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Cheek Heaven – New Naked Flushed from Urban Decay


I have been obsessed with Urban Decay eyeshadows for years. I have a ridiculous collection of their palettes and 24/7 liners and have worked my way though countless tubes of Primer Potion. Outside of this I had not really delved into their other products.

I was delighted when I first set eyes on their new blush, bronzer, highlighter threesome last week. It is just disgustingly pretty.

The packaging is sleek and elegant. The metal box is durable and closes itself thanks to a carefullt placed magnet. It might seem ridiculous to include this is a review but to be honest I have lost so many blushers due to bad packaging.  No more lives should be lost.





Each shade is set right beside the next with no separation so you can swipe your brush along and blend all three or you can wear them all separately without any problems. I also like the distribution of products – there is more bronzer, since you will use this more, then comes blush followed by a lesser amount of highlighter (which you only use a smidge of anyways). The quantities of each products means you get the perfect rosy glow when you blend all three together.

The products is silky and smooth, very easy to apply. It’s pigmented but stays on the pretty side of the fence rather than something Aunt Sally might have worn. Case in point:


It feels really luxurious and is light on the skin – no chalkiness or powderiness in sight.

The shades:

Bronzer – a sheer medium bronze satin. I love this, it’s soft and pretty without any orange

Blusher – dusty rose with a hint shimmer (no glitter!)

Highlighter – soft pink champagne shimmer (again sans glitter)

In this swatch photo – left id the bronzer, second is the highlighter, third is the blush and last is them all together.


I should point out that Flushed is also free from parabens, fragrance, mineral oil and alcohol.  Price wise this one comes in at €26/£20 which would be expensive for a blush but considering you are buying three products this is a great price.

I have been wearing this to death. Some days I swirl the lot together, other days I separate them. Either way this product is no a firm favourite in my collection.

Have you tried Flushed? What is your favourite Urban Decay product?

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