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FREE Giveaway – MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Shimpagne

Hi ladies,

This weeks giveaway is MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Shimpagne

giveaway_macskinf_largeA luxurious velvet-soft powder with high-frost metallic finish.

Smoothes on: adds buffed-up highlights to cheeks, brows, anywhere on the body: provides an ultra-deluxe polish to the skin.

To qualify to WIN you must

  • Follow the site (google friend connect in the right sidebar)
  • Leave a comment on the give-away post (open all week)
  • Tweet about the competition (or blog post on your site)
  • Subscribe to my YouTube Channel – click here
  • Become a Fan on Facebook – click here

Last weeks winner  is Sarah – The Polished (17/11/2009 at 07:24). Congratulations, if you email me your address I will pop your Maybelline Lipstick in the post tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone who entered last weeks giveaway. Good luck this week :)

Winners will be announced at the end of each week. Open Internationally.

Good luck everyone!

Amy x

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  • Vena Wohner

    I am form of disappointed that I only just discovered your blog a week ago. But, We have added you to my Google Reader, right next to my own feeds, along with between a couple Arbitron feeds. Keep feeding my brain. Thank you

  • Norah

    omg… was looking for a good highlighter! must give this a try if i don’t win please enter me!! xxx

  • Molly

    enter me!
    Thanks Amy

  • marian

    enter me please :)

  • Rahainah

    hey amy!
    thumbs up for this :D

  • Hassie Stumpe

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  • Hinna

    Hi Amy im a big fan of urs i love your youtube channel and your site is amazing 2! You are such an inspiration to me. Please can you enter me for this giveaway i love mac!

  • Sinead

    Hiya:) Seen you at young designers award @ cork fashion week..i had you picked out in minutes loved your lace socks was pointing them out to all my friends. Went straight out and bought a pair:) Love anything MAC so this giveaway right up my street!

  • Melanie

    I hope I win. I’m “chasing” this Skinfishes for a long time now.

  • victoria

    thanks for doing these contests!!! love! enter me!

  • milly

    Hi Amy! You have a wonderful site, and you are doing wonderful for all your followers :) hope i win ur mac competition!! X

  • Whitney

    Hiya could you enter me please just followed all your instructions for the other websites. I love the videos :)

  • Molly Gilmour

    i love mac’s products so i’m really hoping i get to try this product!enter me!! Molly x

  • Larissa

    Hi Amy! So I did all my “homework” like a good girl! Is it too late for this week’s giveaway? I really want this, I’ve been wanting to try the mineralize line for a while now!!! :))))

  • Elaine Keogh

    Hi Amy, New to this but have to say your website is fab!!!! I thought i was pretty good at doin my makeup until i started watchin ure vids…then realised there is so much more to it!!! Just purchased a 24 pc mac make up brush set ive gotten so inspired even though i really couldnt afford it ha ha but oh well…keep up the good work!!!!!

    • Amy

      Thank you so much Elaine, lovely of you to say! :) Enjoy experimenting with your brushes!

  • Ritapvid

    Love your new site! Your videos are so fun and uplifting! You have great ideas and suggestions. Very impressed with your homemade soaps, you should really start selling those or teach us viewers how to make our own! xo

    • Amy

      Thank you :) They’re up for sale on the site now!

  • Celine

    That is a great give away! BTW I love your videos on YT so much, everytime a video is up, I make myself a cup of tea, take my blanket and watch it …. with my little niece :) It so much fun!!! Please enter me …. :)

    • Amy

      That is so sweet Celine :) Thank you x

  • Celine

    I’m really excited for the skinfinish give away. :) I love your YT Vids so much!!! And everytime a video is up, I make myself a cup of tea, take my blanket and watch you talking about make up. LOVE IT :))) …………………………and really wan to win so please please enter me :)

  • Tallulah

    Hi Amy, this is my entry for your contest! I LOVE MAC!!! :) Just wanna say, I’m a huge fan of your video’s and you seem like one of the nicest people on youtube. You are also one of my idols. Thanks for all your vids they’re really helpful! Love the new site btw! x

    • Amy

      Ah thanks so much :)

  • Ciara

    i am really excited for the skinfinish give away. :) I really wan to win so enter me

  • Evenny

    Hii Amy.
    Love how you’ve done your website up. Your videos make my day :] x

    • Amy

      Ah thank you so much, means a lot :) x

  • Tara

    enter me!
    loving your new natural soaps by the way! will definitely be trying some :) xx

