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Excitement! Bobbi Brown Beach Favourites

Bobbi Brown Summer Beach 2016
I’m going to skirt over my absence and hope you forgive me! I had to have a little beauty rave. I’m beach crazy. Beach hair, beach skin, beach bags, sandals, swinmwear… you get the gist. If there is a scent of the sea incorporated into a fragrance, hair or skin product it is inclined to end up in my shopping basket. It just cheers me up, makes me happy and reminds me of relaxing times. I hated Secondary school and on bad Winter days I used to smear myself in Hawaiin Tropic… hey, whatever gets you through right!

If you have read my blog or watched my videos from way back for any amount of time you probably are aware that I am a Bobbi Brown fan. I love their makeup but I have never tried their skin care or fragrances. Now their beach favourites have my attention.

I am excited! Mainly because they smell amazing, well from what I have tried so far. Fans of Nuxe will likely love these, they smell different but are in the same ball park.

bobb (1)

The range consists of a Hand Wash, Hand & Body Lotion, Shower Gel, Body Scrub, Body Oil and a beach Fragrance. Oh wow do they smell divine! Can I have them all? Please? Pretty please?

Ok my bank balance would not approve, these guys are expensive.

I’m here to talk about the scrub since its the product I have tried before release. It’s a blend of orange peel and pumice and sloughs away dead skin cells like nobodies business. I usually find scrubs drying and so stick with AHA’s to exfoliate these days but this little guy didn’t dry me out one bit. I had a nose into the ingredients and it also contains Shea Butter and oils to hydrate. Love.

Oh but the scent!

At €33 it’s steep for a scrub but did I mention the scent? :D

I’ll be back soon with more Bobbi Brown reviews!

Have a great day everyone, chat later.

Amy xo

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