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Giveaway!! The Body Shop’s New Perfume ‘Dreams’

The Body Shop are  launching a new fragrance on the 6th of December called ‘Dreams Unlimited’ . They have kindly offered a couple of bottles for two Make-up & Beauty readers.

“Believe in your dreams, we believe in ours – Dream Eau de Parfum is a captivating crisp green floral that radiates pure joy and energy. This exhilarating fragrance delivers a burst of feel-good factor that empowers us to believe that we can achieve our unlimited dreams. Anything and everything is possible”.

To enter, The Body Shop want you to tell them why you believe you should win a bottle of their gorgeous New Dreams Unlimited Fragrance. All you have to do is leave  your answer below.

*Giveaway ends 5th of December 2010.

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  • Karoline

    My friend wish this for christmas, and I thought taht I maybe could give her this as a christmaspresent. It would be so amazing! And she would be so happy! :)

  • erica

    we all need to dream…

  • Vanessa Smith

    I think I should Win this perfume because I absolutely love to collect them. As well as wear them, I don’t have any perfume from The Body Shop :( And i would absolutely love to have it for my collection and for myself to wear. My friends tell me that they adore The Body Shop. So i really would like to try it. :)
    Thanks For Hosting this Giveaway. My dreams will come true if i win! My collection would thank you !

  • angel

    I just love the body shop. There is something about the products that keep me wanting more no matter how much i have. They are amazing and smell just gorgeous. I would just love this as a gift to my mum since she is normally the one giving me gifts. xx

  • Ida

    Iv’e just started living my dream, when I joined an education in brand and marketing management. Can’t wait for the year to come, and i would love to have this fragrance to follow me on the journey,
    Hugs Ida

  • Thelmy

    I believe I should win a bottle of this adorably cute fragrance because I’ve always wanted to try any of the body shops fragrances or products, but have never had the chance to because where I live there is no body shop. I don’t shop online because I like to smell and test things on myself before I buy, so that is why I think I should get one! I love the name and If I get it then I can buy more online! please choose me! It would be a wonderful treat if I got it!! Thanks

  • hjm

    these sound good and would make me smell better than i do– not so good right now!

  • Lisa

    I would love to win this because I once got a body shop lotion from my aunt, who lives overseas, and I LOVED it. But I have yet to find any body shop near where I live. I’d jump at the chance to use their stuff again.

  • Valentina D

    Hello :) I would like this perfume because my love for The Body Shop is neverending. I always find myself lusting for your products even though the store is more than 300 km away from where I live. The quality is undeniable and the smells are so rich, they really mark the special moments in life. It would be a great Christmas gift.

  • hillary keeth

    enter me please hun! I would love to try these products! i love perfumes, lotions, sprays, cremes, anything girly and sweet! I live in the US, Missouri, so I don’t have a shop near me. would love to try them! thank you so much.

  • Lorna

    i have been using body shop perfusmes since i was a little girl, dewberry and tea rose were my favorite back then. so i’d love to have this one to add to my collection :) -L x

  • Jan

    I adore body shop products!! Ever since my first bottle of white musk body spray many years ago I have been a regular in my local body shop. I particularily love the body butters but I haven’t tried this perfume yet. Winning this competition would make my day!!! :) :)

  • Ms. Rahman

    Because it’s aesthetic!!

    The light floral smell is so adorning that you actually fell into your dreams and feel yourself inspired with the BEST of your life :)

    I bought a pouch from The Body Shop today and tried the fragrance.. It’s amazing!! The ONE which I was looking for..

  • Birgit Lindgren

    I think I should win because that would make it possible for me to give a very nice christmas gift to my wonderful daughter.

  • Haley

    smells great would love to have it

  • Sara

    I think I deserve to win this because I love The Body Shop, we are really struggling this year because of job layoff and I am pretty much relying on giveaways as my source for christmas for my children. I have an almost 15-year-old daughter who would love this as a gift.

  • Sylwia

    Because Im a big dreamer, very positive and optimistic full of energy girl and I think it will suit me really great. Also I am a big fan of your blog <3 <3

  • Moira

    I think and would like to win, because I want to wearing this when all My DREAMS Come true! ♥

  • Cinone

    I’ve been looking for a new fragrance to wear this summer and so far nothing has really caught my fancy. I would love to try “Dreams Unlimited” as it sounds like a fresh, joyful fragrance… every thing a summer in Sydney should be! :-D

  • ashley

    Because the smell is lovely!

