e.l.f 32 Palette – A little look at some swatches

I have had the  e.l.f 32 Piece Eye-shadow Collection palette for a week now. I have really been enjoying it, a tad unexpected to be honest. Usually palettes like focus on quantity and less on quality, not the case this time around.


The palette itself is a little bigger than a MAC palette and smaller than an 88 palette. There is also a decent amount of each shadow in the pans.



Here are some swatches, I photographed them row by row so they correspond to the picture above.


Row 1


Row 2


Row 3


Row 4

All in all quite a versatile palette with mostly wearable colours. I never like palettes that have bright yellows and oranges. Even the brighter shades in here are usable.

Inconsistency is to be expected with a palette that costs this little. But I have to say that most of the shadows are pigmented. Some are more smooth then others (partly down to the differences in finish). There are three shades that are poor in pigmentation – you can see yourself from the swatches.

The green, blue and navy on the third row, the rust shade on row two and the silvers on the last row are my favourite. The lightest shades on the first row aren’t great, the same goes for some of the charcoal greys on the last line.

The palettes are also accessible, €10 / £9 from the e.l.f website. They also sell a 100 Eyeshadow palette. Neither seem to be available on US site.

Personally I prefer this to the 88 palette, which I never use. I know I will use this one. I feel a tutorial coming on :)

What do you think?

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  • Bianca

    I haven’t ordered any shadows in a while. I think my last purchase was the UD Naked palette a couple of months ago. Before that I got a bunch of NYX palettes and wasn’t too happy. I find the combination of colours is often a bit strange and the shadows aren’t as great a quality as you’d believe after reading some blogs and watching some yt videos. I also have the Coastal Scents 88 Neutral Shadow palette and I have it since it came out and I find that the shadows “turned”. I’m not quite sure how to say it but I find quite a few of the shadows lost some of their quality, as if they dried in and refuse to come out on the brush (or finger). I have never tried elf eye shadows before and I’m curious now after reading your post. As a newbie to elf shadows, which palette would you recommend?

  • nevertoomanyshoes

    Have just had a haul from ELF today- aren’t they good in all that snow! Bless.
    Anyway this was my first purchase and I’m impressed, even the free eyeshadow pallette I had is impressive- 6 pans in silvers and purple. The eyelash curler is a joy to use and the lipstick is soft and comfortable with a fab colour payoff- I got Voodoo, really trendy for this season. The nail colours come boxed and they will look great as gifts, the colours are lovely, especially the purple.

    If you were wondering if the quality is an issue, don’t – I’ve definitely had worse quality/ badly pigmented make up from some much more expensive and well known brands! Check it out.

  • robyn

    Hey! I got this a week or two ago and i’m so happy! Finally, my target was selling elf! when i went home for thanksgiving i got one for my neice…we had fun playing with makeup looks for her!

  • Claire Farrell

    I like E.L.F. but even I’m surprised by how well some of the swatches came out. I have the 100 palette but haven’t played with it much yet, must get it out and compare now!

    Definitely worth ten euro, I think that one was free during an offer a week or so ago, regret not making a little order now. :) I got an 88 palette for a tenner, if I had the choice now, I’d go for this one instead.

  • Jean

    Wow that’s so shocking :o Amy have you tried the natural collection tinted moisturiser i hear rant and raves about it apparently it’s great I’m defo up for a try next time I’m in a boots that actually does the brand :)

  • Martina

    The swatches are quite surprising actually. I would have assumed that it would be awful. Might check it out :0)

    • Amy

      Worth a little look :)

  • Aoibha

    I bought this last week too. looooooove it!!!!!! :)

    • Amy

      Oooh glad you like too :)

  • Kayleigh

    Thanks so much for the swatches, looks much better than I thought it would! xx<3

    • Amy

      No probs Kayleigh x

  • PalletteRoux

    I just bought this palette from the U.S. store Target about a week ago, and am really liking it! I used it for some of my holiday makeup, and it turned out pretty well. I agree that the pigments aren’t all there, but the ones that do have it are bright!

    • Amy

      Agreed! It’s worth buying for the pigmented shadows, who cares about a few duds at that price! :)

  • Boo

    Thanks Amy I was lookin the other day at them debating weather to get them or not xx

    • Amy

      Worth a look for the great shades x

  • Charlene

    I have received this palette last week too but still have to try out any looks with it! Thanks for the swatches, now I have a better idea on how to use it to achieve my desired looks!

    Charlene xxxxx

    • Amy

      Let me know what you do with it Charlene – would be good inspiration :) x

  • Orla

    I was thinking of getting one of these, now I definitely will! thanks Amy I always learn something new from you xx

    • Amy

      Ah thank you :) I must cost people a fortune haha hopefully I save them some money in the long run :) x

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