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M2 Eyelash Eyebrow growth

I have started a little experiment this week – eyelash and eyebrow growth serums from M2 Beaute. I will update as the weeks a pass letting you know how I’m getting on but in the meantime I though I would do a little show and tell for those of you interested in these kind of products.

M2LASHES and M2BROWS have been featured in French Vogue, Glamour and Ok! magazine which is quite impressive. I can’t wait to see if they work for me.

The three products I will be testing:

Eyelash Activating Serum
This product is designed to stimulate the natural growth of eyelashes. It contains an active ingredient, complex MDN which stimulates eyelash roots which extends the natural growth phase and creates fuller, thicker lashes. I hope so. You use it the same way you apply ordinary liquid liner except you use it at night after make-up removal. (€120)

Eyelash Revitalising Gloss
This product is designed to work in conjunction with the Activating Serum to help it work better and improve the condition of the lashes. This product is applied like a mascara at night for an intensive treatment of before you mascara in the daytime. (€45)

Eyebrow Renewing Serum
The serum is designed to stimulate growth of eyebrows. Hello everyone of my mothers generation who have 3 eyebrow hairs left after years of over-plucking. I too went a tad crazy with plucking when I was a teenager. The product is applied to the area where you would like to improve the growth after makeup removal at night. Results can be seen within 4-6 weeks. (€130)

M2 Eyelash Eyebrow growth

First impressions

I have never tried lash or brow growth products, despite hearing lots about them. The box and the products themselves look impressive. I have been wanting to try growth products for ages but like any beauty addict I am a little sceptical. I always thought products like these just slow the rate of hair loss at the end of a hair cycle. Hopefully the ingredients in these products actually work. According the brands literature the eyelash products takes 6-8 weeks to see results and 16 weeks for maximum results. I’ll keep you posted!

Obviously lash and brow growing products are expensive. I have heard very mixed reviews about the cheaper stuff on the market. I have tried a few of them myself and noticed very little difference – any changes were simply because my lashes had grown naturally over the few weeks that I was using the product. Expensive isn’t always better but I have read good reviews about the more expensive products of this kind so fingers crossed.

These French products are available from M2beaute.ie in Eire and M2beaute.com for those outside Ireland. They are available worldwide too. (I found them on Amazon).

Have you had any luck with lash or brow growth products?

Amy x

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  • Thomas Smith

    How did you get on with the products?

  • elena kuoni

    the products are not French but GERMAN, made in Cologne /Köln!

  • ruth

    Hi any update on ur lash experiment pls

  • http://www.lashreviews.com/ Ashley

    The good thing is eyelash reviews can help you to find what is best for you…

  • Tobi

    Good product luv to share in my site

  • http://www.waynelloydhair.com/Shop.html Salon Products

    So interested to see if these work for you. Not used a hair growth serum before, but I’ve used nail strengthening/growth products, which have (if you remember to use as reqularly as advised) worked really well. Can’t wait to hear how you get on.

  • http://www.yours.ie Christina

    I don’t believe in this kind of product – but I wish I did…

  • Shelley

    Amy thanks for getting back to me the other day. Looking forward to reading about what you think of these xxx

  • Tara

    Looking forward to hearing how you get on!

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