay and speed up healing. I sometimes get a little sore at the side of my mouth (my pharmacist tells me it’s from dribbling in my sleep…pretty). I used to have to shell out for a prescription ceramide cream to clear it up but last year I discovered that Carmex did the job just as well. I always wear lip products with spf in the sun – my mum has a scar on her lip from sunburn as a teenager so I have always tried to avoid that.

It costs €3.98 per tube and is available anywhere that sells lip balms – pharmacies, supermarkets, Boots… you get the idea.

What is your favourite Carmex? Do you prefect the tube, pot of stick?

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Irish Natural Lip Balms: Béalghrá

You probably know by now that I’m a big fan of the Gaeilge and also natural products. I was delighted to hear about these lovely balms.

Béalghrá is the natural lip balm range from Irish company, Mil íocshláinte. They are 100% natural and made in Ireland.

The tins are very cute! Each contains 15g of lip balm. Their tag line ‘from bee to you’ is also pretty adorable.

Nourishing Natural Lip Balm – Organic Shea & Cocoa Butter:

This balm is buttery and smells of cocoa. It’s made from sweet almond oil, cocoa and shea butter. Shea butter provides some UV protection.


Soothing Natural Lip Balm – Lavender & Chamomile:

This is my favourite. It’s very soft and rich. The essential oils smell divine! This one has set up camp in my handbag.


Simply Natural Lip Balm:

This is a no fuss, fragrance free, heavy duty lip balm. It would be perfect for those of you who enjoy jogging and cycling as it’s an excellent barrier.

The balms are made from beeswax, natural vegetable oils, organic unrefined shea butter, cocoa butter, essential oils and vitamin E.

Mil íocshláinte make all sorts of natural balms; they have products for hands, feet, baby, body. Their products are available in pharmacies across Ireland or check out

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Top Winter Product: Lush Ultrabalm

Since the snow and ice set in here in Ireland I have been layering on the beauty products to try and protect my skin. I was chatting with some of you on Twitter the other day about the best products for the extreme dry bits. This got me thinking.

One of the products I have been relying heavily on is Ultrabalm by Lush. Ultrabalm is designed ‘For bits that chap and chafe’, I sure have plenty of those this season!

Basically this is a medium size tub of emolient skin saviour. It’s said to relieve, protect and moisturise – it delivers.  It does everything it is supposed to to. It’s also a vegan product.

I use it on my lips, elbows, knees, I also rubbed a little into the heels where my shoes were causing chaffing, that solved that problem. It also makes an excellent lip balm, cuticle balm

Don’t expect to smell any delicious scents as this has none, it smells like wax. That might be off-putting to some of you but for me that means no artificial fragrance. In fact one of the things I like about this balm is that it only contains three ingredients; Organic Jojoba Oil, Candellila Wax, Rose Wax. This  means it doesn’t cause any irritation. So if you have a chapped nose from a head cold, smearing some of this balm on will protect the skin but won’t cause any stinging.

This is a classic, reliable product. One that belongs in your handbag.

The balm isn’t expensive either, €10.95, which is a good price, particularly for a vegan product. I use so little at a time that my pot should last me all Winter.


What are you using on your dry bits?

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Carmex Strawberry

Carmex is a cult favourite. I remember the first time I tried it – I was 14 and visiting my dad’s salon. My lips were so chapped that they were cracking and bleeding (ick! I know). A colleague of my dads, James Mooney, produced a tube of Carmex from his pocket, informing that he bought it in the US. Well, it worked a treat. My lips healed in no time but I was disgusted to find out that Carmex wasn’t available in Ireland at the time.

Well as we know that changed quite some years ago. Since then I always keep a pot in my handbag. I’m not entirely sure why I like the pot so much, I have never purchased the tube.

The one negative thing I have to say about Carmex is that it smells a little off-putting. I have gotten used to the smell. But for those of you who like sweet lip balms here’s something new.

I was sent a sample of Carmex Strawberry the other day and have been testing it for a few days now.


  • Contains SPF15. UV protection in a lip product can only be a good thing.
  • Smells like strawberry milkshake
  • Still has the same menthol tingle which kicks in a few seconds after application. Overall the menthol dominates the strawberry flavour.
  • Feels sheerer than my usual pot of Carmex. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I like the thickness of the product in the pot.
  • Very moisturising.
  • Heals cracked, sore lips
  • It doesn’t contains salicylic acid like the original. Major downside to this one. The salicylic acid provides the exfoliation.
  • It doesn’t tint the lips

As much as I like the strawberry flavour I don’t think it will replace my love for the original in pot form. The sweet scent of the strawberry is a little much for my nostrils. If you like sweet scents and fruity lipbalms in general then you’ll love this.

Let me know what your favourite lip balm is?


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Cymex better save the day

I woke up this morning to a lovely surprise. No, it wasn’t breakfast in bed, it was in fact a lovely mouth infection.Bet your jealous.

This delightful infection is in the outer corners of my lips, where the top lip meet the bottom (on both sides!). It looks completely gross but worst of all it hurts like hell when I talk and laugh.

I had this for an entire Summer when I was a teenager. I tried Vaseline when my mam told me it was just chapped lips, Zovirax when my nannie told me it was a cold-sore, I also tried every over the counter product on the market. Back then my dad suggested it might be a deficiency in my diet so off we went to the pharmacy.

It was jammers and I had to shout when the chemist asked me what I need. I pointed like an eejit to the enormous red sores on either side of my mouth. He took one look at them and roared across the busy chemist “it’s an infection from drooling in your sleep”. Well now, I was mortified let me tell you, but I paid for the tube of Acetyl in Orbase solution and ran for the door. Within two days the infection was gone.

So when I saw the red sores this morning I headed straight for the pharmacy to get the same stuff that saved me years ago. I was delighted that in 2 more days it hideousness would be a distant memory.

It wasn’t to be. Don don don…

Acetyl in Orbase is now on prescription. What?! What is a glorified lip balm doing on prescription? I refuse to shellout €60 for 30 seconds of my GP’s time for a lip cream! I decided to experiment. I scanned the lip products for something I hadn’t tried the last time around. And then the bight yellow tube caught my eye.

Now, it’s only been 6 hours since I first applied but things are looking good.

My disgusting sores and I will keep you posted on the results.

In the meantime, tell me I’m not the only one that drools in her sleep once in a while!