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Getting the most out of my bath bomb…

I was pondering about bath bombs and the waste involved. I often buy products like this and enjoy lashing them into the bath but it’s always a bit of a letdown that I only get one use out of them. My latest love, Calavera bath ballistic from Lush (which I have already been yapping on about) was huge and I couldn’t bare to use it all in one go.

Enter my dilemma, how in the name of God does one cut up a bath bomb? Well I tried, then failed. This bad boy did not want to be cut. I popped onto Twitter for advice (like always) and one of you recommending simply beating the tar out of it. So that is exactly what I did!

To avoid mess I popped the bath bomb into a plastic sealable bag and proceeded to bash the bejaysus out of it. I decided to store it in an airtight container for future use, I’m getting sensible in my old age – next thing you know I’ll  be attending tupperware parties… ok, maybe not.

Here is what it looked like before…

So pretty and perfectly formed…not anymore. The contents of the box are pretty miserable looking but I am happy that I now get to enjoy my bath ballistic for longer.  I must buy more tupperwear and start smashing up the rest of my bath bomb collection.

I decided to add the bath bomb of the moment into a little basket with my exfoliating gloves and some natural soaps I have been using. Nothing exciting but here is a picture all the same :)

I’m a little bit chuffed with myself to be honest!

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  • Esther

    I think you should try and make some for your natural collection, and i agree with tracey, some bath bombs are all about the gradual effect! xxx

  • jessica

    is the lush in dublin worth going to? i haven’t been yet i wanted to go before christmas for the christmas collection i would love if you answer thx.

    ps: i’m 11

  • Tracey

    oh just to add…sometimes the whole fun of the bath bombs is to see it changing colour. there was a yellow one which i tried recently and inside the centre was a blue bath bomb….so my bath began yellow,then the blue came out and it all turned it depends on the bath bomb. if its 1 colour,then sure i would break it up.but if theres exciting stuff going to be happening i throw the whole lot in and enjoy the bath performance (so sad but im a big kid at times)

    • Amy

      Your right! I popped a handful into my bath last night and it just turned yellow, no fun. The again I usually dump them in and leave the bathroom until the bath is drawn so I don’t usually see the action haha

  • Tracey

    yep ive done the same with some bath bombs. however i just hit it against the bathroom wall (no tiles) over the bath and bits break off and fall into the bath. so im still left with a roundish bath bomb (minus a few chunks) to use for next time. the bubble bars however are much easier to break into 2 or 4 pieces.

  • Lyndsey

    Freezer bags or sealable sandwhich bags would be a lot cheaper than buying tupperware. You can then portion them into one bath amounts – if that makes any sense at all! Oooh, I came over all Martha Stewart like then!!!! :)

    • Amy

      Haha much better idea though! :)

  • Chloe

    I’ve always wondered how people do it, whether you could simply cut it into quarters, so this really helped.. thanks! xx

    • Amy

      Bath the life out of it seemed to be the best answer haha x

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