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Colour B4

Why is that when you finally commit to changing your hair it looks great? My hair has been a holy show for 2 weeks now. I have been trying to decide whether to keep it dark for the summer or go back light. I finally came to a decision late last night, the red/brown had to go. Then I wake up this morning and my hair looks great. What’s that about?! Very annoying.

Whilst in the Boots this morning I received two compliments on my hair. Little did those ladies know but I had a box of colour stipper in my shopping basket. I heard people talking about this product online so I decided to pick it up. It’s called Colour B4 (stupid name) by Scott Cornwall.

It cost €12.99. It comes in regular and extra. Regular is for light colours and dye that has been added recently. I chose the Extra which is for dark dye.

Both my parents are hairdressers so I should get my colour corrected professionally or they’ll kill me. But I had to give this a try first. I am a beauty product guinea pig after all. (save the guinea pigs and test on Amy).

Apparently this works by shrinking artificial dye molecules which allow you to rinse it away leaving your natural hair pigment behind. You can recolour immediately after use. I’m just quoting the box here I haven’t tried it yet. I am very interested to see what colour my hair will be after I try it. God only knows, probably orange since some colour stains the hair.

I haven’t got the patience for fading my semi-permanent colour over time. I have blonde roots again so I need to act soon.

Have you tried this? Have you successfully washed out semi-permanent colour before?

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