  • Edel

    Really love you new site. I wish you only the best of luck, health and happiness. Keep up the good work. Please enter me -never used a skinfinish before would love to try. xoxoxo

    • Amy

      Thank you so much :)

  • Jess M

    Heyy Amy, thanks for making this!! I love MAC (well who doesnt)! I love your videos!! :) x

  • MissToxicLove

    Hey girl, as u know Im subbed to you on youtube, please enter me=)

  • NiaamhOG

    Hey Amy! Thank you SO much for this giveaway! You’re truly amazing and extermally talented :)
    – I follow this blog, of course.
    – I tweeted! @NiaamhOG
    – I subscribe! pink7up100
    And I’m a fan on facebook Niamh O’Gorman :)
    Thank You x

  • kate

    Im a subscriber 92lovegame
    I follow your blog LoveGame
    I mentioned you in my blog!

    enter me please if im not too late :)
    Love love love

  • Antonia crookes

    Please enter me
    i love you youtube videos watch them when i get back from school.

  • Orna

    Great new site Amy well done :)
    Enter me please :) x

  • Llora

    HI! I’d love to be entered in the contest. I even created a Twitter account just so I could enter! Love your You Tube channel – I’ve been subscribed for not very long, but I’ve watched all your videos….

  • Niamhtbh

    hey amy!

    pleas enter me =]

    Im a subscriber on here and your youtube and i love your videos so much! xx

  • sarah

    Hey amy!

    Please enter me.

    I have tweeted about you on my name sarah 2404 on twitter.

    FashionGaGa on YT.

    Love xoxo

  • Marie

    Hi Amy! I’d love to enter please.
    I am addicted to your youtube videos- I am a subscriber. And I follow this website.
    I mentioned you in my blog:

    And I am going to right now join the fan group on facebook! (:


  • Jessica

    Hi Amy

    Please enter me in the giveaway!! Thanks. Love the tips : ).

  • Beens

    What a great giveaway! THANKS DEAR!

  • erica

    Hey Amy!

    Please enter me.. Follower on both You Tube and here!

  • xoVanilla

    i would love to win this weeks giveaway
    i`m following your blog
    i tweeted about this:
    and i`m a subs on youtube:

  • Sharon Pearse

    I hope I match what u asked to win :) only spotted you on youtube last week have nearly watch all your vids!!
    SweetcheeksSp – twitter ;)

    much love xx

  • Ashley T

    I follow your blog (

    I am a facebook fan (Ashley Tschudin)

    I tweeted

  • Cathy

    Hi Amy.
    great videos…i love them. i found you a couple of months ago on yt. gret to have irish girls talking about make-up. enter me into the competition please!!! met all the criteria!
    Cathy. x

  • Greta J

    i already follow you and im subbed to you. please enter me

  • Austrian_Babe

    Please enter me! I´m a YT subbie (LadyProtector), facebook fan, blog follower and tweeted about your giveaway:

  • Dominiq

    hi i would love to try mac mineralize cosmetic, thats why i need to win it:)
    ENTER ME :) i allready subscribed You

  • Sarah

    Enter me please :) I’m already a sub on Youtube and love watching you! x

  • Cynthia

    Oops forgot to include my tweet!

  • Lene

    I’ve been dying to get a MSF for ages now… I really want this! I’ve tweeted about it, subscribed on youtube, became fan on facebook and followed on friendconnect :)

  • Brittany

    Great giveaway, Amy!
    * Following your site (google friend – BunnyDaysBrittany)
    * Retweeted about the competition AND posted on my blog
    * Subscribed on YouTube already – BunnyDaysBrittany
    * Created a Facebook account just to become a fan! :)
    Please enter me. Thank you, Amy!

  • Katie

    I’d love to enter =).
    Twitter & Youtube: xxkatiexx4650.
    I’m also a follower of your blog and a fan on facebook!

  • beatriz

    So fun! i tweeted about this!

  • jenny453

    yay i love giveaways – please enter me into the draw. I already follow and sub on youtube

  • prettypopo

    Hi Amy, great give away. PLEASE enter me !! :)

  • IrisMadeline

    Hi, I think it’s great you’re doing these giveaways :)
    just found out about your site and I’d love to enter
    So… good luck to everyone

  • cristina

    ciao amy!

    thanks so much for the giveaway!

