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Gosh Velvet Primer – a Review

One of the items I recently received in a swap was the Gosh Velvet Primer. I was very excited to try it out since I have been looking for an alternative to my Laura Mercier Primer which is very expensive.

gosh primer

Firstly let me say that I really like the packaging. I also love that it has a pump.

On first testing I couldn’t detect any notable scent, although a hint of plastic may have been evident :) The primer is clear but feels quite greasy but smooth, if not slippery.

It does make your foundation easier to apply but for me the grease factor was just too much. I have combination skin which is sometimes sensitive so the greasy feeling in the morning increased throughout the day – not very pleasant!

This primer does contain silicone which is good for keeping your make-up but it’s still a hundred times greasier than Laura Mercier Primer (the ordinary one) which also contains silicone.

I did notice that my foundation lasted a little longer but the greasy feel just wasn’t worth and extra hour of coverage in my books.

I suspect that this primer might be great on those with dryer skin types but I definitely wouldn’t recommend it for oily skin. In fact, it might even been too greasy for normal skin.

Reaction wise, I am happy to report that after four days of use I didn’t have any breakout but it’s possible if I continued to use it that I may have encountered some problems.

It costs €20 / £12.99 for 30ml so it’s quite ridiculous for a ‘drugstore’ primer! Add a few euro and you can have one from MAC to suit your skin type!

Although this primer isn’t suitable for my skin type I would certainly give it a try on a client who has dry skin.

What are your thoughts on primers in general?

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