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Fake MAC Products – How to Spot them & Avoid Wasting your Money

Like many of you I have been duped into buying fake / counterfeit MAC products from ebay. I picked these few items up before I joined the online beauty community, man I wish I had waited. Anyway I hope this helps you find out how to spot a fake product.

This is from my own experience. Yes, I have been duped many a time! Hopefully you won’t be as silly.

The following items are counterfeit:

MAC Eyeshadows with a mirror and applicator: (pictured above) Yes, it sounds like a genius idea but unfortunately MAC have never made eyeshadows with mirrors or applicators. These are made in the East and sold on ebay. In Ireland our friends and family often bring these back from Thailand and are delighted with the bargain. These shadows are no bargain. I myself bought a few of these from a friend in my teenage years. Awful!


MAC Brush Rolls: I know so many girls who have this set and have no idea that they’re fake. One real MAC brush will cost you between €20 to €90. If you bought a whole set in a brush roll for €50, they’re fake. MAC do not sell 24 brushes in a set either. MAC’s brushes are numbered, generally the fakes are not (or they’re numbered incorrectly so check MAC’s website) Although I have seen some fakes that are numbered lately. Many of the brush roll sets say ‘Wholesale’ in the title. There aren’t mac wholesale items as they are only sold from MAC stores and stands.


MAC Mousse Eyeshadows: Again, MAC don’t make mousse shadows. The fake one I have looks like a Maybelline Mousse pot.

MAC Liners: I have recently seen some fake MAC eyeliners that come from China and Thailand. The MAC brand is on them but the packaging looks like that of another brand.

Palettes: There are thousands of these palettes on ebay. For those of you new to MAC, they name their eyeshadows, even in the palettes. I have seen  the following on ebay, all of which are counterfeit: MAC’s 9 Colour Palette, MAC’s Cream Shadows Palette, Glitter Palettes, 88 palettes etc.


Eyeshadows with numbers or colours instead of names: As I said, MAC use names like Sable, Satin Taupe etc not colours or numbers, those are counterfeit.

I have heard there are now fake pigments online too although I haven’t seen any personally. I have also seen counterfeit MAC Mascara’s too.

Ebay also have a page dedicated to counterfeit items on ebay. If you bought a fake product on ebay I have heard you are entitled to a refund through paypal.

There are some genuine MAC products on ebay but as a rule of thumb, if the price seems to good to be true then it probably is!

I have made a video sharing my experience with counterfeit MAC products and examples of the fakes.


I hope this helps!

Have you been duped into buying fake products?

*UPDATE Since I wrote this blog post many other brands have been copied and sold on ebay. I bought a Benefit powder box that is completely fake and a bottle of Posie Tint, which is also counterfeit. Both are complete rubbish. I reported the seller. If someone is selling tonnes of the same product don’t go there.

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