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Christmas goodies from e.l.f

The postman delivered a box of fun today!

Inside were Christmas goodies from e.l.f and my very first Christmas card (does this mean I can decorate now?).

The excitement grew once I saw pink tissue paper. I’m such a girl!

Ok, so pink paper hastily ripped away…



A little look at the individual items…

e.l.f 32 Piece Eyeshadow Collection

e.l.f Natural Eyeshadow Palette

This looks gorgeous. There’s a perfect mix of shimmer and satin neutral shades. I feel a tutorial coming on.

e.l.f Minty Lip Gloss

I’m really looking forward to playing with this gloss. I always buy nude glosses so it will be nice to try something with a little more colour.

e.l.f Nail Polish

This is a sparkly indigo shade, perfect  for party season. I have never tried e.l.f’s nail polishes before – I’ll keep you updated.


e.l.f Make-up Mist & Set

From what I can gather this is e.l.f’s answer to MAC Fix +. It contains aloe and Vitamins A,C and E. I’m looking forward to giving this a try after a make-up application.

Do you have any e.l.f favourites?

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  • http://curiousfashiongurl.blogspot.com Cathy

    Wow love these products, I discovered E.L.F. about a year ago and I wish it had been sooner. Such great value and really on trend products, great dupes at cheap prices. Just wrote a blog post about my most recent purchases:


  • Bianca

    So tempted now to place a HUGE order ;)

  • http://inhercloset.net Marie

    I LOVE ELF products!

    Mineral eye primer, Mineral lipstick, Studio brushes, nail polish, Studio Complexion Perfection… tons of other stuff!

  • Fran

    @Ash they often do free shipping to Ireland when you spend over 10e, keep an eye on their twitter which is @elffie for this

  • Ash

    How much is the shipping to ireland from elf , ?????????

    lovely stuff xxxx

  • robyn


    I just got the larger palette and a smaller one that is a “beauty notebook” in neutrals. I love them. Elf is one of those products that i stubbled upon thru my friend and have been despreately searching and praying for it to come to my target store. Finally! it came! I was so happy i had to stop myself from buying everything! I’m super excited to pick up some for a girl my staff “adopts” at christmas time. this year she wants some makeup!

  • http://www.rawrrufus.deviantart.com Ruth

    I’m excited about seeing a review on teh Mist and Set *3*

  • Eilis

    oh no, think I’ll have to go on the website.

  • Lieenie

    And now I’m on the ELF site again *shakes fist* You guys are NOT good for my bank balance : )

  • Lieenie

    And now I’m on the ELF site again *shakes fist* You guys are NOT goon for my bank balance : )

  • Maudy Mac

    Interesting. what price are the products??

  • Annie

    I cant imagine how ou managed to stay so reserved with your ordder i think i go a little be cheap happy (not really a saying but hey) just ordered it the other day and managed to spend over £50… I love their products and the price!!

  • http://orlaxo.blogspot.com/ Orla

    You should try the new H&M nail polishes, they are amazing! mine has lasted 6 days without chipping which is a record for me, there definitily comparable to OPI, and they have great brown and grey coulours too xx

  • http://claire-farrell.blogspot.com Claire Farrell

    I got a Christmas E.L.F. delivery last week. No pink paper though. >(

    I got the 100 palette, the 5 lipgloss pack thingy, the xmas nail varnishes and two Get the Look sets. Loving the nail varnish, elf can be pretty hit and miss with those but metal madness is be-yoo-ti-ful.

    My fave elf products are the Studio Line brushes, in particular the face brushes – very soft. I loved the Candy Shop Lip Tins but they aren’t supplying those any more. *Has a sad* The blushers are very pretty, the mineral eye primer is great – I want to try their mineral lipsticks and glosses.

  • http://danceofthegods.blogspot.com Charlene

    Omg so many goodies I would like to try. Luckily today I also got the 32 eyeshadow palette which looks really good and has many festive colors. I love elf makeup and I have tons of their products since they are also so affordable! Really liking the latest additions since they are getting to be of a better quality! Enjoy your goodies! Take Care.

  • aoife


  • Helen

    Their studio brushes are so good! And the eyeshadows last all day on the lids.
    Watch out for the nail polishes though, they chip quite easily.

    Helen x

  • Fran

    Huge fan of elf, just placed an order this morning in fact! the studio line of brushes are great and I adore their liquid eye liner. not too keen on the rest of the normal line of makeup but the studio and mineral are really good overall. the neutral eyeshadow set looks great, I want now!

  • Lyndsey

    I got my ELF delivery today too!! My order included the nail polish in Twinkle – want to see how it looks over a colour for christmas. I also ordered the Navy nail polish, the facial shimmer whip in Lilac Petal – already my new fave highlighter. I ordered some eyeshadow brushes too, and as my order came to over £10 they gave me the 32 eyeshadow pallette free. I am a very happt ELF customer.

  • http://www.xbeautygeekx.blogspot.com/ Sarah Connor

    I haven’t done an elf haul in forever, you’ve inspired me!

    I’m new to the blogging world & would LOVE if you could check out my blog at:


    I need followers :[

    I’m the girl that bought the front cover set in your blog sale!

    Sarah xx

  • http://pammyblogsbeauty.blogspot.com/ Pam

    Ahhh! How nice to get that! That elf Mist and Set looks very interesting! Definately review that one! I just got that 36 palette the other day, but have yet to test it yet! :)

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