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Found a pretty pair of Spring pumps…

I was out shopping a few weeks ago and saw a girl wearing a gorgeous pair of flat pumps. I liked them so much that I asked her where she bought them. I was surprised the hear that they came from Penneys (primark).

I searched 5 different stores before finally finding them :)



You can’t go wrong for €11. They look very similar to a pair I had last year – that are now in the bin – which cost €55.

I’m mad about nude shoes. I wear this in Spring with my Baxter skinnies from Topshop and then in Summer with dress and dress shorts.

I’m happy I found them.

Have you picked up any Spring clothes yet?

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  • Reme

    Thanks for the tip Amy, I thought it was a long shot but I popped into Penny’s yesterday and there they were, happy days! I also picked up a black pair with silver studs, not very Spring but sure for €11 I couldn’t leave them behind ;-)

  • Crystal

    I love these shoes! Do they have a website that I could order them off of? :)

  • Anna Saccone

    These are gorgeous Amy! I also found a pair of super soft tartan ones in New Look that I thought you’d like! They are red and blue and look like a flannel shirt…lol in a good way! xoxo

  • Ash

    Hi may , emm this isnt about the shoes ,but a question
    well ive been watching your channel a year following you blog about 5 months ,but this question just hit me this morning and this could be complete crap but i have to ask anyway

    Did you use to teach ,and did you sub a few years back in scoil aine in raheny ,i had a teacher very like you ,and was called ms dillon ,me and my friends mentioned ms dillon yesterday and i thought omg is that amy ???,please reply so my mind can be at ease xxxAsh

  • Dana

    These are great, I love a pair of cute flats!

  • StealMyHeartLovee

    Pretty! :) I can’t wait until Spring fully arrives!

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