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Epilator: Torture or Saviour?

I recorded a video while back documenting my experience with my epilator (see below). I decided to do a little update on the whole epilating agony in case any of you are pondering this for Summer.

I use the Silk Epil by Braun. It’s expensive but it hurts alot less than the cheaper ones I have tried. I once had a Philips version with an ice pack, it was absolute agony. I nearly fainted!I bought the Braun one in an electrical shop in London for £75 last August. It was one of my best buys of 2009.

I only need to epilate every 2 months now. Towards the end of the second months I usually resort to Veet hair removal cream on some small patches while I wait for the rest to return (Yuck!)

To be honest it’s still agony but it does get a little less painful each time. Every time I epilate there is a patch of hair that stays bald even when the rest grows.The hair growth is much lighter and very sparse. I’m all for epilating until I go down the laser hair removal route. As I mentioned in the video, I hate the ‘in-between’ waxes phase. It’s way too long for me. Silky legs are not a luxury for me, that are a necessity.


Do you epilate? What methods of hair removal do you use?

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