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Clear Skin Suppplements – Day 1

I’m starting a little experiment today and thought I should share. As many of you know I suffer from hormonal acne which started in my mid twenties. It only effects my chin (definitely hormonal). I picked up some Works With Water supplements for clear skin in Boots.

There are 14 sachets in the box I have so my two weeks of testing starts today. I will keep you updated on my progress with some photos – how brave am I!

Here is a little more information on Help:Clear Skin if you are interested:

The product works by inhibiting the development of the bacteria that cause acne and reducing the inflammation associated with existing acne blemishes – acne help that works from the inside.

“The effects of Praventin have been proven in medical trials, showing a median decrease in acne blemishes by 71% within one month and 95% within two months. In the studies, subjects took 200mg of Praventin each day to achieve a noticeable difference in the texture of their skin. In studies with teenage consumers, no adverse side effects were reported. It was also seen to contribute positively to the physical and emotional well-being of young adults” (taken from their website)

It says on the box to take the supplement for a minimum of 3-4 weeks. I’ll start with my box of 14 and see how I get on.

Help Clear Skin is also sold for men. As far as I’m aware Works With Water also sell sachet supplements for cholesterol and blood pressure too. They’re all on sale in Boots.

I’ll be back with an update in a few days!

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  • LittleMissSunshine

    Hey Amy! Sounds intriguing. I hope it works for you – wouldn’t it be fantastic if a simple drink could reduce breakouts? :D How much is the Help: Clear Skin?x

  • Ciara

    very interested in this,how much was it?x

  • Riina

    i guess they only sell it in the UK… n the map on their website it seems so. too bad, because i’m in italy right now and won’t be coming to UK for a looooong time. but yes, Amy, keep us posted!

    • Amy

      Hi Riina – got mine here in Ireland. Assuming boots isn’t in Italy.I must check the stockists on the actual product page

  • Natalie

    Hey Amy,
    Oh good luck!
    I hope the products work for you!
    Natalie x :)

  • Jen

    Hi Amy,
    I just wanted to let you know that I tried these sachets before Christmas and they worked great. I only get one or two spots a month now. I’m also less hungry thanks to the fibre.
    I hope they work as well for you,
    Jen XOXOX

  • Lyndsey

    I had a few hormonal breakouts a while ago, so I can sympathise Amy. I started taking a supplement from Boots when I had the last breakout about 6 months ago and – touch wood – I have only had 2 spots in the last 6 months! If you have no luck with the Help: Clear Skin, try Wassen Silica (it’s on 3 for 2 all the time at Boots)
    My husband has even started taking it as he suffered with the odd spot which was very red and angry looking. He has only had one spot in the last 3 months of taking the supplement.
    Might not work for everyone, but it has been doing wonders for our skin!

  • Beck

    What are the ingredients in the products?
    I am a nutrition student (almost qualified!) and would love a snoop through the ingredients to see if it is a legitimate evidence based supplement :)

    • Works With Water

      The ingredients in our help: clear skin are:
      100mg milk protein (lactoferrin)
      0.25g high extract aloe vera
      3.65g oligofructose (soluble fibre)

      You may want to have a look at the clinical trials on our website and all supporting clinical papers are on there two.

  • jaimie

    I took ”Perfect Skin” from Genuine Helth for about 2 years and it did wonders for my skin. But after that 2 yr period, it was less effective :(

    I started using lemon juice + sugar to clear my skin and that is a MIRACLE worker!!!! Nothing else has had this kind of effect on my skin. You should try!

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