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I decided to share my hair issues with you in case there was anybody else out there experiencing the same problem. If you are, you’re not alone!

I have experienced a significant amount of hair loss in the last few months. I always lose a little hair in my hair brush and during washing but this was an excessive amount. I continued to lose wads of hair on a daily basis for nearly 2 months.

As you already know,my parents are both hairdressers so I immediately consulted them. At this stage my hair was at half of it’s original volume. I was very upset about the problem.

I realised after speaking with my parents and my GP that the cause of the hair loss was stress. I couldn’t deny this. I’m quite an anxious person, and have been considerably more anxious over the past 6 months.

I have been taking time to myself to try and calm the hell down (I think that’s the scientific way of putting it!) and my hair has finally stopped falling out. I now have about a third of the hair I had 6 months ago but at least it’s not continuing to fall out.

It took a lot for me to share this but I would hate for anyone who is experiencing this problem to panic and feel alone. Although m instinct was to freak out and worry about my hair falling out, this only made the problem worse.

My advice is to do whatever you can to relax and take time for yourself. I know this is easier said then done but it’s important. If you are so stressed that you are losing your hair, you’re body is crying out for change.

Amy x

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  • Johanna

    Thank you for sharing this Amy. I know it can be very difficult to talk about this because hair loss goes hand in hand with losing confidence, at least for me… I had the same problem and I lost about 2/3 of my hair which was a horrible experience. Just like you, I was dealing with a lot of stress at the time. I finally went to a doctor and found out that I had severe iron deficiency. My hair started growing again as soon as I was put on highly-dosed iron.
    So please get your blood checked to make sure everything’s fine! I hope you’ll feel better soon…
    Much love!

    • Amy

      Thank you for this Johanna, think it’s time for some blood work x

  • Nareen

    Hi Amy. Sorry to hear about your hair. I went/going through something similar, although my hair loss is due to androgenic alopecia. i used to have long hair (never cut until I was about 15 due to my religion) and a decent amount so my mum did my hair until about 15 when I first got my hair cut. Anyway over time she noticed my hair was getting thinner, unfortunately she didn’t think much of it to actually take me to the doctors, but when I was sixteen mum decided to take me to the doctor and then i ended up going to a dermatologist. And after many tests including a scalp biopsy I was diagnosed with alopecia :( Doctor said my hair won’t grow back and that I only have what is left on my head, thanks to medicine my hair isn’t falling out anymore, but there will come a time when I’ll have to stop taking the medicine, such as whenever I end up having a family and may lose more hair. Thankfully for you it’s a stress related problem, and once you calm down and whatever is going on in your life gets sorted out to make you stress less your hair will go back to normal :) Good luck with everything, your not alone with hair loss. xx.

    • Amy

      Nareen, Thank you so much for sharing your experience with hair loss. It has put my own into perspective.
      Good luck and thank you again x

  • T

    Hi Amy,

    I am so sorry to hear about your problem. But I have something you can try out. Try taking a flaxseed supplement it really helped when my hair was shedding. Google it yourself to research more. Take Care. I love your blog!! ~T

    • Amy

      Thanks so much for the advice, I have some flaxseed capsules in the press I’ll give them a go :) x

  • EmmaB

    i find a way to destress is to think of the reason ur stressed, like if ur stressed over a situation, and imagine yourself in 10 years time and think to urself, that in ten years time, will this situation in time that ur stressed out about, will it even matter, and more then likely it wont! i like to do that before i sleep if i feel stressed i myself have alopecia and i find it gets worse from stress!!xx

    • Amy

      Thank you very much for your advice, I really appreciate it x

  • Alisha

    Hi Amy, thanks for sharing. I am too experiencing this but I naturally have a lot of hair although the actual strands are fine. I have suspected that was the culprit, I’m going to need to work on calming down!

