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Concealer before dinner: Biotherm Forget It Instant Concealer

One of the joys of visiting the Canary Islands is tax free shopping. Add the numerous perfume and beauty stores into the equation and the option of haggling and I’m in beauty heaven. On my way out to dinner this evening I picked up a concealer (how on earth did I  leave the country without concealer?) by Biotherm, Forget It Instant Concealer.

This liquid concealer comes in a tube. I bought it to use under my eyes and for areas that need a little extra coverage. It provides a medium coverage which looks natural. It’s not drying or cakey but it’s not too creamy that it slides off.

As far as concealers go this one is a pleasure to use. It’s easy to blend and didn’t sink into pores. (I’m assuming it wouldn’t seep into fine lines if you have any but I can’t be sure).

It’s fragrance free and tested by Ophthalmologists so it didn’t irritate my eyes. It also didn’t clog pores or cause me to breakout. But everyone’s skin is different.

There is only two shades which is a bit of a bummer. It’s lighter than my skin tone but works ok under my eyes. Because it doesn’t match my skintone exactly I can’t apply it directly to other areas of my face. Instead I opted to mix a little in with a darker foundation. Having 2 shades is completely ridiculous!

I don’t know much about Biotherm as a brand, only that they are a division of L’Oreal. The packaging is quite dull but it looks like it means business. Mine was a bargain, being tax free and heavily discounted. I checked online and it costs £12.50 / $14 (couldn’t find euro prices).

Have you ever used any Biotherm products?

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