  • Dawn

    Ive never won a give-away before. I luv The Body Shop creams/butters. Ive never tried the perfume line. Winning this would be an amazing gift for myself. Thank you!!

  • anni

    I’d like to win this ‘dream’ because I never win giveaway :D

  • Sara

    I love the Body Shop, and I’m so inspired by Anita Roddick. I think there should be a lot more companies with the social activism of the Body Shop. It is so important to have a reliable cosmetic store that has a wonderfull politics in what regards the animal testing and the fair trade. I’m a huge fan and supporter and that’s why I think I should win the fragrance!

  • Sarinator

    I have only ever used body spray, so what better way to start a perfume collection than this!

  • Catriona

    I’d like to win this as it sounds like a really uplifting scent – I’m a student so need something to cheer me up when studying for exams!

  • Ismahène

    I have to win because i am a poor college stude,t who spend all her money in the body shop near her.You don’t know it but it’s thanks to me that you are not touched by the recession!I give you a lot of money looool!

  • Thifa

    I am a dreamer myself and I’d love a new fragrance to match my personality. I’d love Body shop’s freshness!

  • mary hickie

    I deserve to win this lovely perfume because I love stuff from the Bodyshop but my the time I have sorted out everyone else, there is little left for me.

    Also I love the Bodyshop ethos and it would make me doubly proud firstly to win and secondly to know that the their products are not tested on animals…..

  • Huda

    I believe I should win a bottle of this fragrance because I absolutely ADORE The Body Shop fragrances and always try to have at least one in my perfume collection but I’ve unfortunately run out of my last bottle and cant afford to buy any right now :( I would love to have this one!!! Pretty please :)

  • Eilis

    I think I should win this as it would make a lovely present for my sister-in-law for Christmas as she loves the Body Shop but I can’t afford to buy her a proper present this year;

  • Daiane Negretti

    Well, i live on Brazil and it is hard to find this amazinf perfum, so the Body Shop could give me a wonderful xmas gift?

  • Timi

    I would love to win this parfume, beacuase first of all I love the BodyShop scents, and believe this would not be an exception. I don’t live close to a BodyShop so it’s harder for me to get it. Also would be a great Xmas present;)


  • http://Saphirra19onyoutube Debs

    I would love to win this perfume so I can send it to a friend in Canada who is obssessed with The Body Shop which they dont have in her country. I know she would appreciate it a lot more than most x

  • Isabelle

    Hi there, I would love to win The Body Shop perfume because I am in a hunt for a nice clean fragrance and this sounds like it could be it! And of course – who would´t want some positive energy and the feel-good factor in a spritz ;o)

  • Alexandra

    I’d love to win a perfume like this as I have always loved The Body Shop but they are a bit overpriced for myself. I would gift one to my sister, as she is the best sister in the world! <3


  • Hettie

    I would love to win a bottle of the body shop perfume so I can give it to my mum for christmas. We’re on quite a low budget and my mum has always been obsessed with the body shop. She hasn’t bought anything for herself for a while and she really deserves to win this xxx

  • tanya

    Hi .. i think i should win because i strongly believe in dreams and had a dream last night that i was sitting next to a lady on a plane ( and i dont fly * scared * ) and she had the most wonderful scent on that i was trying to get the name of !! no lie !! … maybe this means i should book a holiday though xx

  • Stacey

    I think I should win because.. im not going to tell you a sob story to try win i will just tell you the truth and say i would like to try out body shop perfume. i dont really buy from the body shop, i do buy one or two things but not a lot . so basically id love to win this prize because i would like to test the product and see what I think !

  • yanaxox

    I believe i should win because ….
    I was Good all year around…but im Too old for Santa …

  • Sarah

    When I was little, I always knew that I wanted to be something creative, like an illustrator. But as I got older, the dream almost died because I didn’t feel like I was good enough or creative enough. Now I’m in high school and I just visited a school that educates artists, designers and illustrators. I now know that’s what I want to do – but I also know that I need to keep the dream alive. So help keep me motivated by making me smell incredibly – of dreams, hopes and creativity :)

  • Leo

    i believe i shoulb win, because i nerver have won a sweepstake =)

  • Mary

    i am such a body shop obssessor and i would love to try this out. i believe everyone have equal chance to win and i hope the best of everybody. i have never heard of this perfume before and i would love to try it out so much. bodyshop have such good quality and i am inlove with perfumes. also my mom’s birthday is coming this december and i am really broke and so i would love to get this for her too. this can really fulfill my dreams and i wish the best of everyone. thanks.

