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Clearing Out Your Closet

I hate clearing out my wardrobe. Hate it with a passion. I’d actually rather clean toilets for a day over a closet clear-out (I think that tells you how much I hate doing it!)

Today I decided to bite the bullet and get down to spring cleaning my closet. I find clutter makes my mind feel cluttered. Clearing out does wonders for the soul for some reason. Maybe it’s because it feels like a bit of a fresh start or  clean slate.

I thought it might be useful if  I share my clearing out method :)

Grab 3 black sacks: One for the Charity Shop, one for throwing out and one for repair (if you need to take something up or sew in buttons etc)

Set yourself a time limit: I find that I am more efficient if I have a time limit. Otherwise it would take me the whole day.

Turn on your favourite music: It makes the most horrible of chores feels tolerable. I like to put on music that makes me want to dance around (and hope that the neighbors can’t see me!)

Be systematic in your work: whether you move from left to right or start with clothes on hangers then moving to shelves, decide on a strategy for attack.

Don’t overthink: Act instinctively. If your first thought was charity bag then thats where it belongs. If I start to think about it I’ll end up putting it back in my closet and I still won’t ever wear it.

Why haven’t I worn it? If there’s an item you love but haven’t worn ask yourself why. I find it’s usually because I don’t like the fit or that they colour looks great on the hanger but awful on me.

Get rid of the bags asap: I don’t know about you but if I leave the bags in the house with the intention of bringing them to the charity shop tomorrow, I’ll start taking stuff back out of it. As soon as I’m finished clearing out I put the bags in the car.

My mum gave gave me a great tip if you find clearing out in one day daunting. Every morning open your wardrobe and throw out one thing. I find this useful between bigger clearouts.

How do you feel about clearing out?


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  • Ciara

    Would love my wardrobe to look like the picture! I actually have those basket style drawers! THeyre way better than just shelves, fits a lot more in!
    I hate throwin things out i always think ”But i might find a time to wear it!”

    Going to try the hanger tip from elaine!

  • Elaine

    That was my plan for last weekend, but I’m waiting for my bed to be delivered to have a place to put all my clothes lol.

    Have another Mam Tip which is especially handy if you can’t throw anything out…

    Hang all your clothes on hangers facing out, then when your wear something and wash it, put it into your wardrobe with the hanger facing the other way. You’l be able to see exactly what you don’t wear =)

    • Amy

      Elaine, that’s a legendary mam tip! I will give it a try :) Thanks for sharing

  • karen

    oh my god i have been attempting to clear out my wardrobe for the last few weeks,i just have been dreading it!your tips are really helpful,I’m going to try and finish it today!i love your natural products I’ll definitely be purchasing some!

  • Dee

    I HATE clutter. I am constantly decluttering, to the point where I sometimes get carried away and ruthlessly cull bookshelves or the like and then three months later I’m thinking, “I wish I’d kept that!”

  • veronika

    thanks for posting this! I am obsessed with cleaning my closet. Great tips!

  • Nancy Piche

    This is really off-topic, but have you checked out the 4 new MAC Spring Collections???? OMG! It’s going to be soooo difficult not to spend much money…there are so many pretty things!!

    As for clothes, I usually have trouble getting rid of things even if I don’t wear them much anymore…it’s a bad habbit I need to break!

    • Amy

      Nancy, I know the collections look great! My wallet is in trouble

  • Lucy

    I never used to throw anything away but now I’m like a wardrobe nazi…”I haven’t worn it for 5 minutes, it HAS TO GO!”

    • Amy

      Lucy, I would love to be like you!

  • Claire

    I found this really useful. I’m currently doing the big closet clearout and I keep putting it off. Yesterday morning I managed to get rid of one black bag full and I don’t even look like I’ve touched a thing.

    Silly question, but in my large built in wall-to-wall closet I have stored my beauty products and makeup, books, cds, randomness and crap as well as clothes on the hangars. Is it just me that does this or does everyone else have somewhere else to store their beauty essentials? x

    • Amy

      Claire, I wish I had enough room in my closet to store make-up. Mine is on my dresser and I hate having it on display

  • Mim

    Hi Amy!

    I recently discovered your YT vids and your blog and I’m now completely hooked! You seem like such a lovely girl who has truly found something you’re passionate about (and we’re so glad you share it with us!).
    You’ve also inspired me to try a more natural approach to skincare (esp since I discovered that there are NO controls of what goes in to skincare/makeup products here in the US) so I would love to see more natural/organic tips from you! Thank you so much and keep doing what you’re doing!

  • Essjay23x

    Well done you! I really should get around to it, shouldn’t I?! ;-)

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