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Chicago Update!

As you know I’m in Chicago at the moment. Thought I would post a little update on my trip so far…that being the shopping really :)


Outlet shopping

Firstly, I am quite proud of myself. I went to Aurora yesterday to visit the outlet. Yes, I hear you. Amy in an outlet? Surely that is catastrophic. Rather surprisingly, I behaved myself. The highlight of the visit was definitely the CCO. I swatched every single MAC product from collections gone by, got super excited and then left empty handed. I shouldn’t be too proud of myself – I suspect that there will be some serious damage done in Ulta and Sephora.

I did buy some warm boots in the Aeropostale outlet and a handbag in Aldo (which is a gift for someone for Christmas). These boots were a necessity. The rather Christmassy and weather appropriate Guess boots I brought with me (yes, only one pair!) were murdering my feet… there were tears. I was looking for something cheap, cheerful and most of all warm to get me through the rest of my trip. I also bought a very festive scarf  ($20 I think!)



The boots were marked as $49 I paid only $15 for them. I do love a bargain.

More on shopping and what I have bought at the bottom of the post.


Excited about Ulta

I am an Ulta virgin. Despite numerous visits to the US over the past few years, I have never seen an Ulta. That being said, I suppose I wasn’t really looking. This time around I googled the address! For those of you who have never heard of Ulta, it is basically a make-up and beauty Mecca. I love Sephora but I have a feeling I won’t want to leave Ulta. Product recommendations welcome! :)


It’s so friggin’ cold!

Who knew Chicago would be colder than the Alps! It would appear that I was spoiled here in Chicago last year weather wise. It was cold but comfortable. Comfort is out the window this time around. Last night I popped around to the Cheesecake Factory for some dinner wearing 5 layers, a giant coat, gloves, snow hat, thermal socks and vest, wind-breaker for my face and earmuffs and still the cold was a killer.

I also got lost yesterday near the lake (the closer to the water the more the worse it is) and the subzero ice wind took my breath away, my legs even seized up.  I had to have a bath to warm my skin back up when after 2 hours in the warm hotel room my skin still felt like an ice-cube. Thin, delicate Irish skin is not made to withstand these kind of temperatures. Speaking of the weather, this leads nicely in to skincare…


Skincare emergency

My poor skin is in bits! The freezing winds have made my face look and feel like a crisp packet. I look about five years older in this weather, not happy. Products wise, I packed a PHYT’s Cleanser, Keraskin gel scrub, Liz Earle Moisturising mask, PHYT’s Creme Ylang Moisturising for thin skin and some Kerakin Youth Drops for very dry skin. I have needed them all! I have been using the scrub in the morning to gently buff off the chunks of dry skin, I follow with the mask for a moisture injection. I then smear on some youthdrops as a pre moisturiser and finish with not one, but two layers of Creme Ylang. This is the third day of this routine and my skin is finally starting to look human again. I will be in need of facial upon my return. Winter weather really does hate your skin.



Sightseeing is hard in such cold weather but I have powered through. So far I have visited Navy Pier, Ice skating at Millenium Park and the Kriskindle Market. I’m also planning a visit to the Field Museum, the Aquarium and the Planetarium. I hear the Zoo lights are also fantastic.

Me at the Kriskindle Market :)



Shopping Update

I jumped on the Metra on Thursday and headed to Target. I had never been before, man that place is gigantic. Cosmetics wise, I picked up some Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock, Tresemmé hair spray (I need volume!) and Milani Easyliner in Blue Eyes.

I also popped into Walgreens and picked up a new bottle of  Revlon Photoready. I bought it in 004 which is too light and pink based which looks ridiculous on me – I need yellow toned foundation to suit my undertones. On the upside Photoready is only $9 (€6.80) – a third of the price of a bottle at home in Ireland.

I also picked up Sally Hansen Mega Shine. Again this cost one third of the price at home. I needed some face wipes for eye make-up removal and chose the Walgreens brand. They are brilliant! A visit to this side of the Atlantic is not complete without buying at least three tubes of Walgreens Chapaid!


I finally picked up Covergril Lashblast Mascara which is often raved about. I got mine in CVS for $8. Loving it so far!

It’s 10am now so I’m off to West Egg for some pancakes and strawberries then I will be hitting the Water Tower Mall. I will pop back later and show you my purchases! I will also be posting photos of my new haircut since so many of you have asked to see :)

Hope that you are all well!

Amy x

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  • Magui

    I loove your blog! Your posts are always very fun to read!
    Have fun in Chicago and spend a nice holiday.

    Please go check out my blog.


