Companies beware…

I hate to bring negativity to M&B but this was unavoidable. I have been contacted by several companies in the last week who have informed me that there is someone pretending to be me to get products. Initially I was mortified that anyone would think that I would contact a company to ask for anything. However, more companies have notified me of  two ladies in particular who are out there to scam using my name.

  • I d0 not initiate contact with companies, however, I do respond to them
  • All mails come from my @makeupandbeauty account.

The impostors information:

Email used to scam companies:

Address: Coolatree Close, Dublin 9.

*I have also been notified of another person in the US who has been contacting companies using my information;

Email used to scam:

Address: 34th Street, Street 9, New York.

Please note that these people probably use multiple email addresses. My mail always come through makeup and beauty.

Thank you.

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