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Just a little hair removal update…

It’s that time of year again, skirts, shorts and dresses. Fantastic as that may be there is one downside, obsessive grooming. I’m quick finicky about grooming anyway and rely on my epilator (Click here to see my post on epilating ) but this time of year poses a little problem.

I’m going on holiday soon and want to have smooth epilated legs for the trip. Unfortunately that means there has to be hair there to remove. That wouldn’t be a problem except for the fact that the sun in shining and I will have to wear jeans. Ah the plight of the modern woman. At least we don’t have to worry about whale bone corsets and plague!

I could just cave and use the razor but on holiday my skin ends up irritated beyond belief. For me epilating is the best method of hair removal.

Click here to see my post on epilating and my favourite epilator

What method of hair removal are you relying on this summer?

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  • Abijah

    I was so frustrated beacuse I couldn`t resolve this problem. Then I found your website in google and difficulty is solved. Many thanks!

  • Reme

    Hi Amy, I got the same epilator that you have as a Christmas pressie but have only managed it twice. I find it quite painful and do get the dreaded unattractive red bumps… :-( Shaving is becoming a huge pain now summer is here so I’ll give it another go tonight using your tips, wish me luck!

    @Ciara, under your arms?! You deserve a medal for bravery!!

  • Ciara

    I use my epilator under my arms. It doesn’t seem to work properly on my legs. I think the hair is too fine. It breaks them rather then pulling them out.

  • Janeymac

    I was thinking about epilating, but then I heard that it leaves you with in-grown hairs and those red bumps (Keratosis Pilaris aka the chicken skin syndrome, how lovely!!!) which I am prone to, so I’m not so sure now. I just need a magic wand to magic-away all my unwanted hair!!! Are there any other epilating ladies with feedback perchance?

    • Amy

      @Janeymac I jave KP too, hate it! The bumps that come from epilating are different, they’re the same bumps you get from waxing. I exfoliate before hair removal then after I apply a layer is sudocreme or germoline and then I get no ingrown hairs or bumps :)

  • Elle

    I love my epilator. I have the bRaun Exelle and it is fabulous. I love that once I have epilated I don’t have to think about it for a good 6-8 weeks, although in summer in tend to being it out fortnightly just to get anything which may have come up. I don’t think I will ever wax or shave again!

    • Amy

      @Elle Couldn’t agree more!

  • sharon

    I’ve just got the Baun Epilator – my husband treated me yesterday as it’s on offer at Boots. I’ve not used it yet though, I’m trying to work up the courage :-) I’ve just discovered your blog and youtube videos and spent all last night browsing both – I think both are fantastic.

    • Amy

      @Sharon Ah thank you! Good luck with the epilating :) It gets easier

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