Chicago Update


Hi everyone,

I’m finally in Chicago! Yaaaaaaay!!

I made a holy show of myself on the flight today. I watched ‘The Time Travellers Wife’ and decided 20 minutes in that it wasn’t my cup of tea. Thirty minutes later I was trying to stifle the tears when the steward came with my meal, she took one look at me and shouted down to her colleague ‘we have another one, it’s the time traveller effect’. Needless to say I was over the moon to have twenty plus people turn around to check out the tears :)

Anyway,  on to the good stuff. I arrived at the hotel, abandoned my luggage and ran out the door and straight into the Guess store next door. Yes I realise having a Guess store next door is dangerous, but it’s a dangerous business ladies.

What I failed to realise as I whipped up the beautiful handbag I had my eye on was that today is “Black Friday”. I had no idea what that meant but was informed by a polite lady queuing with me for 55 minutes that it is the start of the Thanks Giving Day sales.  That quickly put an end to my shopping plans for today. I couldn’t face queues after an eight hour flight. But the bag was worth the wait.


I’ve a bit of business to take care of in the morning and then I am off to ice-skate in Millennium Park. I also have plans to buy some US drugstore make-up.

Any recommendations?

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  • Melissa

    I always cry in movies, don’t worry haha! Glad you have arrived safely, have a nice trip!

  • Erika

    Make sure to stop at Bravco on Oak Street. It’s a cute boutique with beauty items.

    Head to the Lincoln Park area, great boutiques and restaurants. Merz Apothecary is fun. They (Mertz) also have an area in the Macy’s State Street store as well. Fun stuff. At Macy’s, have lunch at the Walnut Room by the tree, it’s very festive!

    Have fun! :-)

  • emily

    That bag is gorgeous! Please tell me you bought it! I hope you have a wonderful time in Chicago, it’s on my list of cities to visit in the US one day! xo em

  • Jennifer

    I was in New York last week and when flying there they played The Time Travellers wife. My sisters keeper and then Marley and Me.
    Lets just say Me and My Mam where in tears! Everyone else seemed to be fine!
    Hope you have a good time!

  • Angie

    Yes! DSW and Forever21 are an absolute must.. You may even like American Eagle.

  • Rhiannon


    -Sonia Kashuk


    Also, I don’t know if you are interested in clothing/accessory stores, but FOREVER 21 is amazing and really inexpensive.

  • Nancy

    It´s not Beauty related but if you like shoes check out DSW. They have great designer shoes discounted!
    Make up for ever: Smoky Lash! Best mascara ever!

  • Eve

    Hey Amy, I’m happy you having a great time in Chicago. You have a lovely site here, I love it :-)

    The Guess bag is gorgeous!

    Have a great Sunday, cheers: Evi

  • Music

    – Flirt! Pretty Easy – stick foundation/concealer. They also have dupe for Nars Orgasm.

    – Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes set from Sephora. It isn’t exactly drugstore makeup, but it’s one of the most coveted US things that are not available in UK.

    – I’ll second the Ecotools. Fantastic cheap brushes.

    – Sonia Kashuk range at Target: especially the beauty blender. Huge following at MUA.

  • DeAnna

    have a fabulous time!!!

  • Jackie

    I like NYX. I like Prestige. I’m very interested in some Styli Style products. Jesse’s Girl if there’s a Rite Aid. I’m a fan of Loreal HIP products. That’s all thats coming to mind right now. Keep us updated!

  • FleurDeForce

    Beautiful view and cute bag! Have fun! x

  • Claire

    Hi Amy,

    Try to find Walgreens.
    They’re having a BOGO sale on Revlon and Maybelline. Also, if you buy any Almay products, you get a $5 register rewards. For example, the eyeshadow costs $7.99. You pay that plus tax but after that, you get a register reward for $5 that you could use for any other purchase.. Have fun and stay warm :)

  • Christine F

    If you didn’t want to shop during black friday imagine working retail during black friday. I work at a Macys and it was a LONG DAY!!!

    Yes definitely try to find an Ulta and check out NYX. I just purchased my first NYX products at my local ulta today and I am so incredibly impressed. All my other eyeshadows are pretty much MAC and I really feel that these are comparable. The trios were $7.99 but buy one get one 1/2 off. so I got 12 eyeshadows for $25.00. Have a great time in Chicago!!!!

  • nicole

    i never know how to answer this question because i feel like every other country has what the US has and then some lol.

    however i am not sure if a brand called Palladio is sold where you are. I found out about them through a fellow blogger and i am very impressed. I have a blush of theirs in Choc-Au-Lait and it is so pigmented and great blush overall

  • Leelee

    Ergh, forgot one more thing…lol…
    At Target, look for the “purple peep”…it’s a sponge for foundation that gives an airbrushed look/effect…for $10 and it’s a dupe for the $35 beautyblender sponge. Ulta supposedly has it’s own dupe of it too, though I haven’t seen it in person.

  • Leelee

    By the way, Prestige eyeliners are great too, and if you find a Rite Aid, I hear that Jane blushes are really good!

  • Leelee

    Oh have fun! Some recs for ya:

    CVS/Rite Aid/Walgreens/Ulta:

    Revlon Colorstay foundation
    Maybelline Colorsensational Lipsticks!
    Maybelline Full N Soft mascara
    Prestige lipliners
    Prestige Freshglow baked mineral blush/pink
    WetNWild creme/gel liners
    Milani Luminous blush (a pinker/lighter version of Nars Orgasm)

    At Target if you find one nearby:

    Sonia Kashuk brushes
    Studio Tools smudge brush & skunk brush
    EcoTools brushes

    And if you are lucky enough to spot an Ulta:

    NYX!!! Find their blushes (SO soft and pigmented). Taupe and Mauve are two really nice ones.

    I love NYX l/s too.

    Hope that helps :)

  • Jessica

    I love Revlon colorstay eyeliner in black…it’s great for the waterline! Loreal true match foundation and powder I also really like. Physician’s Formula bronzers are great as well for a bronzer and also for a highlight. Hope that helps! Have a great trip!

  • Bonnie

    Have Fun Amy!!

  • Angie

    Not sure where the Ulta is in the city, but try NYX. They’re exact dupes for MAC and they’re more than half the price.

    Ecotools has some good cheap brushes.

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