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Fragrance Review – The Body Shops New White Musk Libertine

On the 30th anniversary of White Musk, The Body Shop launched White Musk Libertine. It is a more floral, mature take on the original.

I would describe it as floral and feminine musk. It’s quite powdery and much more sophisticated than any Body Shop fragrance I’ve tested. For those of you with a sharper nose, and better descriptive skills, White Musk Libertine was developed by perfumer Vincent Schäller; notes include  Turkish delight, Chantilly cream, orchid and signature musk. It doesn’t remind of the original at all. Which is probably a good thing – I don’t need any reminders of my teenage years.

Although it’s soft enough to be worn during the day, I would feel more comfortable wearing this one at night – I always feel that way about powdery fragrances.

I have the eau de toilette version which is softer but as you would expect, it doesn’t last an eternity. That’s normal. All in all, it’s a lovely soft, chic scent. Much more grown up that the original White Musk!

White Musk Libertine costs from €14.
What is your favourite Body Shop fragrance?
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  • Sarah

    I am loving this scent and am hoarding the eau de parfum, lotion, body mist and shower gel. Is it limited edition? *panics*

    I actually love the original White Musk oil as well. It is a bit too recogniseable, but it’s great when you use a dab and spray something lighter (floral or vanilla) on top…it really tethers a lighter scent down and makes it last.

  • Antonia

    I just can’t bear the scent of musk. Is it very musky?

    • Amy

      If you’re not a fan of musk I think I’d go for one of the fresher versions

  • Kelly

    Bought it too. You’re right, smells nothing like the original (which I can’t stand anyway) It’s so much more grown up xxxx

    • Amy

      I was surprised myself actually


    Checked it out yesterday after reading you post. It’s nice so I ended up buying it for me sister for crimbo. Ta for the tip

    • Amy

      Great idea. Lucky sister :)

  • Michelle

    Sounds like my cup of tea

    • Amy

      Worth a look Michelle if you like musks

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