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Gosh Velvet Primer – a Review

One of the items I recently received in a swap was the Gosh Velvet Primer. I was very excited to try it out since I have been looking for an alternative to my Laura Mercier Primer which is very expensive.

gosh primer

Firstly let me say that I really like the packaging. I also love that it has a pump.

On first testing I couldn’t detect any notable scent, although a hint of plastic may have been evident :) The primer is clear but feels quite greasy but smooth, if not slippery.

It does make your foundation easier to apply but for me the grease factor was just too much. I have combination skin which is sometimes sensitive so the greasy feeling in the morning increased throughout the day – not very pleasant!

This primer does contain silicone which is good for keeping your make-up but it’s still a hundred times greasier than Laura Mercier Primer (the ordinary one) which also contains silicone.

I did notice that my foundation lasted a little longer but the greasy feel just wasn’t worth and extra hour of coverage in my books.

I suspect that this primer might be great on those with dryer skin types but I definitely wouldn’t recommend it for oily skin. In fact, it might even been too greasy for normal skin.

Reaction wise, I am happy to report that after four days of use I didn’t have any breakout but it’s possible if I continued to use it that I may have encountered some problems.

It costs €20 / £12.99 for 30ml so it’s quite ridiculous for a ‘drugstore’ primer! Add a few euro and you can have one from MAC to suit your skin type!

Although this primer isn’t suitable for my skin type I would certainly give it a try on a client who has dry skin.

What are your thoughts on primers in general?

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  • Emma

    I like this primer …my favourite has to be urban decays pore perfecting love it! :)

  • Llora

    This is one of my favourite primers. I switch between this and the MAC Prep and Prime SPF 50 (I wear it mostly in the summer). I have normal to dry skin depending on the season, and I do not find this greasy at all. In fact, I find it nice and light. That is very likely because of my skin type, though. I like it a lot because it does make my makeup last, helps to mask my enlarged pores around my nose and does not make me break out. I don’t have overly sensitive skin, but i have found that certain types – Smashbox for SURE – make me break out in horrible, painfully itchy hives!

  • Aoife Oneill

    Smell again, definitity a buttery smell and feel :/

  • http://gamingshed.wordpress.com/ x Joelene x (joeleneguinan)

    I saw this a few times but wasn’t sure about it, I have dry skin so I might give it a go now.

    I have tried quite a few primers including MAC and Smashbox but always go back to the Bare Minerals Prime Time one which I find helps the foundation glide on.

    Also the new L’Oreal Studio Secrets (smoothing resurfacing) primer makes skin look fab even on it’s own but I can’t use it on the flakey bits around my nose if I want to put foundation on over it. :-(

  • Laura J

    I used to use this but it made me break out in spots really bad, I also think that its expensive for a drugstore item. love your blog xx

  • nevertoomanyshoes

    Wow that’s really expensive for a high street primer! Have been using Avon’s Magix primer for a while and everything stays put- even through heat and excessive dancing in nightclubs! I really like Clarins’ flash balm too as it really adds a glow but I’ve been hearing great things about L’Oreal’s primer on other people’s blogs. Anyone else tried it? I’ve seen lots in the press about a Times award it’s won.

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      Must pick up the loreal one this weekend and give it a try!
      Now I also need to try the avon one haha You’re bad for my wallet!! :)

      • Lieenie

        I really like the L’oreal Primer. Your skin feels soo soft when u put it on. My skin is all over the place at the moment but this primer really evens it out. Works as good on the super oily bits as it does on the dry bits.

        Superdrug in Omni have it on offer at the moment too. €3 off I think. Might help the bank balance :)

      • nevertoomanyshoes

        ooops! didn’t mean for you to splash out- if it helps I notice Avon are doing one of their 2 for £10 offers on the primer and some other stuff. Hope you like it!

  • Lisa

    I been wanting to try more Gosh products as they are convenient for me to get at the drugstore but have been reluctant to buy any due to their high price, although I do really love Gosh darling lipstick. Thanks for the post! I have bought some nail polish from them called “Miss Grey” and I love it, perfect for Fall/Winter.

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      Ooh sounds gorgeous, Their polishes always draw my eye but again the price puts me off. I heart darling too :)

  • Amina (innerbelle)

    Hey Amy, glad u got to try this one, iv gone through 2 tubes of this in the past, it lasted me ages – that was when my skin used to be dry, though over the past year or so my skin seems to be hitting the combination skin type, and your right it feels oily slightly which is why i use it less often, i think its the silicone feel to it, makeup did last longer with wear and despite the greasy feel it gave you a soft matte look to the skin – its definitely a good primer well for that price it better be, but the formulation and the feel of the product could be better.

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      I agree Amina – if it didn’t feel greasy I would be much happier with it!

  • Lenuska

    Hi Amy, love you blog.
    I am not a big fan o primer myself but one for my eyelids is a must. Got one from E.L.F. for £1.50 and its absolutely brilliant, no way will I ever spent so much money for UDPP again as the result is exactly the same :-)

  • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

    Rip-off Ireland strikes again!!

  • Mise

    I bought the “Prime of your life” primer in Penneys in Dublin last time I was up, (Can’t seem to get it here) and I have to say it’s not too bad at all, and only €3.50. I might buy the Urban Decay one though, as I have their eyeshadow primer and find it excellent.

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      Love the UD primer potion – couldn’t be without it! Let me know how you get on with the face primer :)

  • mariga

    I find this too greasy too, even though my skin is not oily. I paid €19.99 for it. Definitley prefer Clarins Beauty Flash Balm but am trying to find something cheaper.

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      Oh my god €20!! I updated the post, thanks :) Holy moley that is a rip off!! I too am on a mission to find something cheaper!

  • Olivia

    My sister loves this and I hated it. she has really dry skin and I have oily so that’s in keeping with your review :-) I also found thay it made my foundation patchy after a few hours but my sisters foundation stays perfect all day with it

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      That sounds about right – they should make on for oily skin!!


    I have dry skin and this was on my must try list :) glad you think it might be suitable for my skin type x

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      Let me know how you get on with it x

  • Liz

    Completely agree – way too oily and not cheap!!

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