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‘Dirty’ Goodies from Lush

I’m always keen to try Lush fragrances. I was delighted to hear that there was a new fragrance called ‘Dirty’. I had to try it.

It’s clean, fresh and a little herby – is that even a word? :) This is most definitely a masculine scent but I find myself drawn to it none the less.

Dirty Spring Wash Shower Gel – €5.35 for 100g


Dirty Solid Perfume €5.75


Dirty Toothy Tabs €2.50

And for a change, one for the boys…

Dirty Shaving Cream €7.50 for 100g

If you are a fan of more masculine scented bath products than this is worth a look, or a sniff rather. If you’re more of a sweet scent lover than this one is unlikely to appeal to you. It’s leading notes are of spearmint, thyme, tarragon, oak moss, lavender, sandalwood and neroli.

What’s cool about the range is that Gorilla Perfumers decided to divide the scents from the fragrance itself and assign each one to a different Dirty product. That means when you wear a few of the products together you combine the scents. Interesting idea, I wonder if many men would be on board with the layering scents idea though.

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  • maquiagens

    i didnt know anything about thia brand, now ill try it here.

  • Tracy

    I bought the Dirty Shaving cream and I really love it, mine smelled really strongly of lavender which I love but got a sample of the shower gel and didn’t like it, it smelled really different to my shaving cream. Got the shaving cream for my boyf but I’ve been using it for my legs more than he has for his face x

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