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A Friday Waffle!

Happy Friday everyone!

I’m feeling quite crappy today thanks to a chest infection so I decided a ‘Friday Waffle’ was in order since I can’t seem to focus, or string sentences together for that matter.

So here are some shallow things that are belting around my bunged up head:

1. Packaging – No, you do not need this!

I am an absolute sucker for packaging. I know it’s ridiculous, I know it’s fickle but I just can’t help it. These days I tend to refrain from buying something for such a stupid reason but hey, that won’t stop be admiring beautiful things. I came across this image of L de Lolita Lempicka this morning whilst perusing perfume reviews online.

This has my name all over it! A few thoughts ran through my head – wouldn’t it look gorgeous on my dresser, I need a new perfume (LIAR!), this bottle was made for me… you get the idea. It occurred to me several minutes later that I hadn’t even considered the fragrance itself. Put your credit card down Amy!


2. Kitch Kitchen items – I just can’t stop

My kitchen looks like Cath Kidson threw up all over it.

I do love kitch items for my kitchen. They make me smile. They also make my tea taste nicer :) I have to keep myself out of shops like Avoca and Cath Kidson at this stage, I have enough and I need to stop.

3. MAC’s  Peacocky Collection

I got all excited on the Irish launch date, headed in to Brown Thomas, swatched everything, left with nothing. Tweet Me was the Mega Metal shadow that caught my eye but it looked too similar to shadows I already own. All of the colours are gorgeous but they are very similar to existing and previously released shades. 

4. A spoof video that sums up Ireland right now – gene for alcoholism, illegal activity masked by the term ‘the craic’, mass immigration… couldn’t be more true!


The Eleventh Hour 19th Minute RTE

and finally for something less shallow…

5. It’s election day – woo hoo!

Now I need to bundle up in this fine Spring weather, pack some tissues and head out to vote. Ah, the things we do for our country :P


Being sick sucks! I hope you all have lovely Friday plans, let me know so I can sulk.

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  • Amy

    Ah you’re a sweetheart!!

  • Music

    You poor thing, hope you get better soon!

    It’s already Sat morning here in OZ. I’m just lounging around in my pyjama, listening to music, & being kicked by the baby in my tummy. :)

    • Amy

      Ah how lovely!!

  • Alethea

    Oh Amy-I’m so jealous!I love Cath Kidston and Avoca things. Would fill me kitchen with them if possible :-)

    • Amy

      I know, all of the clashing starts to give you a headache after a while though :)

  • Rachel

    U should get ego from the peacocky collection before it leaves…it honestly is so beautifula nd intense…its beautiful with a black smokey eye…honestly fantastic…will u be picking anythng up from the Wonder Woman collection on Thurs when it hits BT??x

    • Amy

      I did like the look of Ego. I’m not on board with the packaging for Wonder Woman to be honest but I will no doubt pop in and see if anything catches my fancy :) Are you getting anything?

      • Rachel

        The packaging is off-putting isnt it!!…so tacky but i’ve heard good things about the mineralise skinfinishes and the blush so maybe will pop in and have a little look at them…otherwise will be steering clear of the rest of it…MAC collections of late have been very poor and the next collecton Jeanius is god damn awful looking…much to my despair but my bank balance happiness… :)

  • mariga

    Great video, had to share that one. My Friday includes being evacuated because of a bomb scare and now going out to vote in the rain! Hope you feel beter soon.

    • Amy

      Holy moly Mariga, it’s all happening where you are!

  • Catherine

    Hi Amy, do not worry you are not alone……… I’m snuggling up with my loved ones tonight to have movie night along with the fav chips & dips, watching the A-Team (yeah, i’m not really sure about that but that’s what you get when you ask a testorone pumped up 12 year old boy!), i’d rather watch the time travellers wife……. Oh, have you tried ricola? They are a swiss herb drop sweet, a bit like tunes but i think they are totally organic but check, the original flavour are amazing and they work wonders on a bunged nose and sore throat, i hope you feel better soon, Catherine x

    • Amy

      Thanks so much Catherine! Hope you enjoyed the a-team, I enjoyed it to my surprise :) x

  • Laurasummer

    When I read the title I thought waffle that you eat! I am such an idiot, I agree with you about peacocky though- I was so excited and then so very disappointed, all the eyeshadows I felt were really similar to the main line ones. I did get ‘super’ lip colour though which I do like.

    • Amy

      Oooh I feel like I have shopped through you :) Is ‘super’ worth a look? Didn’t even look at the lip products tried to ban myself ha ha

  • Nicola

    Ooo I love that perfume bottle. I know what you mean about the packaging- I am the exact same! Hehe.

    Your kitchen stuff is so cute! I love it


    • Amy

      Thank you Nicola :) xxx

  • pinkie_bowie

    That you tube clip is flippin hilarious!

    Im a SUCKER for packaging also – i have that perfume in minature form – I also have all the other Lolita Lempicka ones in minature aswell (damn you impulse buys in the duty free!!!!) even though i have 2 full size original Lolita Lempicka’s!!!!!!

    Could send you the mini one of the one in the pic! Might cheer you up!

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