Chicago Update


Hi everyone,

I’m finally in Chicago! Yaaaaaaay!!

I made a holy show of myself on the flight today. I watched ‘The Time Travellers Wife’ and decided 20 minutes in that it wasn’t my cup of tea. Thirty minutes later I was trying to stifle the tears when the steward came with my meal, she took one look at me and shouted down to her colleague ‘we have another one, it’s the time traveller effect’. Needless to say I was over the moon to have twenty plus people turn around to check out the tears :)

Anyway,  on to the good stuff. I arrived at the hotel, abandoned my luggage and ran out the door and straight into the Guess store next door. Yes I realise having a Guess store next door is dangerous, but it’s a dangerous business ladies.

What I failed to realise as I whipped up the beautiful handbag I had my eye on was that today is “Black Friday”. I had no idea what that meant but was informed by a polite lady queuing with me for 55 minutes that it is the start of the Thanks Giving Day sales.  That quickly put an end to my shopping plans for today. I couldn’t face queues after an eight hour flight. But the bag was worth the wait.


I’ve a bit of business to take care of in the morning and then I am off to ice-skate in Millennium Park. I also have plans to buy some US drugstore make-up.

Any recommendations?

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