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Eye Cream Review – Lancome Rénergie Yeux Multiple Lift (new)

I have been using Lancome Rénergie Yeux Multiple Lift for 4 weeks now and I’m a happy lady.

What is it?

Essentially it’s an eye cream and concealer duo. It claims to provide a firmer eye contour, minimise crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles, diminished dark circles, reduced under eye puffiness and make the eye area more luminous.


I always enjoy the application of this product. I apply the cream morning and night and the concealer part morning only. I pat the cream under my eye focusing on the areas where I suspect crows feet might form in a few years (fingers crossed for a few years and not sooner!)

I have noticed a difference in the fine lines under my eye. They were very minor but aren’t really visible at all now.

The concealer part

The concealing layer is my favourite.I pat it on under my eye, on my inner eye and on the lid after morning application of the cream. Instantly, I look rested and awake. I like this so much that I could see myself getting a little addicted to it. I like that before I even apply any make-up I look rested.

It doesn’t settle into fine lines and there is no need to set it like make-up. It counteracts under eye discoloration and hides any veins and reduced puffiness. I haven’t used any under eye concealer since I started using it.

Scent, packaging and price…

Scent wise, I would say this product smells typically Lancome. If you’re familiar with the brand you’ll know the scent I mean, it’s hard to describe.

I really like the packaging. It has a little mirror in the top which helps whilst applying the concealing layer. The main cream is housed in a separate jar under the concealer layer.

Price? Friggin’ expensive! But worth it in my opinion. It suits my needs perfectly. When the jar in finished I suspect I will miss this, I sense a re-purchase on the cards.

My final thoughts

I like this product for prevention and first signs of ageing. As for whether it would work on more mature skin, I’m afraid I can’t be of help there as I’m in my twenties. Maybe I’ll pass it on to my mum for a few weeks and see how she gets on with it. I’ll keep you updated.

I’m a fan.

What eye cream do you use, if any?

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