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DIY Scrub for a Blemished Back or Chest

There is nothing worse than a breakout on the delicate skin on your chest or your back. I know this a common problem but that we ladies tend not to bring it up.

I hate the idea of applying a shower gel designed for breakouts. They can dry the rest of your skin. It also means that you are using plenty of chemicals that you don’t need.

I have come across quite a few men that suffer from breakouts on their back. In my experience this tends to be diet related. One of the worst culprits are protein shakes (for men who are trying to build muscle). The body reacts to excesses of any food. The skin often breaks out when the body is trying to get rid of these excesses. In these cases you will often see boils and blind pimples that are coming from inside the body rather then a blocked pore.

If you regularly suffer from large, painful boils or acne or your back it could be down to a reaction to your skin care products. If in doubt, try organic products for a month and see if there is a difference. Many of our shower gels, shampoos and creams contain known skin irritants (used by manufacturers because they are cheap).

Here is a gentle scrub designed for your back and chest.

All you need:

  • 1 handful Oatmeal
  • 1 handful ground almonds
  • 2 Drops Lemon Essential Oil
  • 2 Drops Thyme linalol Oil

Lash it all together in a bowl and apply to damp skin. Massage well and rinse with warm water. Repeat a couple a times a weeks if you’re breaking out.

Do you suffer from breakouts in areas other than your face?

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  • charl

    hi amy iv jus been lookin on ebay an i come across ur bronzer the 1 that sort ov luks lyk a genie lamp lol i fink it was ur 1st expensive item u bought :) jus thought id let u no hehe

    • Amy

      @charl Hee hee I am delighted! Off to have a look at it :) Thanks a mil for letting me know and your right, it does resemble a genie lamp haha

  • Sophie

    @Amy thank you so much! I’ll be trying that out :) x

  • Tasha

    Thats the thing, I dont think it is the moisturiser, i uses DD for a year and only changed to simple 4 months ago and thats when the breakouts occured. Now im thinking it could be the Stila Perfecting Concealer, as ive been using this on and off and only where ive used this is where the breakouts are occuring and the concealer is very thick and quite old..

  • Tasha

    Amy I started using the Clinque DD moisturiser about a week ago and thought my breakouts were getting better, however today I have broken out again on my cheeks, painful red spots, about 3 of them. They look awful and I feel like crying and dont know what is causing them. Im 27, I thought bad skin was in the past.

    • Amy

      @Tasha Oh no! Take a break from the DD and see if there’s improvement. There are known irritants in it.Know how you feel, you’d think these sort of issues would be in our past, no such look!

  • Tasha

    Thanks Amy, appreciate it :)

  • Sophie

    Hi amy
    I used to get some chest and back acne when I was around 11/12 .. & the acne on my chest started clearing up but now, a year or so later it’s come back worse & I don’t know what to do.. I’m trying to drink lots of water but do you know any good products that could help?? It’s just very embarassing & it’s getting warmer here in spain so soon I’ll be going to the beach & I’d like to have an acne free back & chest by June hopefully..
    Take care! Xoxo

    • Amy

      @Sophie I know the feeling Sophie, I applied some Netrogena 2in1 wash mask on my back and left it on for 5 mins, did this a few times a week and it cleared up. Bear in mind that your skin could be reacting to showergel/shampoo etc x

  • Allie

    I used to have back acne for a long time. The only thibg that cleared it up was the sandstone soap from Lush. I didn’t expect it to do the trick but it definetely works!

  • Tasha

    Have you had a chance to see if any of the ingredients in the Simple Moisturiser have skin irritants in it? :)

    • Amy

      @Tasha On it Tasha, am doing a post on it x

  • Laura J

    this is a good post Amy I love your at make your own skincare series. Most of the time my skin on my body is normal but since coming back from my holiday my skin was dry so I moisturised but now I have some spots on my back so I will try this.

    • Amy

      @Laura J Enjoy Laura x

  • carise

    hi amy, have you tried the clinique anti blemish foundation. its amazing, has a gorgeous finish and really clears blemishes

  • ciara

    @sinead did you change your shampoo and conditioner?
    omg you read my mind! i was going to ask a question about what to do about spots on back and chest.
    a few weeks ago i realised i had some back spots(bacne)… they are small but have increased in number.
    now i have some spots on my chest, this is really irratating because at least I hardly see my back!

