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Favourite Dry Hair Rescue!


My hair has been crazy lately. I’m not really sure why but 5 or 6 weeks ago my hair became very unmanageable. It is dry and hard to style. I have found that it has been getting quite matted, something I have never experienced before. As you can imagine, I have spent a small fortune on hair products lately to try and remedy this situation (despite knowing that the answer lies in my diet somewhere!) I bought lots of leave in conditioners, nourishing products etc.. For a few weeks Frizz Ease Serum was working a treat. I was delighted. After applying a little through the lengths of my hair after washing I found my hair silky and manageable.

shockwavesHowever, it wasn’t to be. For some reason the serum stopped affecting my hair in positive ways and started having negative affects. It started to make my hair course and knotty. Enter Wella Shockwaves Gloss Serum! This feels quite oily but I was desperate to have nice hair again. I applied a pea size amount through the mid lengths and ends of my hair and combed it through. I then applied my usual amount S Factor Plumping Spray to the roots and blow dried my hair using my fingers. And the results? Amazing! My hair was soft, silky and so easy to style of the coming days. I also tried this serum without heat styling. I applied a pea sized amount (taking care to keep it away from my roots) and let my hair dry naturally.

Usually I resemble Medussa if I allow my hair air dry but not so. Again my hair was silky smooth and straight without any styling. If you’re looking for volume this is not the product for you. If you have normal or greasy hair this serum will probably make your hair look flat and lifeless. But if you are looking to take down ‘big’, dry hair or a relaxing product this could be for you.

It’s available from Supermarkets and pharmacies. Have you ever tried this?

Amy x

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