    I follow this blog!, I tweeted!, i’ve been subscribed for ages!, and now I’m a fan!

    hope i win! thanks again!! xx

  • Policosmetics82

    Oh, Amy, I’m so sorry I just discovered how to post the link to my tweet about the giveaway and I want to add it if I can to my entry, please:

    Thank you!:))


  • Policosmetics82

    Hi, Amy! I think these giveaways are so great thank you – now a MAc product that I doubt I will ever buy, but really want totry!

    I follow you on YT (Policosmetics82), I follow you on twitter with the same name, I’ve just became a fan of your facebook page and I tweeted about the giveaway (, but I protect my tweets and I don’t know I can post a link so that you can see the tweet. I also follow your site (this site:))

    Take care,

  • Dervla Gaine

    Great Competition! I would love to enter, I have met the competition criteria :). Have a nice week xox

  • missea

    Hi, just came across your blog and youtube channel and I’m really enjoying it. Would love to be entered in to your competition if it’s not too late.

  • MsMafiMafi

    Hi! Great giveaway. I love MAC, just can’t afford to buy! I followed your site under the name MsMafiMafi and I’m already a subscriber to your YouTube Channel under the name MsMafiMafi.

  • esther

    Fab giveaway! I’m still a MAC newbie so I would love to give this a try :)


    I’m also following your blog and am a FB fan :)

  • Kayte CookWatts & Facebook fan I wrote on your wall.

  • Rachel

    Hiya! Great giveaway. Love MAC! I did it all! I followed the site under the name “Rachel”. Left a comment.
    Subscribed to your YouTube Channel under the name Onedogonecat
    & Became a Fan on Facebook – under the name Rachel Green

  • Laura

    Hi Amy enter me please =)

    I follow you via google friend connect.

    I tweeted about the competition

    Im subscribed to your youtube channel

    Im a fan on your facebook page

    Thanks x

  • Kayte CookWatts

    I love MAC but have never tried a skinfinish. If I don’t win I am buying some. I subbed to your google using my yahoo(Kayte) Hope I did it correctly?!

  • Rhiannon

    I’m new!

    This site is really well designed and there are a lot of ways to connect.

    I shall tweet to friends!

  • Suzy

    Fantastic giveaway! I love it! And your new site looks great :)

  • Suzanne

    Great give-away! Follow your site, became a fan on facebook and tweeted about it :)

  • Becky

    OMG this is amazing!! Have always wanted an MSF n so happy I found a decent Irish guru :) I was getting sick of all the american accents!! haha…. anyway:
    Subscribed on YT: LolaBeautySchool
    Became a fan on facebook!
    & of course google friend connected!!

    Love, Becky xx

  • Holly

    Wow I would love to win this MAC powder! It looks so beautiful and if I won I’d be sure to look for as many ways as possible to use this product. As I am only 15, I do not own a lot of MAC as it is quite expensive, but I adore their products and always know about the collections they are bringing out. Please enter me :)

  • Jackie

    I’d love to win this! Lol. Just became a fan on facebook. :)

  • SammiM

    Wow, what a terrific giveaway. I’ve subscribed to everything:)

  • Sindy

    Wow this is awesome :)
    Please enter me and hope i’ll win> I’ve been wanting this msf for the longest time.

  • Melissa Nice

    Oooh, please please please!! :)

  • Karla

    Holy mackerel! Shimpagne! Well you could knock me over with a feather. Hope I’m not too late to enter — I’ll try to send you a few more entries via Twitter!

  • Whitney

    This is so sweet of you to do! This is such a great prize! I’ve done all of the above here are the links!



    Facebook: Just friended you!

  • Elaine

    Amazing giveaway *excitement* You are one of my favorite YouTubers…glad to hear an Irish voice on there :) iv tweeted!! xmwahx

  • Sara

    Tweeted : pleasantseas
    YTSubed: naturallyforgotten

    You give away nice items.

  • Clyde

    Enter me please:)x

  • María S

    Love your videos (and Irish accent :D), you are always so sweet!
    I’d love to enter, I’ll try to keep an eye on your giveaways ^_^

  • Laura

    ive never tried any MAC before :O
    enter me please :D xx

  • Danielle

    heyy amy!
    loving the new blog and daily updates :)
    i have tweeted about it


  • nicole orlacchio

    great giveaway :)

    did all of the above
    and my FB is just the name above :)

  • Charlotte

    Really enjoy your blog :’)
    Just tweeted about the giveaway n’all.

