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Hair Shine sprays addiction: Avon Mirror Shine Spray

If you have seen my Spring Favourites video you know that I am currently addicted to shine sprays. This is thanks to my red/brown hair (who knows what colour it is anymore!) Being a natural blonde, shine sprays did squat for me since blonde hair absorbs light. Now with darker hair I have the luxory of light reflection. Man I cannot get enough of the shine!

I have bought plenty of shine sprays but there is one that has captured my heart, Advanced Techniques Mirror Shine Spray from Avon.

It doesn’t make my hair greasy, it doesn’t darken it and best of all it doesn’t leave it flat. Most shine sprays I have used before make volume impossible but not this one. I let my hair dry naturally and them before I style it I spray two pumps with my arm outstretched. That way a light film of the product coats my hair. I’m afraid to try anymore than this, fearing that if I apply too much there’ll be no saving it. It has a fresh apple sort of scent, like most of Avon’s haircare.It also takes down ant frizz or flyaways.

I bought this spray as part of a 3 hair care products for €7.50 deal a few months ago. Absolute bargain! I will definitely be repurchasing.

What are your thoughts on shine sprays? Have you a favourite?

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  • Alethea

    I have really dark brown hair and though that shine spray would work really well on it but no such look. I used the Avon shine spray too, but it made my hair very greasy and flat though I didn’t use much. Did you only spray it on the length of you hair, or closer to the roots too? I must admit that my hair is on the oily side, so this may be why I didn’t like it. It has a lovely smell though!

  • Lyndsey

    The shine sprays I have tried in the past have made my hair limp and greasy!! I have found a shine serum, which I quite like from Naked. I may look into getting this one from Avon, as I love any hair product that has a gorgeous smell.

  • Beth

    I love-love-love Tigi Bed Head Headrush Shine Spray. It smells absolutely gorgeous and I like the bright packaging too.

    Its not as cheap as the Avon one, but I think its worth every penny!


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