  • Annett

    Hey. I watch your video’s on youtube and decided to put in on this. About 4 1/2 years ago my mother passed away suddenly, 3 months after she passed, I began to loose my hair- large amounts. Luckily I did not get patches, but when I put my hair up my ponytail got to the point where it was about 2/5ths of how large it used to be. every day I would comb my hair and more and more would come out. I went to my doctor who made appointment with specialists for me. My hair loss was due to ‘trauma’. Lots of women loose their hair about 3 months after a traumatic or severly stressful event. (car crash, loss of a love one, an extremly extremly stressful month of events ect…) what’s key here is not to allow the hair loss to stress you out even more. also if you wash your hair less then once a day your may freak out because it appers that you have ‘lost so much’, when it’s the same amount just accumilated over days. I would recommend going to your doctor and getting an appointment with a specialist in hair loss. because it could be stree or it could be something else. (natural hair loss, allergy to products used in your hair ect..).
    You hair should grow back, mine continued to fall out for about 2 1/2 months before it lessend and it began to grow back slowly, but after about a year my ponytail was back to usual size and now my hair is thicker then ever.
    also try taking a multivitamin or vitamin for B12 and B6 which will help with hair growth and strength.
    But I would really recommend seeing a professional for this.
    best of luck, and I know that it’s hard by try not to worry and to focus on other things instead.
    P.S. I also got hair extensions but in after about 2 months of loosing my hair, they made me feel a lot more confident, because although I knew I was loosing my hair, other people didn’t, and it also kind of tricked my mind into not worrying about the loss because it wasn’t always that evident (every time your look in the mirror or wash your hair ect..).

    • Amy

      Annette, thank you so much for sharing your experience. So sorry to hear about your mum.
      I feel at ease after reading your comment. I have considered getting hair extensions, thanks for the encouragement,
      I think it would take my mind off it. It looks so bad that I want to cry when I look in the mirror.
      Thank you again for your inspirational story x

  • Rosa

    about a year ago now i suffered from hair loss and it was to ultimately stress related! the annoying thing was that it got me more upset and more stressed, so i didn’t tell anyone until it was visible to my parents that there was something wrong when my bedroom floor was covered in hair.

    it has calmed down now, but when i get stressed it does start to fall again… nothing as bad as it used to. i think your doing the right thing by trying to redice your stress levels because i personally think that helps me :)

    i just thought id share this with you, so you don’t feel alone because i rememer when it happened to me that i almost felt like a freak simply because i couln’t understand why it was happening.

    i hope everything gets better soon, and your not alone :)


    • Amy

      Thank you for sharing your experience Rosa. I’m so glad that I’m not the only one.
      You’re an inspiration. x

  • anita

    I too am experiencing hair loss due to stress. I am in a very demanding program in university and am a perfectionist and in a constant state of stress. Unfortunately I react very physically to it. My blood pressure has been high (due to elevated cortisol levels) because of stress since I was 14. So anxiety is something that I have always had to deal with.
    Styling my hair and getting it done at the salon used to be one of my favourite things, that I would indulge in often. Ffor the past 7 months I have almost avoided in completely. I don’t know about you, but I am completely embarrassed by it, I feel as though everyone can see the difference. My hair used to be like my crown and glory, I used to have long, healthy and super thick hair and when it started falling out I cut it to about shoulder length so there wouldn’t be such a huge difference. I also noticed a dramatic difference in the texture of my hair. It became very dry and brittle and lost all it’s shine. It has started to grow a little bit in the past few months but it just does not look right because I have all these super short pieces of hair sticking out. It is definitely a struggle to try and conceal! I’m hoping that eventually it will be back to normal if I keep my stress level down. The sad thing is, we are so young!

    For me, ways that I reduced my anxiety were exercise (the most effective in my opinion), taking long relaxing baths, doing my nails, things like sudoku puzzles were great if i needed just a 10 minute break because it requires all of your energy and thought.

