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I have heard so many good things about Eyeko from fellow bloggers and YouTube gurus. It’s a brand that I have never tried. I picked up the highlighting cream in Superdrug a few weeks ago only to put it back 5 minutes later, after all how many highlighting products does one girl need? Turns out, many. I regret putting it back. It has been swiftly added back on to ‘The List’ (you know what I’m talking about, don’t pretend like you don’t work on ‘The List hee hee).

I have also heard good things about both of their mascaras. One of them in particular captured my interest as it comes in squeezy tube. Intriguing, to a make-up junkie anyway. I visited their website recently and perused their boutique. The deem themselves London’s Cutest Beauty and they certainly are cute. The packaging is completely adorable.

Another reason Eyeko attracted my attention in their prices. I am always on the search for good but affordable products (harder to find than one would expect) for both my younger and budget aware readers. I have only seen their products on sale in Superdrug in Ireland but we can order from Eyeko’s website.

Their Spring nail polish collection looks very pretty, I can’t wait to get my hands on these. Lilac, Vintage and Nude look particularly fresh and on trend. Although I always enjoy and Indigo shade.

Have you tried any Eyeko products? Have you any recommendations for me?

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