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I have received quite a few questions about cellulite lately. I’m no expert. My brief run in with the dreaded orange peel was short lived thanks to 7 cups of Dr Stewarts Detox Tea daily over a week. Excesseive? Certainly. Necessary? Absolutely.

The tea worked a treat because I noticed a small patch of cellulite one day and two days after I started hammering back the detox tea  (I bought it in Holland and Barret). That was  about 4 years ago and I haven’t seen any since. At the time my diet was sinful. I eat fairly healthily now and have no cellulite issues. (touch wood)

I’m assuming the  tea worked because the cellulite was newly formed. For more stubborn stuff you’re gona have to work a little harder. With this in mind, and bikini season approaching, I have been experimenting with essential oils known to stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage. I plan to post a recipe for a home made alternative to the expensive cellulite creams (most of which contain the same essential oils but in teeny tiny quantites). These oils are used to flush out toxins from the body.

In the meantime I would love to know what you have tried if you are a cellulite sufferer and if it has helped the situation. You know I love when you share the juice!

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  • Lyndsey

    I stupidly bought this tea last week at H&B. It is truly the most awful tasting drink I have ever had in my life! Managed to get 3 down me – goodness knows how – before I put the rest of the box in the bin.
    I use a scrunchie net ball type thingy – sorry can’t remember it’s actual name – each day in the shower to apply my shower gel. I make sure I pay extra attention to any problem areas and then use a body cream afterwards. I think the combination of exfoliating and massage seems to work, well it’s going to have to as I will not be drinking that tea again!

  • lisa

    I use a cellulite massager everyday on the areas like my bum and legs when in the shower and after applyin my cream it helps get the blood flowing and break up the toxins pretty effective the move you use it the better the results. you can buy one in boots or superdrugs

  • Jessica Santibanez

    Hey Amy is there anywhere online I can buy this tea? I have looked and cant seem to find it. and the website says they don’t have any stores in the California, or even the U.S. at all.

  • kitty white

    Wow I want it, no matter how disgusting!

  • Carissa

    I have always had a touch of cellulite, even when I was 13 or so. Now at 20, I still have it even at my slimmest size. Unfortunately, it’s all genetic in my family. None of the women are overweight and they have great diets, but the little crinkles remain :(

  • Ash

    i bought that tea… most disgusting thing i have ever tasted! i thought i was going to get sick, took me about an hour to get over one sip (drama queen i know :) ) did you put anything else into it to make it taste a bit better?? xxx

    • Amy

      @Ash I know! It’s so gross! I used to wait til it was cold and down it in one ha ha Drink tonnes of water to flush out whatever the tea detoxes or else it will just be re-absorbed and steer clear of sugar for a few days while you’re downing the tea. :) Good luck x

  • Chouette

    Unfortunately, I believe cellulite is part genetic, and part diet. Mostly diet though I would say. When I eat junk and gain weight, it creeps on; when I eat healthily and work out madly, it goes away. Creams don’t work…they just can’t. The problem is on the inside not the outside…so if you have it and want to get rid of it…start from the insde out. xx

    • Amy

      @Chouette Completely agree. Flush it out from the inside :) x

  • Stephanie cummins

    damn you so lucky not to have any….I never had it till i had my 2 girls now i have loads… ive tried everything….. i give up now!!

    • Amy

      @Stephanie cummins all in good time Stephanie, my time will come! ha ha

  • Maxime

    I use Buffy from Lush on cellulite and stretch marks and although it may not work miracles it makes me feel better lol

    • Amy

      @Maxime It’s all about making ourselves feel better haha

  • .Nekku.

    Even though having cellulite isn’t weight related, exercising always helps because it speeds up your metabolism. Jogging and cycling have worked wonders for me.

    • Amy

      @.Nekku. I agree, From what i have read excercise stimulates the body’s drainage system and boosts circulation in a major way

  • cailinrua

    @caitlin menzel, not sure where you are in the states but in the northeast Dr. Stewart’s is carried in the Stop&Shop and Giant grocery chains. I usually find mine close to the tea and coffee, but there is an adjoining british/irish section filled with various teas and digestives. not sure if that’s helpful…

  • Anna Saccone

    Cellulite is the bane of my life!! I’ve tried dry brushing, teas etc. and I’m pretty sure the only thing that really works is exercise and diet :-/ Boring! Ha ha :) Having said that, I remember after you mentioned that tea I went and bought it and actually LOVED the taste of it! LOL!

    • Amy

      @Anna Saccone Jesus the tea tasted gross! Probably the worst taste every ha ha

  • Princesa Livia

    Oh you’re so lucky not to have any cellulite! I consider myself pretty slim, but my cellulite’s there and its hard to keep away. My diet’s not particularly brilliant either so I guess that might be a factor. That tea sounds great though :) xx

  • caitlin menzel

    if I live in USA can I buy the tea here?

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