Give the illusion of Whiter Teeth

If you don’t fancy heading down the laser whitening route or start dabbling with bleaching treatments there are few things you can try to make them look whiter:

  • Avoid brown, orange and coral shades of lipstick. These warm shades bring out the yellow tones in you teeth.
  • A cool toned red lipstick will make your teeth appear whiter then they are.
  • Pink gloss is a softer option
  • A light dusting of bronzer will make your teeth look pearly white. Have you noticed that when you have a tan your teeth look much whiter? The contract does wonders for teeth.
  • Avoid pure white clothing or scarves near the face if you have slightly yellow teeth. The white will make your teeth appear yellower.
  • If you want to play down your teeth choose silver jewelery around the face instead of gold.


If you have any other tips, please do share :)

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