  • Niamh

    Having a bit of a nail varnish moment myself! Just bought two gorgeous OPI ones online. Love this pink tho!

  • Heather Walsh

    Loving the site! I tried to post your link on my blog but it seems to be broken! My blog is
    I’ve bookmarked it for myself anyway. Thanks!

  • Caitlin

    Please enter me! I am following you as crt08c on YouTube and as ThrilledAscent on Twitter!

  • Ruth

    I’d absolutely love to win this product. Eeesh, just to think about it makes me excited! I love your youtube vid’s. Love the new site too. Now I’ll sleep with my fingers & toes crossed :)

  • Laura

    enter me please! so excited for this giveaway :) – there’s the link to my tweet about it!

  • Juliette

    omg this looks so beautiful!!
    i would love to win it :)
    i twittered it!
    thanks for holding these contests amy <3

  • Katie987654

    •Follow the site -Done Katie987654
    •Leave a comment on the give-away post -Done :)
    •Tweet about the competition – Done
    •Subscribe to my YouTube Channel -Done
    •Become a Fan on Facebook – Done :)

  • Cynthia

    Enter me please! I love your YT vids and blog posts! =D I became your fan on FB and Tweeted your contest!

  • Judith

    Hi Amy!! This is such a generous giveaway!! I follow you on here and youtube (judithclareagnes)

    and i tweeted about this as judithclareagne :)

    Thank you!! xx

    PS I saw you in the Evening Herald the other day!! =D

  • Katherine

    hey, just like to say that i really enjoy reading your blog. I think its really great that you have gone to au natural.
    Have joined your fb
    Twiiter: kitkatface
    Google: followed

    keepup the goof work

  • Fee

    I follow you on youtube and google as feenydazzle,
    i tweeted under feenypops and i follow you now on facebook too!

  • Abbie

    I’m following
    I’ve posted a blog about it at

    I’m subscribed to your youtube
    But i don’t have a facebook

  • Natasha

    Please enter me darling!
    twitter: nakovac

  • Dannii

    Hi Amy, please enter me into the comp, thank you.

    I follow you on twitter im ‘dannii10101’ and im also subscribed to your YT channel im thedanielle11, i follow your blog (of course) but i dont have face book and i will tweet this comp after this comment, Thanks Amy x

  • Alexa Gryglewski

    I would love to win! Love your videos! <3

  • Angel

    hope i’ll win >..<!
    thx a

  • Christine F

    Please enter me! I have never signed up for a contest but I am absolutely obsessed with my MAC msf natural that I purchased a few weeks ago. I would love to try this as well! Thanks for the contest and extra thanks for the all natural videos you are doing on youtube I love them.


  • chanceuxlilas

    Hi, Amy! I would love to win this highlight powder.

  • romaana

    i love ur blog and im subscribed to you on youtube and i follow you on twitter. im heading over to the facebook fanpage now! enter me please!

  • Amanda

    Hey Amy!
    I actually dont have a facebook site, but I do follow you on twitter and youtube! Love your new naturals kick!!
    Sounds like a great giveaway!!


  • Anxhela

    Forgot to mention that I am a youtube subscriber to your beauty channel, a follower on here and also a fan on facebook.

  • Anxhela

    Hi enter me please. I do not have a twitter or blog but I do have a facebook and a youtube. I dont know if this still would let me be in the giveaway. My youtube is and just look for my name under your facebook fans page.

  • Carissa

    Please enter me! I follow on Twitter, subscribe on YT, I am a friend on YT, follow your blog, and I will join the FB fan page today! I could really use this product!

  • Anette

    I’d like to enter this giveaway please :)

    I have twitted about your page, of course ;)

  • Brittany

    Hi Amy!

    please enter me!
    im following your blog
    fan on fb(brittany salazar)
    youtube subbie(storiesfromabrunette)
    and blogged it here:


  • Nic

    Enter me please :)


  • Sarah Kelly

    Hi Amy.
    Amazing giveaway!!
    Can you enter me please :D
    P.S. I went to primary school with your little sister:P I just realized when i saw her in one of your vids!

  • shaheen

    hi amy! im a big fan thanks for holding great giveaways!

  • Albiona

    hiya amy

    -im following your site
    -i have tweeted about the compation:
    -im subscribed to your youtube btw i love your video’s
    – and i am a fan on facebook =]

    enter me please
    great prize =]

  • Hannah

    I love MSF. Please enter me!!!

