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Cymex better save the day

I woke up this morning to a lovely surprise. No, it wasn’t breakfast in bed, it was in fact a lovely mouth infection.Bet your jealous.

This delightful infection is in the outer corners of my lips, where the top lip meet the bottom (on both sides!). It looks completely gross but worst of all it hurts like hell when I talk and laugh.

I had this for an entire Summer when I was a teenager. I tried Vaseline when my mam told me it was just chapped lips, Zovirax when my nannie told me it was a cold-sore, I also tried every over the counter product on the market. Back then my dad suggested it might be a deficiency in my diet so off we went to the pharmacy.

It was jammers and I had to shout when the chemist asked me what I need. I pointed like an eejit to the enormous red sores on either side of my mouth. He took one look at them and roared across the busy chemist “it’s an infection from drooling in your sleep”. Well now, I was mortified let me tell you, but I paid for the tube of Acetyl in Orbase solution and ran for the door. Within two days the infection was gone.

So when I saw the red sores this morning I headed straight for the pharmacy to get the same stuff that saved me years ago. I was delighted that in 2 more days it hideousness would be a distant memory.

It wasn’t to be. Don don don…

Acetyl in Orbase is now on prescription. What?! What is a glorified lip balm doing on prescription? I refuse to shellout €60 for 30 seconds of my GP’s time for a lip cream! I decided to experiment. I scanned the lip products for something I hadn’t tried the last time around. And then the bight yellow tube caught my eye.

Now, it’s only been 6 hours since I first applied but things are looking good.

My disgusting sores and I will keep you posted on the results.

In the meantime, tell me I’m not the only one that drools in her sleep once in a while!

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