  • Angie

    I didn’t know you were heading out to the CCO! I go there all the time since I’m 15 minutes from the Outlet mall… that’s a good bad thing. They haven’t had much there for the past month or two. It’s more fun to walk around there in the summer when the weather is nice. I hope you had a great trip here! :)


  • Ashley

    This is too crazy! I’m from the Chicago area and work downtown Chicago. My work is a few blocks away from the Kris Kringle market you visited and I live about 30 min from the Aurora outlet. So happy to hear you’re enjoying yourself ! Enjoy the rest of your stay – and ulta! I’m obsessed.

  • ola

    love your blog. i’ll be back !

    please visit


  • Amy

    So I googled my first and last name today, just to see what would come up. I came across you and its kinda awesome I’m from New Jersey. I also went to cosmetology school. So the fair Irish skin and cold weather gives me some problems as well. My skin is definitly dry and has some red patches. I use The Face Shop fresh fruit lemon mask sheet for hydration about two times a week until my skin improves (1-2 weeks) its also good for fatigue. Its 2 for $5 at Walgreens I believe. I also love the Clean and clear fashwash and moisturizer for dry skin. Also a mascara that I love Love is Telescopic Explosion from Loreal Paris in carbon black great for a night out!! It has a very differnt awesome brush that I’ve never seen before its in a ball shape. Sorry for carrying on! But, I’m happy I came across this site. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  • Joan

    Hi Amy you should try and get the morning burst in-shower facial by clean and clear, its amazing! i tried it when i was in florida 2 months ago and im so mad with myself for not getting more of it. Leaves your face all tingly and mega clean. :)

  • Barb

    Water tower is great, but must be packed during the weekend so close to Christmas.

    • Amy

      It was dead on Friday but today was absolutely crazy! Not very pleasant :)

  • Bandb

    Hey amy… I’m here daily but never write.. So jealous of ur hols. Live it up and don’t hold back too much, I was in Vegas in sept and regret being too “sensible” my biggest regret is not buying more of the tarte lipstains in sephora. Seriously best product ever. You HAVE to try, nothing similiar available here at home. I’d nearly pay for a flight back to the states just to buy more!!
    Thanks for sharing and depressing us all!!
    Ps.hope ur adjusting to ur new hair, bet it’s stunning on you!!!

    • Amy

      Oooh I’m so going to check them out tomorrow! Thanks for the tip.
      Thanks for stopping buy daily and for commenting :)
      Slowly getting used to my hair ha ha x

  • pelininstyle

    The boots and scarf are really nice. Good shopping:)

    • Amy

      Thank you :)

  • Louise

    I really liked this post :) Hope you’re having a great time! x

    • Amy

      Thanks Louise x

  • caitriona

    Looking forward to next post. This makes me want to shop :) Its very cold here in Dublin at the mo. Its -7 c now, but it is late. I’m just wrapping myself in blankets all day – don’t want to venture outside. It’s probably a lot colder where u r though. Happy shopping!

    • Amy

      Jesus that’s cold for Ireland!
      Thanks a mil :)

  • Dee

    You’ve shown admirable restraint with your shopping so far! If I ever went to the US, I think I’d just take two empty suitcases and fill them with makeup, lol. :-)

    • Amy

      I’m fighting hard!! ha ha

  • robyn

    i was hoping for a “new hair shot” from these pics but i totally understand how cold you are! i live south and its been pretty cold for us…the weather we are having is that of weather we have in january or february right before its gets springy….

    have fun! i wish chicago was closer b/c i’d love for you to do a meet up!

    • Amy

      Will post the new hair pics tomorrow :)

  • Ebru

    You’re in my city!!!! Hope you’re enjoying it here in Chicago, well as much as you can since it’s literally freezing, it’s brutal! But what can ya do, gotta love the windy city! Enjoy your stay and have fun shopping your heart out! :)))

    • Amy

      Thanks so much! :)

  • Ally E.

    it’s just -8, stop winning. I grew up in Lithuania where it goes -20 at times and when it was -15 I’d wear one layer of thin jumper, average coat and a light scarf. It was fine.

    • Amy

      Lucky you, you must be one of the few people who don’t mind -14 degree weather! Personally I’m used to a low of 0. I’m perfectly entitled to be cold. In Ireland when it’s 4 degrees I wear multiple layers, everyone is different

  • Michelle

    Ok so I’m supposed to be working but this is way better :) Great post.
    Show us what you buy next and I can shop vicariously through you since I’m not allowing myself to shop at the moment :(

    • Amy

      I do the same thing Michelle :)

  • Orla

    This was such a fun post. I look forward to your next shopping update and you hair post :) We need to see!!! ha ha ha xx

    • Amy

      I will post a pic soon :)

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