    I hope you can find something that works for you, and hopefully once you address your stress it will be as good as new again! xx

    • Amy

      Thanks for your input and advice Anita. I love baths and doing my nails so maybe I’ll increase the frequency of them. I know what you mean about avoiding the hairdressers.I avoided my parents for about a month because I was afraid that they would notice.
      Thanks so much x

  • Tinkerbell

    Oh my god I am only 18 but yet during the Leaving Cert last year I put myself under so much pressure that I noticed my hair falling out in clumps in the shower…didn’t tell anybody…sort of ignored it and hoped it would go away! LOVE this site btw xx

    • Amy

      Thanks for sharing tinkerbell. I hope your hair is back to itself after the dreaded LC! x

  • Kirsten

    Hi Amy,
    Thanks for sharing! I haven’t experienced hair loss, but when I was younger (around 10 or 11), the hair on both sides of my face turned grey. Like old lady grey (steel color, dry and brittle). I was going through alot of stress at home with an alcoholic father, parents fighting, etc… and I never talked about it, just internalized it. I think when that happens, your body starts to turn on itself. For years after, those grey areas stayed a very white blond, people always thought I dyed it, but it was a constant reminder to not keep everything inside.

    Good luck to you! I found exercise very helpful, especially running. It’s relaxing and helps clear your mind.

    • Amy

      Thanks for sharing this with us Kirsten. Completely agree with you saying your body starts to turn on itself, well put.
      I will certainly try to get some more exercise. Thanks for the advice!

  • Evelien

    When I had my hair permed I could just keep pulling them out, even though I used a lot of products! I also freaked out in the beginning, but it stopped after a while… Nobody noticed it because I had all these new curls and everybody loved them!
    My boyfriend did notice it though, he could pluck them of his shirt by dozens :s

    • Amy

      Thanks for sharing Evelian, glad your hair has improved!

  • MaquillageTalk

    Amy- you are a warm and genuine woman, and when you share your real self with others, it is truly inspirational! I haven’t personally suffered hairloss, but have at times felt isolated because of other body issues due to anxiety and stress. Anyway, thanks for always staying real and true, and sending out the message that we aren’t all alone in this big world. ♥ Best wishes and good health to you in the New Year to come!

    • Amy

      Thank you so much for your kind comment, it means so much.
      Best wishes to you in the New Year x

  • mary

    thanks so much for posting this, amy. i experienced hair loss earlier this year. mine was twofold i think – stress and medical (i was diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis and was prescribed a special shampoo to use for it) my derm told me that hair loss due to stress usually occurs 3 months after the stressful event/time. she said that when you are really stressed your hair halts shedding until you are less stressed and thus the delay. she did suggest biotin, as i was very concerned about my hair loss at the time as well. but i read that biotin can cause acne issues, so i never wound up trying it. thankfully my hair loss is now under control, and i am sure in time yours will be, too. :)

    • Amy

      Thanks so much Mary x

  • Patty Lauren

    Oh girl, I love you! Thank you so much for sharing with us – I know how hard it is to even say hair loss and be a girl. I had the same problem, but not as extensive and mine was related to stress as well. Lots of -hugs- to you :) Enjoy each day and slow down… <3

    • Amy

      Thanks Patty :) Slow down will be my new years mantra! x

  • Bonnie

    Thank you for doing this post. Many people don’t take anxiety as a serious health problem. Obviously if it can cause physical symptoms there is something to be said about it’s affect on the human body. It runs in my family and I’ve been dealing with anxiety for about 5 years now…It takes time to LEARN how to de-stress your life. You can’t just snap your fingers and have it be gone. I have many opinions on this topic haha and always fell better knowing that I’m not as alone as I feel sometimes. Although I have not have experience with hair-loss I’m sure you are helping many people just by touching on this topic. Mental Health is just as important as Physical Health I think. Even if it can’t always be SEEN.
    Thanks again for your kind posts!

    • Amy

      Very well put Bonnie. Thank you very much for your kind response.
      I agree, mental health is so important, it has physical effects on the body.
      Thank you for sharing with us.

