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Current Hair Care Favourites

It’s no secret that I’m as fickle about hair care as I am about skin care. But I have found a little system that really works for me lately. It’s a little bit of a pick n’ mix brand wise.

Products that have made it into my favourites list

  • John Frieda Go Blonder
  • John Frieda Frizz Ease 3 Days Straight
  • Redken Clear Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Wella Brilliance Mask for Fine hair

I’m absolutely in love with Redken Clear Moisture. I have worked my way through all of their shampoos over the years and have finally found one that’s not too heavy for my fine hair. I love the fresh scent of the products too. My hair is like silk after using these but I still get to keep what little volume I have.

I picked Clear Moisture up from Hair Matters in Clontarf (they have a buy one shampoo get a conditioner free offer).

The Wella Brilliance mask is for fine hair too. I have never found a hair mask that’s light enough for my hair. It conditions the hair very well without leaving a residue or making hair greasy. Love.

Go Blonder – I recorded a video review on this one. It’s excellent for root blending. I’m going a little longer between highlights now.

3 Day Straight – Great stuff and easy to use. Spray it on and dry your hair. I get three days free from the dreaded ‘humidity hair’. Video review will be up on this one later this week.

What are you current hair care favourites?

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  • http://www.waynelloydhair.com/Shop.html Salon Products

    One of my favourites at the moment and which made my hair glossy and shinning was Moroccanoil. Actually if anyone from Cork is interested in this brand, they are holding a Moroccanoil night in Wayne Lloyd’s Hair Salon in Bandon –

  • http://www.highendbeauty.com/category_s/24.htm hair products

    Never used redken products. like to see how it works.

  • Tracey

    I would worry about using John Freida go blonder spray. Ive not seen it yet. But is it not just “Sun In”? I used to use Sun in religiously. I used to spray on the Maximum one and then with the hair dryer blast my hair. I loved the colour it gave, but after using it continuously and using a hair dryer on it….it left my hair in ruins. One day i woke up and my fine hair had become like an elastic band. When i combed it, each hair strand immediately sprun towards my scalp in little knots…i nearly died. I thought i had to shave it all off…i did however have to get a boy hair cut as it was so bad. The go blonder spray sounds like sun-in…ive had better results since Sun-in getting my hair dyed in salon…even that didnt leave my hair in a state like sun-in did.

  • Ash

    Would definitely recommend the John Frieda go blonde shampoo and conditioner my mam uses it and loves it and i use the one for red hair and it leaves my hair smooth and sleek with a boost to my natural colour and im pretty sure its still on special offer in boots :L xxx

  • Meadbhin

    Love redken shampoos Amy. I always buy Myra 9 conditioner too.

  • Pretty Little Liar

    Dying to try Go Blonder. Might save me a fortune on highlights :-)

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