  • Farhana

    I think I should win this perfume, because I am in love with The Body Shop’s perfumes, I especially adore Love Ect perfume, it’s my ultimate favourite perfume. I think The Body Shop perfumes are great in quality and vaule. I also love experimenting with new perfumes, and this perfume looks like a interesting one to try out.

  • Emafe Rice

    Anything and everything is possible! I’d love to win as the perfume statement matches my strived for mentality.

  • Aisling :)

    i should win because im obsessed with perfumes :D :D

  • nori.

    i think i should win this bcoz of less pocket money and cant aford this dream so that would be great that body shop fulfil my this dream.:(

  • Beatrise

    I hope I will win this because it would make a great present for my mum. We won’t be spending Christmas together as she is not living in Ireland. Times are tough for both of us, I can’t afford to visit her, neither to send her a present. She’s an amazing woman, been through a lot but always kept a smile on her face. I love her very much and she knows it, so I know that even a Christmas card from me will be enough to make her Christmas brighter but it would be even nicer if I could give her this… I hope I will win, if not, I hope the person that gets it, has a really happy Christmas!

  • Olivia

    ….because im a fragranceaholic…

  • Aneela

    I think I should win because i like body shop but i never had an opportunity to try the body shop perfumes.
    and i’m a huge perfume fan and love to try out new fragrances! I am always on the look out for a new daytime wear perfume and the new ‘dreams unlimited’ perfume sounds like it will fit the bill perfectly!!

  • Ria

    Since it’s my last year in Uni, I could use something to keep me dreaming and reminding me that anything is possible from then on!

  • Kara

    I believe I should win this product because I’m a HUGE FAN of the Body Shop! I must have at least 20 things by them! I’m obsessed with their products, so I know I’ll be obsessed with this one too! I can’t wait to find out who wins! This is such a great contest =)

  • Melanie

    I would love to win a bottle of the body shop’s new perfume, because I have been obsessed with all of their products since I was about 10… their ‘tea tree facial scrub’ was my first ever purchase! aha.

  • Pauliina Ollari

    Because i smelled it in the shop and I LOVED it so much! But I can’t afford it since I’ve spent all my moneys to christmas presents for my family and friends. And I don’t have any nice parfumes aince I used my last one completely.

  • Kim L.

    I honestly could use some empowering!! xo

    kimberly.long at gmail dot com

  • Clare

    I am introducing my daughter (she 14) to perfume this Christmas and hadn’t decided which to buy. She’s a passionate vegetarian and recently gave a talk at school regarding animal testing. I know I’m buying her already some body shop goodies, and winning this perfume would be such a treat.

  • Elaine R

    After the year I’ve had I do need to feel that Dreams are Unlimited!

  • Lorraine weldon

    I would love to win this as I’m a huge huge fan of the body shop products and I’m just dying to try this perfume. Many thanks :)

  • Siobhan

    i think that i should win because i believe in my dreams-simple as!:)x

  • Lisette

    I believe I should win one because I would love to gift it to my mother. She adores perfume and this fragrance sounds like it smells lovely! She and I can’t really afford good perfumes so I’m sure this would really make her day.


    I never tried the body shop’s products , this maybe a start :)

  • Fiona

    …….because my dreams ARE unlimited…..

  • Sarah

    i think i should win because it would be my christmas present to my mam seeing as im broke and she never gets to spoil herself seeing as everything she earns she spends on me and my brothers and sisters, and she loves the body shops for creams even though she hasn’t purchased anything since the financial crisis. I think it would make her very happy :]

  • emer

    I’m tempted to provide a professional, well-thought out answer, full of references
    to my love of perfume, my state of complete and utter poverty, how I could never afford such a treat for myself and how I am a dedicated fan of the Bodyshop but no – this time I’m going to be completely honest, I think I should win because I have just had the most horrible weekend imaginable…..

    My poor little Toyota Yaris was broken into by some thugs on Sunday afternoon. The windows were smashed, the interior trashed and absolutely everything was stolen from it – all my belongings were taken, including my wallet which had all my cards and lots of cash, some personal photos of my late mum, my diary, my make up, my ipod, my phone, my shopping and yep, you guessed it – even my watch!

