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Clearing Out Your Closet

I hate clearing out my wardrobe. Hate it with a passion. I’d actually rather clean toilets for a day over a closet clear-out (I think that tells you how much I hate doing it!)

Today I decided to bite the bullet and get down to spring cleaning my closet. I find clutter makes my mind feel cluttered. Clearing out does wonders for the soul for some reason. Maybe it’s because it feels like a bit of a fresh start or  clean slate.

I thought it might be useful if  I share my clearing out method :)

Grab 3 black sacks: One for the Charity Shop, one for throwing out and one for repair (if you need to take something up or sew in buttons etc)

Set yourself a time limit: I find that I am more efficient if I have a time limit. Otherwise it would take me the whole day.

Turn on your favourite music: It makes the most horrible of chores feels tolerable. I like to put on music that makes me want to dance around (and hope that the neighbors can’t see me!)

Be systematic in your work: whether you move from left to right or start with clothes on hangers then moving to shelves, decide on a strategy for attack.

Don’t overthink: Act instinctively. If your first thought was charity bag then thats where it belongs. If I start to think about it I’ll end up putting it back in my closet and I still won’t ever wear it.

Why haven’t I worn it? If there’s an item you love but haven’t worn ask yourself why. I find it’s usually because I don’t like the fit or that they colour looks great on the hanger but awful on me.

Get rid of the bags asap: I don’t know about you but if I leave the bags in the house with the intention of bringing them to the charity shop tomorrow, I’ll start taking stuff back out of it. As soon as I’m finished clearing out I put the bags in the car.

My mum gave gave me a great tip if you find clearing out in one day daunting. Every morning open your wardrobe and throw out one thing. I find this useful between bigger clearouts.

How do you feel about clearing out?


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