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Eylure Lash Collection

I love a good set of eyelashes. But I have to be honest,  I haven’t always been a fan of strip lashes.They were once reseverved for dramatic makeup looks, which isn’t really me. These days there are plenty of every-day type lashes that are comfortable to wear and don’t peel mid way through your day. Best of all, no one can tell. Well unless you want them to.

Eylure lashes are a favourite of mine. The main reason for this is quality but price is a close second. If you look after them you can wear them again and again. I have been trying out their new collection over the past few months.


Naturals No. 020 These ones are best for light length and fullness as they are fine and evenly balanced. They are subtle and natural. Perfect for day time wear or for those new to false lashes.

Lengthening No. 155 These guys give you a winged effect, they are long and light. They really open up the eyes.

Volume No. 107 I would imagine these are probably the most popular pair. They give depth to the lashline.

Definition No. 120 If you’re looking for something with a little edge these lashes are spiked with teased tips.

Dramatic No. 202 Ooh the flirties! They’re double layered so they’re full and long but very wearable.

Exaggerate No. 202 If you love emphasis on the outer corner of the eyes these are lovely. They’re very full too.

Texture No. 117 These are fun with long lashes that are twisted and messed at the ends.

I have to say, I’m loving the new packaging. I’ll be stocking up! Each set costs €6.99. Here in Ireland you can get them from McCabes, Sam MacCauleys, Shaws, Cara and Mulligans pharmacies.

Have you a favourite set of lashes?

I’ll be back later tomorrow morning with an Urban Decay post. Has Amy another palette?? Hee hee!



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