    I know, I know, I shouldn’t have had so many valuables in the car but I’m a ditsy blond and I’m just so naïve that it didn’t dawn on me that there are actually people out there who would have the nerve to smash up my car as it was parked inside my gate. Just goes to show, this recession is driving people to desperate measures. I was so heartbroken and now I’m without my car for a week while it gets repaired. The sad thing is that, of all the items that were taken (and believe they took a lot!), the pictures and mementos which I had kept of my mum (who sadly died from cancer a few short years ago) are what I was most upset about….and of course my perfume!

    Guess I’ve learnt my lesson the hard way. Moral of the story – don’t EVER leave anything valuable in your car. Thieves are always lurking and on the prowl….All I can say is thank god I wasn’t attacked myself but the whole ordeal certainly made for one hell of a miserable weekend 

    • Sue S

      Oh gawd..that’s terrible honey. Be careful next time. I hope you win. X

  • Kat

    I think I should win because I am a fragrance nomad, but I have an inkling that I might settle for this one! xx

  • Amanda Culley

    I would Love to win the body shop’s latest fragrance because “I have been a lover of their products for years and would love to try one of the fragrances. Body shop products have always been lucky for me. I have a few of their brushes and they are years old never let me down. I have some of their eyeshadows and there fab eyebrow grooming kit (its super duper awesome). I could really do with some good luck coming my way boy do i need it”

  • Aggie

    i belive that everyone deserves to win this perfume as much as i do but i would be thrilled to finally get to use a good , high quality perfume instead of the cheap pharmacy ones that im only able to purchase at the moment because of my budget . I havent been able to try any of the body shop items yet even though i would love to because i feel that they seem very high quality and very tought trough! So basily i believe that i am the right person to be chosen for this giveaway so i can fall in love with the body shop and get myself to save up for their products :)

  • michelle

    I wanna win cos i enter everything and win nothing, i feel some good luck coming, anyway at least i can be unlucky and smell good :)

  • Fay

    I think I deserve to win because I never win anything! I enter lots of competitions, giveaways etc and never get picked *sob* Oh and also because I love Body Shop perfumes and have worn them since I was a nipper…from Dewberry in the 1990’s to Love etc now :-)

  • desaria

    I love their products. I am have been using their products for years and years.

  • Kim Smith

    I think I should win this because I graduate in December with my Business Degree. I have sacrificed so much over the past two years. Christmas and Birthdays have been so modest and when I would get frustrated I would remind myself to “Believe in my Dreams”. It takes drive, motivation, and being goal oriented to stay focused. Being selected to win “Dreams Unlimited” perfume would remind me that what I have given up now will only reward me and my family with a better future.

  • Britt

    I would love to win this because I need a new scent! I like all the perfumes that I own, but I’m getting tired of them and I feel like I need a new ‘me’ scent and what better than one that is named Dreams?
    Best of luck to all!

  • Freckles

    Because I think that dreams have the power to come true…if you dare to believe in them.

  • Ash

    Well I think maybe why i should win is because , I’m 13 and i love perfume(fave now ..beonyce “heat” at the mo,but cld be replaced by dreams unlimited ) , im an avid body-shop costumer, never purchased or used their fragrance,doh , i almost did , on my birthday this year my best friend in the whole wide world , bought me a bottle of the white musk perfume
    and as soon as i opened the wrapping paper i ripped the packaging(quite savage like ) open and then that was the time my brother and his friend decide jumping of my wardrobe would be funny , which ment i dropped the bottle and it smashed , i was gutted but i reassured my friend that i didn’t want her to buy me a new one as she saved up for weeks to buy me that one , at least my room spent like white musk all week
    But i would absolutely die and go in i to heaven if i won this
    Tanx , and congrads if you made it through this babbling story

  • Melissa

    I’d love to win the fragrance because I’m obsessed with beauty and love to try new products.

  • stitch

    I would love to win this perfume because scents can really play with feelings, and the name seems to be really promising!!

