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Christmas Nail Polish – OPI Bring on the Bling!

Christmas nail polish time! It’s the time of year for sparkle and glitter. I usually shy away from glitter my there’s no reason why my nails can’t get in on the action.

OPI Bring on the Bling!

I applied three layers of polish for this picture. One layer wasn’t enough, it looked a little patchy. Two coats was fine but I decided to maximise the glitterage (I need to stop making up words!).

Glittery polishes are usually hard to apply but not this one. It wasn’t too tacky or too sheer, at the risk of sounding like Goldilocks – it’s just right. It also dries rapidly which was both surprising and fantastic.

After two or three coats you get an opaque finish but you could also apply one coat over another polish to make a plain nail varnish more festive.

The downside to any glitter based nail polish is the removal. My usual nail wipes didn’t even make a dint in this polish, even I left it on for a few minutes. I had to use L’Ongex’s acetone based nail varnish remover to get it off.

Bring on the festivities!

What do you think of glittery nails?

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  • Allison

    Where can i buy OPI and Essie nail polishs in Dublin?

  • Shell

    Is there any shop in Ireland that sells OPI nail polishes or do you need to get them online? x

    • Bernie

      some salons sell them and some chemists sell them too !!xXx

    • Amy

      Some pharmacies in ireland sell them – I’ll post a stokcklist this week x

  • Bernie

    This is Gorgeouse is it just me or is there green and red glitter in it too !!I’m deffinately gettin this !!xXx

    • Amy

      There’s a reddy copper and greeny gold. so christmassy!

  • Mary

    I got Show It And Glow It from this collection and I love it. Gold isn’t really my color but I kinda want this one now too. You’re such an enabler. :)

    • Amy

      Haha that’s what I’m here for!

  • Paula

    wow thats soo pretty!!!
    I hope I find it! :)
    Please visit my blog! :)


    • Amy

      will do paula :)

  • Emma

    I’m wearing this today over Essie’s Sew Psyched (pale khaki green), I love it!

    • Amy

      Sounds gorgeous Emma – I’m going to experiment a little with it myself :)

  • FairRosaline

    I’m like you, terrified of glitter. But glittery nails for Crimbo is a good way to dip our toes in. Think it would be nice for my xmas party :)

    • Amy

      Def one for the Christmas party :)

  • Beverly

    This is so Christmasy :) I think it’s never too early to get festive!! x x x

    • Amy

      I’m with ya Beverly! x

  • Stilaloveer

    Sooooo pretty!!

    • Amy

      Thanks :)

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