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DIY Thigh, Bum & Hip Scrub

lemon essential oilThis scrub contains oils that are perfect for bums and thighs. This is amazing for sloughing off dead skin on these areas, revealing fresh skin. The combination of cornmeal, which acts as a great natural scrubber, oils and massage stimulate lymphatic drainage which helps the body eliminate toxins.

All you need:

– 2 tbsp Grapeseed oil
– 6 Drops Juniper Essential Oil
– 3 Drops Lemon Essential Oil
– 80g Cornmeal (from your local supermarket)


Mix the oils by shaking them in a bottle or jar with the lid on. Shake well. Pour the oil over the cornmeal and mix until it looks like a gritty paste.

Apply it to damp skin and massage well for at least two minutes. The more energy you put into the massage the better the results. If you want to increase the effects you can use a muslin cloth or massage mit instead of your hands.

You can also use this scrub on your upper arms and feet.

This is one of my favorites. It stimulates my circulation and lymphatic system. It also leaves my skin baby soft for weeks. If your skin is in a bad way and in need of some rescuing try this twice a week for a few weeks.

I keep on top of exfoliation weekly so I only resort to this mask when my skin is in a bad way, usually once of twice every season.

Have you any exfoliation tips you can share with us?



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  • Ashly

    Oh my goodness I tried this tonight and it feels amazing!! I love your blog! Keep up the great work :)

  • Stacey

    I like to use used coffee grounds for a thigh & butt scrub. Supposedly the caffeine plumps up the skin to temporarily hid any cellulite.

  • Michelle

    Thanks for this Amy. I have lots of post sun holiday skin to scrub off. I much prefer making my own skin products instead of buying one and getting a kp breakout!
    Loving you Lavender Oat scrub bar by the way, I’m on my 6th!!!

    • Amy

      Yaaaay! So glad it worked for you too :) x

  • Sandy

    This is so good. I love these posts thank you!!!

    • Amy

      Thanks Sandy :)

  • Amy

    This looks great :) I think its a must try! I use the clinique scrub but I find it stings my skin a little. I just watched your recent haul video, I live in Belfast and stay in a hotel off oconnell street in dublin sometimes and alwayshope to bump into you, unfortunately our paths have never crossed! Amy x

    • Amy

      We should go for a coffee sometime when I’m up there!

  • kimberley rogers

    i love mixing caster sugar and baby oil in to the consistency of a reg tub of of body scrub, ul know its rite when ur mixing, with a few squeezes of fresh lime juice. the oil really nourishes the skin whilst the caster sugar sloughs off all dead skin, the lime juice? it just makes it smell fresh and uplifting. Result? baby smooth skin for pennies. awesome.. x

    • Amy

      Sounds gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing Kimberley :)

    • Jocelyn Burke

      I do exactly the same thing, except with regular sugar coz i love scrubin the life outta meself, and it really works if you have kp on your arms…which of course i do xxx

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