Eyeko Cream – Extra Glow (LE)

I have heard so many YouTube guru’s rave about the Eyeko Cream. I always meant to try it but it wasn’t stocked in my local Superdrug.As you know, if something is out of stock/unavailable I must have it.

Ridiculous but true.

Imagine my surprise when the postman delivered a package from Eyeko this morning. Inside was a tub of their limited edition Cream Extra Glow.

It smells a little plastic-y on first contact with the skin but after a few minutes it’s just a delicate scent.

The colour is a soft frosty pink which looks pretty on the skin. I will be wearing it later today so I will post a Face of the Day and photos this evening.

The cream also claims to be a moisturiser and an eye cream. I’ll have to get back to you.

I haven’t tried the basic cream so I’m afraid I can’t offer anything by means of a comparison.

What are your thoughts on glow creams?

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  • Julius

    Where to buy this? i wanted to have one…

  • Julius

    where to buy this?

  • Lisa

    GAR! Shoot! I accidentally clicked paste and got some random link! Sorry!

  • Lisa

    I think they are awesome! A dewy/glowy complexion indicates good health and it looks gorgeous!

  • Melissa

    I think glow creams are great. I’m in the process of searching for a new one. Let me know how this one works. It sounds good though; and if it’s selling out then people must be liking something about it.

  • Mariga

    Ooh! Is it a highlighter cream or for all over? What are the ingredients?

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