  • marian

    because i deserve to smell as good as I think it is! xD

  • aoife

    I’d love to win this for my mam for christmas, i know it may sound really silly, but im 15 and dont get any pocket money, so i’d love to be able to give her this perfume, and funnily enough we were in the body shop, and we saw the picture of the perfume and my mam said “Ohhh doesnt that look lovely?” Hint Hint much :) Thanks Amy xxx

  • LFitz712

    I would absolutly LOVE to try this. I bought the ‘Love etc’ perfume a few months ago after trying the body butter of it…. lush by the way!! Anyway, on home I came, purely excited. I was going through my stuff when there was a knock on the door, went out to answer is, salesman….goodbye… and as i was walkin back in……. SMASH!!!…… Curiosity had gotten the better of my 4 year old and it slipped through his fingers. Tears literally came to my eyes…. discusted! On the up side my kitchen smelt fabuloso for quite a while as I purposly let some sink in!! Anyway, getting this one would be a brilliant make up for my sons mishap!! :)
    Thank you for this comp!
    Laura xo

  • Charlene

    I really would like to get this product cause I love the Body Shop products but have never tried the fragrances since they are a little pricey for me. Love their mission and all the products I have tried never disappointed!

  • Eloise Allan

    I feel that i should win the perfume as i personally feel that our dreams shouldn’t just stop when we wake up they should continue until we go back to sleep again! Because quite simply everyone should live their dreams and shouldn’t be stop by everyday obstacles , we should strive to achieve what we want to in life to empower ourselves and those around us – which i hope to achieve with dreams perfume :)

  • Kaja

    I would love to win this perfume, I love body shop scents and the time of the year is just right for happy and energizing scents to cope with winter blues :)

  • Alina

    I think I should win because i like body shop but i never had an opportunity to try the body shop perfumes.

  • Ruth

    My dream for 2011 is to be the best yummy mummy I can be to my baby girl as she becomes a toddler, expand my little beauty business at home, lose a stone and manage to juggle all this with getting the ironing done before it mounts into a horrendous pile in the corner! I love the idea of spritzing on some Dreams Unlimited perfume and being energized and empowered to achieve all of this!

  • Jennifer

    i’d love to win because…i’m finding a job, and i really wanted to do it and i think i *will* do it. but my parents didn’t like it…but a girl can dream right? I’m going to follow my dreams and the numerous opportunities that job has to offer ;)

  • Molly

    I should win a bottle because I will truly appreciate it. I am in love with perfume but I don’t have many because I am unemployed and can’t afford to buy any. I was given a fragrance palette from The Body Shop in 2006 and loved every single one of them, so I’d assume I’d love this one, too!

  • Amy

    I’d love to win a bottle of The body shop’s new perfume as i’m a huge perfume fan and love to try out new fragrances! I am always on the look out for a new daytime wear perfume and the new ‘dreams unlimited’ perfume sounds like it will fit the bill perfectly!!

  • Kelly

    I’m not entering to win this for myself. I would like to win this fragrance for my mother. She was just diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and she could use a little pick me up. She loves perfumes and I’m always picking up scents I think she might like. We live in the US and don’t have access to a Body Shop…so it’d be nice to give her a scent she’s never seen or sampled before. Thanks for your consideration! Kelly

  • Rebecca Kristi- Marie

    I love The Body Shop, but live at least an hour away from a mall that carries it. I love perfumes!

  • Gio

    Wud loooove to win beacause my perfume is running out… I always like to try out new perfumes!!..and recommend it if liked it.. =)

  • Dee

    I think I should win because my world is filled with big dreams and achieving them – and spritzing them on in the morning would be such a tangible way of making them more of a reality! :)

  • Boo

    I would love to win this gorgeous fragrance coz with Christmas college and all lifes other little expenditures I won’t be able to treat myself to this lovely pacakaged perfume or anythin else for that matter so it would be lovely to revcieve it as an early Xmas present it would be great as I never win anythin ever :( sniff xx

  • Naoise Galvin

    I would love to win this fragrance because the name is inspiring and promises the ‘feel good factor :)

  • theresa

    would love to win.Why? Because everything from the bodyshop smells fab and I want to smell fab too!!!!

  • geraldine

    it’s a dream prize, any body would love it

  • Ruth

    Sounds cheesy but I’m doing my GSCE’s and I’m getting sinical about my future. I don’t think I’m ever going to get my dream job and passing my exams seems hopeless even though I passed all of my other ones XD

    It’d be nice to have the dream put back in my life :L

  • Pam

    I would love to win this. Perfume is such a treat for me…yet, I rarely purchase it as it seems to me to be such a “gift” item (as in something I would like for a gift). So, I think I should when as I deserve a special treat!!! :)

  • Birminghamlady

    i’d love to win this because every weekend i take my poor hubby to town, to the body shop, take some Dream samples and make him smell them all day. You would help hubby be less desperate and make me a very happy girl!
    PS: this is a true story :P, i adore the new fragrance, but can’t buy it yet as i have no job, haha :P

  • Indigo Rose

    The scent of this is amazing, I had a tester of it not long ago and I loved it :) I think that lots of people will love this scent and hope that whoever wins it, loves it as much as I do!