  • Sadhbh

    all done!
    heres my twitter >
    and all the rest are all done :)
    always wanted to try out a mac product…fingers crossed!

  • keirosadrakes

    PLEASE ENTER ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ieva

    Hi Amy!
    I would love to win, because i can’t buy MAC where i live and i would be very happy to get my first MAC product from such a nice person as you are :)
    Thanks for this nice contest :)

  • jacky

    please enter me!
    i tweeted and everything!
    xoxo <3

  • Nina

    How exciting! I’ve never owned an MSF before! :)

    I am a blog follower.
    I tweeted:
    I am a YT subscriber: ninasagarbarria
    I am a Facebook fan: Niña Sagarbarria

  • alisha

    enter me!!

  • Lex

    Looks very pretty! How have I not heard of this MSF before? I’ve been avoiding MAC (and all other makeup purchases) this month, so I’m pretty out of the loop :P.

  • sara

    thank u so much for being that generous and doing all these giveaways!! i looove ur blog and YT channel!!

  • jessica

    hiya im a subscriber i would love to enter the msf giveaway.i love seeing irish beauty gurus .u were mentioned on thats where i found out about u.keep up the good work

  • Rebecca

    What an amazing giveaway,
    I love your blog and youtube :-)

  • Christina Lynch

    Please enter me :) I love watching your videos esp cos you’re from Ireland and I can get the things you talk about :D

  • Lynsey

    Hi Amy, thanks so much for having this giveaway! I’m subscribed to your website and youtube and also a fan on facebook! But I’m sorry that I don’t have a twitter account.

    Thanks so much! Fingers crossed! :)

  • Amber

    Enter me please (L) You are amazing :D

  • Happy S

    Hello Beautiful!

    I am a follower, a youtube subscriber and a fan on facebook!
    I tweeted about the giveaway:

    And here is my comment!

    Please enter me!


  • Laura

    Enter me please :) ive never tried one of those!! and i always twitter your giveaways :D xx

  • sarah

    enter me please love the colour.

  • Joanna M

    It looks gorgeous!!! I wonder if it maches my pale skin:(
    P.S. Looking forward to see my personalized video:)

  • Aoife
  • Stefy

    Amazing Giveaway! :)
    I’d like to enter =]
    I did all the things that were asked for :)

  • Alina

    hi! great prize. I have done all the things above but i don’t have a facebook account, i hope i’m entered.

  • emily

    i have never tried skinfinishs so i wuld love to try(:

  • Jenny

    hey amy
    fabulous prize!
    your so generous
    im a follower
    on youtube: justjennyxx
    enter me thank you !
    facebook: jenny nguyen

  • princessmimilie

    enter me please!

  • saqzia

    enter me

  • Angela

    im a follower, subscribed to your youtueb channel, and fan on facebook.

    i also twitted

  • sarah ali

    •Following the site (as makeupdivaa or
    •Tweeted about the competition as makeupdivaa and blogged about it too
    •Subscribed to urYouTube Channel – as sarahali101
    •Became a Fan on Facebook as sarah ali dahir or

    would love to win :)

  • sarah ali

    •Following the site (as makeupdivaa or
    •Tweeted about the competition as makeupdivaa and blogged about it too
    •Subscribed to urYouTube Channel – as sarahali101
    •Became a Fan on Facebook as sarah ali dahir or

    would love to win :)

  • Christine

    I forgot to leave you my twitter site its

  • nicole

    enter me please,
    i have done everything

  • yhen

    Hello amy! I wanna join your giveaway. :)

    I’m a follower (

    a subscriber in Youtube (

    and a fan in facebook ( :)

    Tweeted about your giveaway here:

    Keep blogging! Take care :)

  • Sarah

    I was just about to enter when I realised I had won – YAY!! I will contact you now :) Thank you so much Amy x

  • DeAnna

    i tweeted (deannacedeno) about this – as well as subscribe to YT and a fan on Facebook!
    I’ve never tried MAC before and this looks like the perfect first product!!

  • xMaterialGirlsx

    Hey! Enter me please =P

    I’m a follower on blogger and a subscriber on YouTube. I’m also a fan on Facebook! I tweeted too!

  • Mekekka

    Done :) This is a great idea for a comp!! (if you need my usernames for FB, Twitter or YT let me know!)


