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Closed – GIVEAWAY!! Les Misérables


*UPDATE  – WINNERS: Congratulations to Laura Sheridan, Elisa Fenton, Caroline O’Donovan, Ciara J, Carol Halpin who will receive the Les Mis soundtrack and to Sue Cunningham, Olivia M and Deirdre Rush who will each receive a merchandise pack.

To celebrate the release of the long awaited movie the lovely folks at Universal Pictures Ireland have offered 8 lucky M&B readers a chance to win Les Misérables goodies!

There are 5 soundtracks and 3 merchandise packs to be won. There will be 8 winners chosen at random. Unfortunately this giveaway is only open to those living in Ireland.


Comment on my Post with ‘Your message of Hope for 2013’

Winners will be picked on Wednesday 16th of January 2013 and will be notified via email. I will also update this post on the 16th with the winners.

Best of luck everyone!!

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  • Paula

    My hope for 2013 is that I find myself crying with laughter more often. Its my happiness gauge and my favourite thing in the world!

  • Rhoda McDonald

    My Message of hope is to kick my baby weight in the bum and get healthy for me and my two babies

  • siobhan

    Hmmm, my hope for 2013 is to stop worrying about my weight (embracing this by writing this with a bar of chocolate in my hand!) It’s also that my family and friends remain healthy and happy! Bring on the good times :)

  • Louise

    My message of hope is to happy with my lot and appreciate what I already have x

  • Grainne

    My hope for 2013 is Health and Happiness for all my family.

  • Sam

    My hope for 2013 is to complete my dream of training as a beach lifeguard. I’m in training now and I hope to be qualified by the end of the summer. I’ve always wanted to be a lifeguard so fingers crossed, I have high hopes for 2013 and I want to continue fulfilling all off my pursuits, starting with this one and appreciating all the little things in life!

  • laima stadulyte

    Thanks be to God, there is hope to-day


    Hope — Smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering ‘it will be happier’

  • Marie

    Good Health

  • emer

    My message of hope is that my family will be happy and healthy, my friends will stay the best pals ever, I won’t have ill health, bad luck or any traumas and that Ireland will be a better place to live :)

  • Laura Sheridan

    My Hope for 2013 is to find a guy who makes me happy, who makes me laugh everyday and wants to be in my life; and to find the courage to beat any lingering depression that I have :)

  • Caroline O’Donovan

    I hope that half of what I wish for in 2013 will come true and that friends and family will spend most of the year with smiles on their faces.

  • Elisa Fenton

    My hopes for 2013 is that I can finally get my diabetes under control, lose weight , pass my exams and help to pay off my families debts

  • Edith Gervin

    My hope for 2013 is for nothing but great memories. Both bad and good! It dosent matter as long as they stick around forever :)

    Also it’s my birthday on the 17th so you could consider it a birthday present haha! :))

  • Aline

    Whatever comes at you, try and make the most of life !

  • Lu

    Smile – especially when you least feel like it

  • joanna

    When one chooses hope, anything is possible :)

  • Josephine M

    May there be some hope for the young people of Ireland in securing jobs in our own country

  • Shantelle Roberts

    My hope for 2013 is for it to be more enjoyable and to count my blessings as we all should appreciate what we accomplish each day even if it’s something small. Turning 30 next week and I’ve been having a little mid life crisis, but I will be ok. :)

  • susan cunningham

    My message of hope for 2013 is never mind about the little things.

  • Joanne O’Sullivan

    Message of hope for 2013: The world keeps turning, so keep turning with it :)

  • caroline o’ brien

    my message of hope for 2013 is a miracle for my friends beloved husband,.

  • Sabrina

    My message of hope for 2013 is to enjoy the small things!

  • Carol

    My resolution: Be optimistic. Give things a try. Be proactive.

  • Ciara

    My message of hope for 2013:
    I hope to live everyday like its my last, I hope to just enjoy every minute of the year and not dwell on the negatives. Every bump in the road is just temporary and can be overcome with positive outlook. :-) I aim to be thankful for my friends and family and all the good things in my life and have a super year! :-) You can’t wish for any better! :-P

  • Ruth Lyons

    I hope my family are all safe and well this year and fulfil their dreams.

  • bn100

    Hope for a great year.

  • Deirdre

    My Message of Hope for 2012 is to Dream Big and don’t wait for things to happen . . . Make them happen!!

    • Deirdre

      Whoops looks like i’m still stuck in 2012!!!

  • Yvonne Madden

    My message of hope for 2013 : that I’ll have the strength to keep fighting in recovery and continue to enjoy and appreciate everyday simple living.X.

  • Em

    Just go for it!!

  • Sarah guildea (@Adoreabubbles)

    My message of hope for 2013 is to remember that things always work out in the end and to follow your dreams. You only life once, make the most of it and have no regrets. xxx

  • Patricia Larkin

    I make a wish that,
    Happiness be at your door
    May it knock early, stay late
    And leave the gift of God’s Peace,
    Love, Joy & Good Health Behind!

  • Eimear

    After being ill for most of Christmas and into the New Year i only wish for good health for myself and my family. On a more shallow note, plenty of topless beach pictures of Hugh Jackman would be nice :)

  • Clare M Daly

    No resolutions, just take each day as it comes. Count your little victories every day :)

  • Olivia

    My “message of hope” is I hope to get fit and give MS a good kick up the bum and say I can beat you!!!

  • Mandy Sheridan

    Ohhhh lovely prizes!! My message of hope for 2013, is for lots of happiness and health for my family, it is all that matters! Xx

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