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Estée Lauder Oyster Cult

Today I’m wearing Estée Lauder nail polish in Oyster Cult, thought I would share :)

When I ordered Oyster Cult I thought it would be a grey rather than a silver. Serves me right for ordering from a swatch chart.

And here are some swatches to show you how it looks on my nails…

The first photo was taken outside, the others were taken indoors but in natural light.

For some reason the finish of these particular Estée Lauder polishes doesn’t make my nails look more attractive. In the case of Oyster Cult, it seems to highlight the flaws – dents and ridges look more pronounced.

I’m not a huge fan of this shade to be honest. It doesn’t do a whole lot for my skin tone. I would imagine that this would look much better on someone with darker skin than me.

It’s also worth noting that the finish is quite soft – no hard wearing, veneer like effect. It also took a wee bit longer to dry than a Rimmel polish for example. That being said, there are no claims that this is hard-wearing, shiny or fast drying.

I have also tried Mega Fuchsia if  you would like a look and comparison. I prefer it to Oyster Cult, by a long shot. This is a little too tin-man-esque for me.

Do you have any Estée Lauder favourites? What nail polish are you wearing today?


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