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Bye bye orange hair!

This morning I’m venturing down to my mothers house so she can sort out my final layer of highlights. I couldn’t be happier to see the end of the fizzy orange tinge to my hair.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first experience with boxed hair dyes. It was fun at the time, not so now. It has been a nightmare to get my hair back to it’s normal colour. After one round of highlights my hair actually looked quite nice, red with a few soft lights. After the second round, my bare roots lifted blonder than the rest whilst the main body of my hair went a funny orangey colour.

I had the 12 week blow-dry last week so my hair feels silky and strong. No snapping. Today my mum will be adding a few lowlights through the top and highlights to through the main body of my hair. If it’s successful I will happily leave my hair alone.

What have I learned?

1.If you are naturally fair like me and decide to dye your hair red or brown please consider the cost. Sure a box of hair colour costs under €10 but the price of getting you hair back to it’s original colour and state is a very different story.

2. Semi-permanent hair colour isn’t always semi-permanent. If you have any damaged or porous hair the colour can be absorbed into the hair. 24 washes? I don’t think so.

3. It’s a nightmare to get red out of fair hair!

4.  The colour never comes out like the models on the box, I forgot to factor in the models base colour. Something else to factor in is that the images are often retouched. Sometimes the colour is added digitally and does not reflect the models hair colour at all.

The bottom line is don’t trust the box!

Hair video: I recorded a video on the 12 week blow-dry the other day. I tried to upload it last night but low and behold the internet had other ideas (it crashed 5 times!). I will re-upload this evening and add the blog post.

Ladies, I’m done with boxed hair colour!

What are your experiences with DIY hair colours?

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