  • Edel Breen

    Hey! My name is Edel I live in Ireland and i would love to win this bottle of perfume! I dont think I deserve it any more than anyone else but I love the idea of putting on a perfume in the morning that reminds me of my dreams and I think it would be lovely to put this on and think of that beautiful quote above. Dreams are unlimited and everyone should believe in theirs. You never know when they might come true. All this contained in one gorgeous bottle sounds like heaven to me so please consider picking me to win!! Thanks! :)

  • celine

    great giveaway!
    i’d lovee to win this because; if you chase your dreams they wíll come true, so all you have to do is dream about something, so i’d say go and take a longlong napp.

    xoxo celine

  • Michelle

    What a great name for a fragrance as we all have unlimited dreams and it has me intrigued as I love all the fragrances from the body shop, so would love to try it. :-)

  • saskia

    I think i should win this because i luurrvvve perfume x

  • Lauren Patterson

    i think i deserve to win a bottle because i really need some energy in my life, its a bit dull recently and this is meant to radiate joy and energy so would be perfect!. and i simply really want to try it out. A perfume is such a good think to boost someones mood and the crisp green floral scent sounds divine.
    mm larvely!

  • Amina (innerbelle)

    i want to win this becoz i love perfume n i dnt own any bodyshop ones x

  • Summer Khan

    Ok so this is gunna sound like a total sob story but hand on my heart im not trying to draw sympathy. Im just being honest. I would love to win these perfumes to give to a close friend of mine who’s brother is very poorlynat the minute…

    Before her brother got poorly perfumes were her weakness. She would always be the one with the latest scent…i think giving her these, knowing i won them for her…that would mean the world to me…

  • Katie

    I believe I should win because I’ve never tried a fragrance from the body shop yet I’m always buying their other products, I’m a very loyal body shop lover!

  • Jenny

    I would love to win the Body Shop’s new Dreams Unlimited Fragrance because it’s beautiful in every aspect. It’s an uplifting motivational message in a bottle and the scent I imagine will reflect that perfectly. I’d love to see that cleanly designed bottle sitting atop my chest of drawers every day as I wake up.

  • Jelena

    I would like to win the Body Shop Bottle because i need beautylicious fragrance to be divalicious! :-)

  • catherine

    I would love to win one of these perfumes as i have never tried body shop products before and would really like to :)

  • Tania

    I think i should win because my dream would be of trying this new perfume by the body shop ! The bottle is super gorgeous and i have never tried perfumes from the body shop so i love to have a chance and win :-) xoxo

  • Katharina

    Thank you so much for this giveaway!

    I believe in dreams, I believe that fighting for our dreams to come true is what brings sense to life. This incorporation of one of my mottos in a perfume is just the best thing ever! Even if I won’t win, I will definitely wish, or (dream :),) for this perfume for Christmas. As Audrey Hepburn once said: Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I’m possible!
    One should dare to dream, because having a dream is at least one step closer to achieving your dream. And if your dream is to smell good, buy this perfume :)

    Love, Katha

  • Nikki

    I would love a chance to win the new fragrance – I love new perfumes as they are such a girlie treat and an instant ‘pick-me-up’ when your feeling low – how happy a scent can make people xx

  • Louise

    I would like to win a bottle because I rarely feel the ‘feel good factor’ and am always putting myself down. I need to believe in myself more :)

  • Ashley Bates

    i would love to win a bottle of the fragrance because i have never been able to experience any body shop products. I live in the US so i do not live near any body shop stores. i have seen many many beauty gurus on youtube discussing all they wonderful things they love from the Body Shop. I would love to experiece this fragrance for myself.

  • sarah

    wow that’s a hard question. i don’t deserve to win any more than anyone else but i would like to win because i love the body shop’s perfumes, love etc is one of my all time favourite perfumes, it’s my go to everyday scent. they are amazing value for money and i love that they do the matching body butter too

  • Sophie

    I think I should win because my dreams are unlimited! And I dream of trying this new fragrance from the body shop! :) Plus the blue and purple packaging are my fav colours, love it :)

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