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Clinique Strawberry Fudge Collection

The thoughts of Summer coming to an end usually draw makes me miserable but I just came across an image that has changed my mind. How can one image get me excited about Winter? I don’t know but here is said image..

I want this for Winter- snuggley, warm skin, soft but pretty make-up, cascading lock…ok so it might be a lot to ask for. Clinique are launching a Strawberry Fudge Holiday/Christmas Collection. Is it just me or is Strawberry Fudge an odd name for a Winter collection? Strawberry fudge evokes images of  frolicking in the park in the heat of the Summer sun. Just me?

Anyway, it has been said that this collection combines rich chocolate browns with luscious blushing pinks for a sweet festive look. The collection will have a Limited Edition Strawberry Fudge Holiday Compact, for eyes and cheeks.

With talk of stolen kisses under mistletoe, pretty pink pouts and compact I’m more of less in. And I haven’t even seen it yet. Will keep you posted.

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  • Ciara

    113 days to christmas. i have actually been thinking about christmas loads today, because on the radio they were talking about it(BTs are opening their xmas shop already apparently). I love love love the makeup in this pic. Currently using clinique anti-blemish solutions foundation. quite like it. but cliniques a bit dear for me, unless im in the airport!

  • Rebecca from See You in Sweden

    I have the strawberry fudge duo from Clinique and it’s really nice. Their eyeshadows have a lot of nice depth.

  • ~Lisa

    Ooh! I really like the name of it!

  • Ellie Mathews

    Ohh! I really like the sound of this!! Love winter collections, they always seem so appropriate!
    LOVE your blog!

    • Amy

      Thank you Ellie :)

  • Brandi Stagg

    love the shades, just don’t like Clinique makeup very much.

    • Amy

      Actually I agree with you. The make-up better look like the models haha

  • Mana

    Strawberry fudge always makes me thing of Christmas Chocolates, which is pretty much the only time I eat “Fancy” Chocolates

    • Amy

      Mmmm Christmas chocolates :)

  • mariga

    Ooh this looks lovely. But I just bought lots of Clarins pretties yesterday. Hmm..I’m sure I can justify it somehow. :)

  • Dee

    I have a Strawberry Fudge compact that was in a GWP. I wonder if they are the same colours? I’m sure it must be. I’ve got pics of the eyeshadow duo.

    They’re lovely on – whenever I wear them people comment, but the pink has a ton of gold in it and if you’re a bit heavy-handed you can end up with a bit of a Vegas showgirl thing going on!

    • Amy

      Thanks for this Dee :)

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