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Changing your Hair Colour: What about Eyebrows?

I have been asked eyebrows and hair colour change quite a bit.

Generally eyebrows should be a shade or two darker than your hair. I am a natural blonde but even when I was blonde I tinted my eyebrows very lightly as they are almost white. Not a good look! Now that I am red the same tint works fine.

If you are going blonde from a darker shade, brown eyebrows could work just fine. Bear in mind that your brows shouldn’t over power but compliment. Bleaching eyebrows can be high maintenance and can look too extreme (unless you’ve gone platinum blonde), even if you have just dyed your hair a fair shade.

If you have naturally blonde or light red brows and you are changing to a darker hair colour you may need to consider tinting. Pencils and eyebrow powders are great for filling in brows but are not ideal for changing their colour.

Tinting can be done at your local beauty salon but I prefer to tint them myself. Monthly visits to the salon add up! I will be making a video on tinting your own lashes in the next few weeks.

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