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I was in the queue in my local supermarket when from across the isle a selection of Barry M product attached to a magazine caught my eye. I’m such a magpie. I quickly added the magazine to my shopping basket as I was called to the till, without even checking the magazine’s title. Like it was even relevant to me.

When I got home I realised that the magazine was Shout, a teen magazine. The mag was hastily shoved aside while I ripped open the Barry M freebies that came with it. There were four items – a nail polish, a body shimmer, a gloss and an eye/lip pencil.






I assumed the magazine would cost a couple of euro when I flung it in the basket but upon inspection of my receipt I realised that it in fact cost €7.50. Oops. I’m also not sure if the magazine is still available as I bought it last week.

I really like the gloss and it will definitely be used but I’m not mad about the pencil. I used the highlighter a few times this week too, it has a soft sheen rather than gllitter.  I have yet to try the nail polish but I think these products are special editions for the magazine rather than items in their main line.

Magazines are a great way to try out products you were hesitant to spend your money on. Last year I got quite a few great freebies with magazines – L’Occitaine Shea Butter Hand Cream (which I didn’t like), Benefit Bad Gal, Benefit eye pencils, Barry M Kohl, Neals Yard Goji Berri Face Cream (brilliant stuff) and so much more. Magazine freebies aren’t offered in the US so we’re lucky over here. That being said, we probably pay much more.

Have you come across any magazine freebies that you have fallen in love with?

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  • Ash

    Yew i did the same on St stephens day i was in tesco’s and in the mood just for a mag i brought it up to the pay your self till and It cost me 7.50 as well, the only reason i picked the magazine up was for the makeup :L , the nail polish is good but a pain in the ar*e to take off had a challenge taking it off for school this morning i also used the body shimmer as a base/primer (brillo)

  • Lieenie

    Glamour tend to do great Benefit freebies. the last one was the pencils and before that it was full sized lipglosses. both times the mag was £2 so €3 or so The Glosses & Pencils are €14 – €16 Euro so I defiantly bought how many different copies needed to get each colour!

    OMG Shout is geared to 11-15 year olds how are they gonne spend €7.50 on a mag???

  • Geo

    Sadly, magazine freebies are few and far between in America, and imported U.K. magazines are pretty pricey.

  • Amy

    Wow 7.50€ is a huge amount to pay for a magazine!!
    I got drawn into a magazine recently called In Style that i’d never read, just because it had a free L’occitane hand cream!! Amazing how us ladies get drawn into total and utter rip off mags just for the freebies!!

  • robyn

    sadly we don’t get many offers like this in the us!

  • Stephanie

    shout is €7.50 now? jesus I used to read this years ago!

  • Reme

    Hi Amy, f.y.i. a Models Own freebie started today in Fabulous, the magazine that comes with News of the World. They printed a token and will do so again for the next 2 Sundays. Collect 2 tokens and bring them into Tesco to claim a models own eye kit consisting of mascara, eyeliner, eye-shadow duo, tweezers and eyelash curlers. It’s a tacky tabloid but I think it’s worth buying twice (€1.50 a pop) to pick up this freebie set valued at €24. I love a good magazine freebie! I’m still getting use out of Benefit and Neal’s Yard goodies…

  • Lorraine

    got one of those freebie types before of barry m before. a lipgloss tube and a cream eyeshadow. was very excited to try them but the quality was awful. lipgloss smelt strange and the cream eyeshadow was patchy and took long time to dry.
    also got the freebie benefits pencils and they were proper stuff. and work quite well.

  • Boo

    I never see freebies :( x

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