    I followed you.

    HI !

    I tweeted and followed you:

    I subscribed to your youtube: kikixiong

    I’m a fan of your facebook.

  • Sara

    Great giveaway! I’m super excited about this :D

  • Lauren

    Hi amy!
    twitter and google: lahart88
    youtube: starlight82988

    thanks for this amazing giveaway!

  • Kayla (detailoring)

    Beautiful! I’ve never had a real MAC product (I thought I bought some on eBay, but it wasn’t the real thing…), and I’ve heard awesome stuff about the MSF’s!!!

  • desiiGirl87

    i tweeted about ur contest..
    and i also am a fan on facebook (rani hussain)
    thanx so much for the contest and love your vids!!!

  • Angie

    ohh great giveaway! The MSF looks pretty! I’m so addicted to those now.

  • Chloe

    Enter me please!
    I’ve done all of the above :)

  • Olivia

    enter me please! i did all of them! :D
    wooot, you’re so cuteeee
    love the jewelry organizer thing, i forwarded it to my dad so he can make it as long as i can paint it :D ahahah

  • Kate100

    G’day from Australia!
    Love your youtube vids

    • Amy

      G’day Kate :) x

  • BarbiesGlitter

    hey amy enter me pls (:
    i’v done evrything we need to enter (:
    twitter: barbiesglitter
    facebook: cheryl rite
    thanks xx

  • Susie

    Hey Amy,

    Great Giveaway =D

    Hope you have a good week =D


  • lucypink

    hi amy!!
    u are amazing,thanks so much for everything.
    i have done all of the above. xoxo

  • TheBeautySpark

    I’ve tweeted about your competition :) hope you’re ok!

    Laura xx

  • TalulaB

    Can you enter me please.

  • Vintagegold14

    Hey Amy! Thank you SO much for this giveaway! You’re truly amazing!
    – I follow this blog, of course.
    – I tweeted! (Vintagegold14)
    – I subscribe! (Vintagegold14)
    – And I’m a fan! (Vera Gold)

    This MSF is gorgeous and I have never had one before so I would be thrilled to win it. :) Good luck to everyone!

  • Sophie

    Great giveaway! Have done all of the above, so please enter me ! :)


  • Sheryl Ocenar

    hi amy..been stalking, err..following you for a while generous of you to have this weekly giveaways. would like to win this one!

  • Laura

    This is an amazing prize, thanks so much for offering things like this! Brilliant, Twitter = laurali87

  • Laura

    I’d like to enter please!

  • Laura Hindley

    I’d like to enter please!

  • Caz

    Enter Me Please!
    I’ve posted about it in my blog’s sidebar :)

  • Louise

    OOOO I soooo want this – enter me please x
    Blog Post Link

  • Annah K

    Oh sorry thought I might let you know

    -I follow this site
    -I’m a fan on FB
    -I tweeted here

  • shalyafzan

    i love u blog and i love th’weekly giveaway’ which will make ur blog more ‘dramatic’… ;p

  • Beth

    I’d like to enter this one. I very quickly looked at the MAC MSF’s while I was out today (I’ve never tried them!) but dragged myself away before I spent a fortune on them.


  • Aveen

    Just wanted to enter this contest please :) I totally loved your idea for storing accessories Amy,its genius!! im going straight to homebase tomorrow to make my own! :) Love your blog and you tube vids :)

  • katy wilko

    I’ve done all the above, please enter me :)
    I’ve tweeted here:

  • Christine

    check, check, to do, check, check, ok so now I’ll tweet about this and I’m done and off to bed:) Thanks for those great competitions Amy love your blog an videos! greets from luxembourg

  • Jenny

    wow yay!

  • becky

    wow some prize!! enter me please, have done anything you asked:D

  • Annah K

    ENTER ME!!! xxxx so excited for this

  • Bonnie

    Amy, I’m addicted to your blog. There was a comment the other day on one of your videos, something saying that you shouldn’t make all of your videos into VLOGS. whoever wrote it should be silenced. haha. please don’t change anything about yourself or anything you do. Personally, your videos are my fav and I can’t wait to see more and hear your silly comments everyday!

    • Amy

      Thanks so much Bonnie :) I read that comment, thanks for your support. A vote for silliness :) x

  • Redrew

    What a great giveaway! I have never used a skinfinish so I’m really interested in winning this, to try it! :)


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