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Eyeko Grafitti Eyeliner

I’m not sure how I feel about felt tip eye liners. I think people  usually love them or hate them but I’m on the fence. The idea is great in theory but I love the ease of a gel liner and the sexiness of a smudged kohl.

Eyeko sent me their Grafitti Liner to try and I have been putting it through the paces.

The colour is a true black with a little sheen. It works just like a felt tip pen (and we know how much I like pens). I thought that this pen would be hard to use due to ink flow whilst applying the product at an angle (like trying to get a pen to work when you write vertically.  Not so. It was easy to apply in that sense.

It creates a thin accurate line. I applied a thin line along my upper lashes and then coloured in the outer corner and built a little flick. Dead easy. No smudging, no blobbing. There might be a problem if you have shaky hands but that could be avoided my putting your elbow on a table when you apply and look down into a mirror.

Once it dried it didn’t smudge. It lasted about 5 hours on my eye before fading.

This is one for those days when you fancy a sharp line. It would be only fabulous with some red lipstick. I think I would by this in the future for when I am in need of a glamour injection, though it wouldn’t be an everyday choice for me.

It costs £5 on Eyeko’s website (also available in Superdrug).

What is your favourite eyeliner formulation?

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