Companies beware…

I hate to bring negativity to M&B but this was unavoidable. I have been contacted by several companies in the last week who have informed me that there is someone pretending to be me to get products. Initially I was mortified that anyone would think that I would contact a company to ask for anything. However, more companies have notified me of  two ladies in particular who are out there to scam using my name.

  • I d0 not initiate contact with companies, however, I do respond to them
  • All mails come from my @makeupandbeauty account.

The impostors information:

Email used to scam companies:

Address: Coolatree Close, Dublin 9.

*I have also been notified of another person in the US who has been contacting companies using my information;

Email used to scam:

Address: 34th Street, Street 9, New York.

Please note that these people probably use multiple email addresses. My mail always come through makeup and beauty.

Thank you.

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  • Des

    Thats really terrible. Fair play for outing the creeps & providing details.

  • Jane

    How horrible. I’m from NYC. There’s no such location as 34th street, street 9 anyway!!!

  • Aoife

    That is so horrible that people did that. You were dead right to name & shame and report them. At least the companies were on the ball so that you could find out this was going on.

  • joanne

    fIar play to you amy, i think it’s disgusting that other people are trying to profit off of your hard work. hope this stops soon!

  • Eileen

    Amy,, congratulations on your recent inclusion in Prudence Magazine, I was reading though it and was like, is that Amy, my Amy from makeup and beauty!!! then im like yeaah it is! You looked lovely and I never knew you were a qualified school teacher!

  • ciara

    name and shame :)

    thats so mean you have worked your tóinín off for this site and your youtube and you do an only fabilis job, you deserve some freebies!

  • Steelnpurple

    Man.. how low can people sink? I would get totally ballistic probably! You seem much more composed.. :)

  • Sinead

    that’s so sneaky grrrrrr it will b ok dont worry :)

  • Caoimhe

    jesus thats terrible some people have no morals. fair play to ya naming them, serves them right they didnt mind dropping your name for their own gain!

  • Erica (madameir)

    OH that simply infuriates me to think people use your identity to scam freebies! It is lower then low in my book. cant believe there are more since the video you did! I feel for ya Amy this is awful thing to have been subjected to. i really hope it all gets sorted soon x

  • Ellie

    That’s so pathetic, I hope you’re ok through it, did you alert the Police?xx

  • Tracey

    Fair play in name and shame…it might make people think twice before pretending to be you.

  • karen

    thats really terrible,Im sorry that has happened to you!
    think you are dead right to post their details and pass them on to the gardai,its basically identity theft!!

  • Lucy

    What a rubbish thing for them to do!! Glad you’ve spoken out about it, and I hope it stops…!

  • Lucy

    That’s so greedy and sneaky – maybe they should try putting the work in, then they might get samples :-(

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