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Sally Hansen Gem Crush Nail Colors – Swatches & Review

Gem Crush Nail Polish

How much Glitter is too much Glitter? I’m not a huge fan of glitter polish. On occasion I embellish a finger as an accent but rarely go full glitter. Until now.

Gem Crush Nail Polish

Left to Right:  03 Big Money, 04 Bling-tastic, 02 Cha-Ching, 07 Lady Luck

Gem Crush Nail Polish


Gem Crush Nail Polish02 Cha-Ching

04 Bling-tastic

Gem Crush Nail Polish03 Big Money

Gem Crush Nail Polish07 Lady Luck

The Good

  • Fast drying
  • Long wearing with a top coat
  • Matte finish
  • Need only two coats
  • Doesn’t chip like satin finish polishes. I think this is more to do with the nature of glitter polish.
  • Good price
  • Full-coverage formula
  • Excellent reflectivity
  • 8 shades available
  • Can be worn matte or topped with a high shine coat.

The  Bad

  • 1 coat is useless – that’s pretty normal though
  • Chips without a top coat – again, normal with glitter
  • Feels gritty – also normal for a glitter finish. A high shine top coat will solve this problem.
  • Glitter polish is more difficult to remove than satin polish. If you like glitters this won’t really bother you. I  usually opt for soaking the nail instead of scrubbing with the polish remover.

The Bottom Line

I wasn’t sure about these when I first saw the bottles, I’m not a huge fan of glitter. But when I swatched them my heart did a little flutter. My favourite shade is Lady Luck. It didn’t appeal to me in the bottle but looks so pretty on. Would I re-purchase? I would, for the festive season only though – if I was a teen I would wear these every day :) I have a terrible urge to collect them all.

What is it with girls and glitter?!

What do you think? Any shade that stands out to you?

Amy x

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  • Fate determination

    I Like the look of these nails they look pretty not tacky looking at all

  • Fate determination

    I love painting my nails and these glitter ones would be so much fun :)


    The bling-tastic my fav one! I don’t like glitter either but this looks great.

  • Kasia

    The red and silver are great for Christmas! I really like them. For sure I will try them.

  • Emma Computergirl

    These look pretty! The pink might be a dupe for OPI teenaged dreams? x

  • Emma Deirdre

    Not tacky, lovely! Very festive, these look great! Your so right one coat is never enough!

  • Claire Beecroft

    Love the “Big Money” shade- perfect for Christmas parties! For top coat I hugely recommend Chanel’s “LAQUE BRILLANCE EXTRÊME
    EXTREME SHINE NAIL LACQUER”. Not cheap but it really lasts and the shine is beyond the beyonds!

  • Christina

    Not tacky!! The Big Monay is my favourite, must-to-buy

  • trishie

    i find glitter nail polish to be a pain to remove! But do like it from time to time. Of all the colours you tested, I like the silver one best.

  • robyn

    i have to confess that i do like glitter polish. based on your twitter pic, i nearly picked on up at our walmart but didn’t because i have so much similar to the ones available. :)

    but you are right, you can’t beat a glitter polish in the holiday times!

  • Olacocacola

    Lady Luck is gorgeous, the nicest shade of them all. Pink and Glitter perfect combo :)

  • Lex

    Ooh, very pretty! I like Lady Luck best and Big Money second. I also think they would be great as an accent polish. I don’t wear polish often (because of restrictions at work) but I might have to get these anyway :).

  • Caroline F

    Oh my god pretty, not tacky at all

  • Shelley

    Lovely pics

  • Glitter Mama

    Oooooh I love this, would be gorgeous for Christmas and parties etc :) Even just on the 2 ring fingers it would be nice if you were worried bout it looking tacky. I love glitter though as you can tell from my username haha! WIll have get a bottle.
    Glad your back blogging, hope u and your family are doing well x

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