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Hair Loss

I decided to share my hair issues with you in case there was anybody else out there experiencing the same problem. If you are, you’re not alone!

I have experienced a significant amount of hair loss in the last few months. I always lose a little hair in my hair brush and during washing but this was an excessive amount. I continued to lose wads of hair on a daily basis for nearly 2 months.

As you already know,my parents are both hairdressers so I immediately consulted them. At this stage my hair was at half of it’s original volume. I was very upset about the problem.

I realised after speaking with my parents and my GP that the cause of the hair loss was stress. I couldn’t deny this. I’m quite an anxious person, and have been considerably more anxious over the past 6 months.

I have been taking time to myself to try and calm the hell down (I think that’s the scientific way of putting it!) and my hair has finally stopped falling out. I now have about a third of the hair I had 6 months ago but at least it’s not continuing to fall out.

It took a lot for me to share this but I would hate for anyone who is experiencing this problem to panic and feel alone. Although m instinct was to freak out and worry about my hair falling out, this only made the problem worse.

My advice is to do whatever you can to relax and take time for yourself. I know this is easier said then done but it’s important. If you are so stressed that you are losing your hair, you’re body is crying out for change.

Amy x

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