  • Sharon

    Thanks, Amy, for sharing with us. I think knowing this will help a lot of women out there. :)

  • Charlotte

    I know exactly how losing alot of hair feels, I experienced it a few months back, also for a few months. I denied it for a while, but everyone noticed the amount of hair that just kept falling out.
    Firstly, I addressed the condition of my hair but it turned out my problem was diet, I thought I was eating healthy but was not getting enough vitamin B!

    So glad I sorted it out, I dread to think the state I’d be in if I had no hair :/. I’m used to real thick hair n’all.

    • Amy

      Thanks for sharing Charlotte, glad you got to the bottom of it!

  • Dee

    I feel for you. I have always had very straight, fine hair, but until about four years ago I had a ton of it, and then it started falling out dramatically. I lost over half of it in a span of about six months. I went into panic mode and had myself tested for anything I could think of – thyroid conditions, Hashimoto’s, etc. etc. In the end the doctor put it down to stress as well (I was having a rotten time at work at the time). It’s slowed down, but it’s never really grown back, and every now and then it seems to shed more than the usual for a few weeks. Now my hair is limp and lifeless and blah, and I’m too scared to do much of anything to it in case I make it worse.

    It’s not fun, that’s for sure. :-(

    • Amy

      Sounds like we’re in the same boat. I really hope it improves for you. I think people underestimate the power of hair, I certainly did til now. Take care of yourself x

  • scarlettholly

    thank you so much for sharing this. There are so many ways that the body shows stress. I’m glad that you are taking time out and relaxing for the sake of your health. I love checking out your blog and wish you the best of luck and health!

    • Amy

      Thanks for you kind wishes :)

  • Lex

    I’m an anxious person as well… and while I can’t say I’ve lost THAT much hair, I do lose more than I’d like to on a daily basis. I need to take the time to myself and de-stress… I should’ve thought of this before, but you put the idea in my head :). I’ll try to “calm the hell down” with you and see if that helps :). Good luck with this… sorry to hear you’ve lost so much, but hopefully it will grow back quickly! :)

    • Amy

      Lol thanks Lex. There’s a lot to be said for calming the hell down :)

  • Marsadie

    Thanks for this post. I had been experiencing the same thing and decided to add a vitamin D supplement to my daily routine after I read that a vitamin D deficiency can also cause hair loss. Stress and/or not getting enough sun can be hazardous to our hair, apparently!

    • Amy

      Thanks for sharing Marsadie!

  • Amanda

    I had this problem a few months ago and the cause of it for me was also stress. It’s so easy to get caught up in work / situations and worry all the time (for me at least), and I honestly need to think about relaxing since it doesn’t come naturally.
    But since doing it, it really has helped. I haven’t found any supplements which made a different, and there’s nothing wrong with just calming down a little :)

    • Amy

      Well said Amanda :)

  • kerrie

    Hi amy, i suffered from that some months ago an went into full panick thinking i might lose all my hair (prob small bit anyway i soon realised that it was due to the pill i was on, yasmin. once i researched it properly, i found hair loss was one of the side effects. I have very naturally thick hair so it was very obvious to me when every time i washed it or brushed it lots of hair would come out. needless to say i came off that pill straight away an my hair is back to normal :) x

    • Amy

      Thanks for posting this Kerrie, it’s good to know there are other reasons for female hair loss! Glad to hear it’s back to normal x

  • Arlene

    I’m so glad you’ve shared this. It’s such a taboo, hair loss in women, but its great to know we’re not alone. I lost a lot of my hair after having my first son. I was a single Mum and altho everything looked smiley on the surface my thinning hair told the tale of what was going on behind the smile.
    It did eventually all thicken out again but only when I took time out to address my anxiety and sought help. xxx

    • Amy

      Thanks so much for sharing Arlene. Glad to hear yours is back to normal x

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