  • Sinead

    o my gosh this used to happen to me all the time on my chest so when i finally went to get it checked out it turns out it was my shapoo and conditioner!

    conditioner can also be the cause of spots or acne on your face

  • lorraine

    great tip amy :-)

  • Tasha

    Sensitive skin does run in the family. My sisters skin use to react to water, and mum has very dry skin. I use to get a little exma (wont bother spelling that) but not on my face. I once had a reaction when I had lay in the sun in the garden in the UK for a couple of hours. I had used sun lotion and Dr wasnt sure whether it was because of the sun or because of the cream. These days I only use hypoallergenic sun lotion and it hasnt happened again, but that was my body rather than face. Its Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturising cream.

  • Tasha

    its painful bumps, and slight redness. The girl at clinique said it could because the Simple cream in not oil free, but I dont know whether it is or isnt? Or could be too heavy for my skin.

    • Amy

      @Tasha Sounds like a reaction to be honest. It could be because of the product heaviness but painful bumps sounds like an allergin could be present. If this is a case it’s a bit of nightmare trying to find which ingredient it causing the problem. Many ingredients in moisturisers are known irritants but companies use them because they are cheap. What is the full name of the simple cream? I will have a look into the ingredients list

  • Lolly

    Hello Amy. Thanks for the post!

    I have these kind of dark little spots, sort of like freckles on my back and top of my arms. I have been exfoliating with a loafer and its kind of helping.
    Was just wondering if you have any other treatments?

    Thanks.. x

    • Amy

      @Lolly I have been plagued by these too, so annoying aren’t they! I used to exfoliate like a mad woman but it didn’t help. I don’t get them anymore since I switched to organic body washed and soaps. I made a lavender oat soap and that got rid of them. Try a product without Sodium laureth/laurel sulphate x

  • Roxanne

    Thank you for this, like the comment said above my boyfriend suffers from breakouts on his back so i will defiantly be trying. fingers crossed it works :) x

  • Louise

    @Amy. I think you’re definately on to something there, he drinks protein shakes for the gym, that can’t be a coincidence! Will have to get him off them for a while, see all that stuff you apparently have to take for the gym isn’t always good for you haha. 15 fillets a week?! Sounds like someone was a bit obsessed haha x

    • Amy

      @Louise I know! haha he used to eat chicken for lunch and dinner. Crazy stuff! The protein stuff seems to overload the system, the boils etc on the back are the body trying to process and get rid of excess. x

  • Tasha

    How about breakouts on cheek? I have tried everything from cuttin gout certain brands of blusers/bronzers, not wearing so much on my face and now ive gone back to my old moisturiser. Its been happening on and off for 4 months, I have oily skin in summer and dryish in winter. I never moisturised as hated my skin feeling greasy but started about 1yr 6 mnths ago and used Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser Gel for most of that but its too expensive. I then went to Johnson 24hr cream and then went to the Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturiser Cream. Im thinking this is what is causing the breakouts. I have now got a sample of the Clinique and started using it a couple of days ago. If it is the moisturiser why would it only cause breakouts/redness on the skin?

    • Amy

      @Tasha Some parts of the skin are more sensitive than others. For me, it’s my chin that reacts, for you your cheeks. Could be down to many things, pores, absorption of products in certain parts of the skin, could also be a mild allergy to a common cosmetic ingredient. Is it acne like breakout or small bumps?

  • Louise

    I used to suffer with the occassional breakout on my back when I was in my early teens but they cleared up after a few weeks. My boyfriend on the otherhand suffers quite badly with breakouts on his back, he has had them for quite a few years now and he has tried several products to get rid of them but they either do absolutely nothing at all, or they make them worse.
    I will most definately make him try out this scrub, Thanks Amy! :-) x

    • Amy

      @Louise My friend had the same problem. He used to drink protein shakes for the gym, when he stopped drinking those it went away. A few years later ha had the same problem with chicken (maybe because of the antibiotics in the chicken) He was eating around 15 fillets a week haha Have him check his diet too

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