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Estée Lauder Mega Fuchsia – Review & Swatches

I have been meaning to review Estée Lauder Pure Color Nail Polish in Mega Fuchsia for a few weeks now. The shade always draws my attention when I’m deciding on what colour to choose from my collection.

And a swatch…

Let me start by saying that I love the packaging. The cube shape makes a nice change. It is quite heavy though so it’s not one you would pop in your bag for touch ups.

Colour wise it’s well, fuchsia. It’s quite bright and cheery so I find I get quite a few comments on it when I wear it.

I’m on the fence about the finish. It dries with a satin shine rather than high shine so I would definitely apply a top coat to this one but that’s down to personal preference really.

The first coat goes on quite sheer and a little streaky but that is quickly remedied by the second and third coat. Three coats are necessary for full coverage.

Mega Fuchsia dries a little soft. It’s far from the diamond finish I have been attracted to lately. It also takes a little while to dry. I sat with my hands on my lap for about 20  minutes to make sure that final coat was fully dry. From previous experience if I moved around before this time I would smudge or dint the polish.

My mum has a serious addiction to fuchsia nail polish. She will love this one – although she did mention that she now has 7 bottles of similar nail polish all from different brands. I can’t make fun of her since I’m always drawn to taupe shades, regardless of the fact that there are quite a few of them in my press.

The bottom line on this one is that I love the colour but that I’m not mad about the finish and application. However, I am quite willing to overlook these issues for the cheeriness of the shade.

Have you tried Estée Lauder nail polishes?


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  • Tracey

    very nice. was looking at these in Sephora today. I got Essie Watermelon recently and cant wait to try it. The past few days ive been wearing Essie Cute as a button. It was a bit shocking neon coral at 1st, however now im loving it. I got the Essie nail polish from as i had ordered the 750ML Bed Head Duo shampoo and conditioner for 26 euro.Never tried bed head before, but its amazing! Makes a huge difference

  • Ash

    Love the colour ,my go to colour is always pink and this looks like one my collection could do with out but in anyways i think ill buy it ,the waiting would be a d own point but it would be worth it like you said for the colour
    thanx amy

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