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I read about STR8 Forward by Scott Cornwall in a magazine recently (can’t recall which one). A reader and a beauty editor both rated the product highly. When I heard that it only cost €14 in McCabes I thought it would make an ideal blog experiment so I bought a pack yesterday. I chose the extra conditioning formula which is for people who have colour treated hair. There is another version for virgin hair.

Let me start off by saying that this product is Formaldehyde free – before anyone freaks out.

It says the kit can keep hair relaxed for up to 3 months. I always use the word ‘ relax’ rather than straighten because that’s really what it does – smooths down the hair follicle.

The kit comes with Keratin, Straightening Gel and Fixing Cream. I read the instructions, which was a challenge in itself, and it would appear that this is quite a long process and that there may be a lot of faffing around. Now, if you know me at all, you know I’m not one for faffing when it comes to beauty procedures – I’m think of the two hours I spent trying to glue on individual semi-permanent eye lash extensions and ended up in a huff with bits of eye lashes stuck all over me!

There is a little before and after picture of the results you can expect at the back of the box…

I’m a little sceptical but we’ll see. I want to wait two weeks before I try it out since I just had my highlights done 2 weeks ago and this product will probably encourage fading since it opens the hair follicle.

I have my doubts about this product and I’m quite sure it will be more work that I initially imagined but I’m keeping an open mind. I’ll get back to you with a review and before and after photos soon.

Have you heard anything about this product?

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