December: In and Out…

I love posts like these. Here are my in’s and out’s for December.


Natural Nails: I haven’t looked back since saying goodbye to my acrylics. I used to wear them short anyway because I didn’t want them to look false. My own nails are now strong and I like the shape of them. I’ve been enjoying painting them a different shade each day.

Nail Polish: I am addicted to nail polish at the moment. It’s my latest obsession.

Opulent Fragrances: I love that I can wear stronger perfumes in the Winter. I revived my Dior Addict for the Christmas party period.



Foundation matching issues: None of my foundations match my skin this week. I seem to have lost all colour in my face in a matter of days. This could turn out to be an expensive problem!

False Tan: This is the first Christmas in a decade that I haven’t used fake tan! A few months ago I decided to accept my winter skin colour. I have been tempted by the St. Tropez bottle, particularly for parties. But I am proud to say that I have resisted.

Dark days: I was very happy on the 21st of December, the Equinox. Bye bye dark evenings! I am very happy about seeing every evening stay brighter for longer.

What are your in’s and out’s?

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